Beginners Guide to Kratom

Part 2


- If you take it more than 5 days a week, rotating kratom can help limit tolerance build up to help keep it working like it should.

- Only take one strain per day, but you can use it as many times as you want.

- Alternate different types each day. If Monday you have a Slow type, then Tuesday you should either have a Fast or Moderate type.

- If tolerance gets too high, you can use a ‘wash-out’ (article coming soon) which makes lowering it easy and efficient.

- If you take it regularly for pain (or any reason), you can plan which strains will be used on what days. This way a more stimulating strain can be   used on a gym day, and a more relaxing strain can be used on a day like Sunday.

What You Need To Know

The most important thing you need to know is that the quality of kratom can vary a lot, and only a fraction of vendors supply kratom than can produce the effects described in this guide. This is part why kratom is unknown, since many end up writing it off from a poor experience.

Majority of it barely works, and some are even capable of producing anxiety (often from smokeshops).  There's also the uncertainty of cleanliness (as they receive it just handpicked from Indonesia) and the likelihood it's full of 'fillers' (the stems & veins from the plant).

Recommended below is one of if not the best vendor I’ve tried so far- but let me know if you find some contenders.  The difference is really night and day from the bad stuff. Whether you use my recommendation or not, it’s a good idea when you first try it to only start with a small amount, as some people are more sensitive to it than others.


- Avoid extracts- Skyrockets your tolerance. Regular kratom is a powder while extracts are sold in a liquid form.

- Avoid kratom capsules- If you prefer to use capsules to avoid the taste, better to end up doing it yourself than having to pay extra for it.

- Side Effects- If you take too much, there is potential for nausea. Most often burning too much means you’ll become a bit drowsy.

- Avoid crushed leaf- This is, as you probably guessed, the kratom leaf crushed instead of being blended into a powder. To be honest I’ve never actually tried it, but the overall consensus is that it’s not as great.  It's not the only option for tea either, as the powder still works.

My Recommended Vendor

I recommend HappyHippoHerbals.

I was introduced to them from Chris at GLL and it’s been all I used since. The price is a little higher than average, but you don’t need as many grams each time since other vendors often have fillers (and you get a bit extra from the samples that come with it). There's also phenibut and kava available too which can be great for anxiety or just relaxing.

Beginner Strains

  1. Happy Hippo I  It’s an all around balanced Moderate strain which shows all that kratom has to offer. It’s actually a Bali/Indonesian blend. Odds are you’ll love it. If you only want to try 1 strain, this is it.
  2. Top Shelf Bali  The staple Slow strain that is synonymous with kratom.  Best to boost your mood & help relax.
  3. Red Hot Hippo  Despite it being red veined (usually means slower) it being from Thailand brings the properties of it being a Fast strain.  Best for productivity and improving energy levels.

If you’re not sure which to try, their Beginner's Pack works well to represent what the three types of kratom have to offer.

Disclosure: Links posted in this guide are affiliated.  At no additional cost to you, earns a small commission if you make a purchase.  Whether or not you decide to use these affiliated links, I encourage you to try kratom if it seems helpful to you. I will never recommend anything that I'm not an expert on or anything that won't be an important tool for your success. Please don't spend any money on these products if you don't feel comfortable purchasing them.


That's It!

That's all you need to know for now to start taking advantage of what kratom has to offer. Whether you're looking for a natural pain option, a nice way to relax, a tool to help anxiety & depression, or any of its benefits- I hope it creates a positive impact on your life as it did mine. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at or comment on my YouTube video - Cheers.