Kratom for Anxiety & Depression

Control Your Life

Anxiety and depression are the two negative beasts which can dominate our lives. Even only being slightly affected by one can dictate how and what our day to day behavior is. Sometimes it’s not something to cure or even treat, but something we just learn to better deal with each and every day.

Kratom, although isn’t an absolute solution, can be a valuable advantage to get control of your life. This isn’t an article about a way to medicate yourself to fix your problems, but one that recommends a beneficial tool along your journey.

I'm going to go over my experience with depression and anxiety and how kratom can potentially help you. I've fortunately haven't fought deep depression for quite some time (didn't use kratom then), but many have successfully used kratom as an aid. With anxiety, although I still can struggle today, I have made a lot of progress and have come a long way.


Depression, at least for me, was largely from being overwhelmed with my overall negative outlook on most aspects of my life. It was a domino effect, when one part of my life begins to fall, it brings down the others. Suddenly dating, social life, school, work, and any self esteem go down the drain.  I'm completely lost. Even if I knew where to start to fix things, I have no motivation or willingness at all to do anything about it.

But you can't see the good when all you focus on is the bad.

Kratom can give you a positive outlook- and it's not sugarcoated either. Sometimes the best first step is just to take any. Pick just one area of your life you want to improve, make a plan, and go after it. I highly recommend this to be regularly working out. Other than the changes to your appearance, you'll feel better in general. Also besides the uplifted mood, kratom can help in the gym too.


I had issues with anxiety growing up and I never even knew what it was. The worse was things like football practices. Even though I knew I was a good player, and knew there's nothing to be afraid of, it was still very difficult to head out the door every day. Once in awhile I would even fake injuries to just stay on the sideline. Then there were more simple things like avoiding phone calls with only texting, or even never going through a drive through (with only going in to order instead). Unfortunately, there is no magic pill… but there is the results from experience. Getting the experience isn’t easy, especially taking that first plunge for whichever anxiety ridden scenario you want to tackle, but there are some tools which can greatly help. Other than kratom, phenibut can work amazingly for anxiety. Kratom can put you in a calm euphoric mood which can allow you to be social, but phenibut actually takes away anxiety and the fear that comes along with it.

What You Can Do

Moderate size doses work best for treating anxiety. If you get anxiety from stimulants like coffee, you may to to avoid the fast strains (or kratom altogether)- otherwise the slow strains are best for treating anxiety. For depression, use the strains and doses you prefer, with considering rotating if you plan to take it often. If you guys are looking for a vendor, I highly recommend HappyHippo for the US or KratomSensation for Canadians (I also have more info about specific strains in Part 2 of my Kratom Guide)

I hope kratom can have a positive impact on your lives. It's a good idea to google other peoples experience with using it for depression/anxiety, that way you can better tell if it fits your needs.  Of course this isn't medical advice though, so any concerns definitely talk to your doctor. If you need any advice, shoot me a comment on youtube or email at