How To Get Laid In 5 Weeks

Even if you're a virgin

  • Frustrated that getting laid takes huge effort?
  • Are you often nervous and anxious around women?
  • Have you never been on a date?
  • Do you have long dry spells that never seem to end?
  • Are you a virgin or just inexperienced with women?

What if you could have the women side of life figured out?

No more dry spells, no more oneitis, & no more chasing. When a girl flakes, you're not affected since you always have other options. After you have sex with a girl, YOU decide whether or not to keep seeing her. Whenever you get horny, you can just call one of your bedbuddies over. Best of all, you can finally have peace of mind. You're no longer going on the negative emotional roller-coaster that most guys experience.

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How To

Get Laid In 5 Weeks


~ The Newbies Guide To Meeting, Fucking & Dating Women ~

Hey- I’m Rooster. Some of you know me from my website, on my YouTube channel or as a contributor on GLL. A few years ago I was sick of never getting laid and having very long dry spells. When a girl did come in my life, I would end up being clingy & needy. I was dominated by my emotions and wasn't someone who likes the nightlife. Fortunately, everything changed when a buddy of mine suggested online dating. When I first started, my success was minimal. After spending many months I developed a repeatable routine to meet new women, go on dates, get them to my place, and escalate to sex. This book (more of a large guide) is that exact repeatable routine. It has step by step advice on how to get your dick wet.  If a nervous and inexperienced kid like myself can do this, so can you.  If you ever need help with your profile or anything, feel free to shoot me an email- I'm always glad to help.

Here's What Guys Say About My Online Dating Advice

"When I first started using online dating, I was having an extremely tough time even getting a single response from hot girls, let alone ugly ones.. with Rooster's system and advice, I ended up securing numerous dates and bagging my first girl from online game ever.. Thanks man"

"Rooster's advice really helped me understand the dynamics of online dating. I'm 47 and I now have a 22 yr old fuck buddy that I met online. Thanks Rooster!"
- MD

"I appreciate the tips that you gave me with my POF profile. I applied your techniques over the last few months and was successfully able to setup multiple dates."

"I have failed at online dating in the past many times . My problem wasnt my looks but I just didnt know what to put on my profile , what kind of pictures to use , what to say to women , etc . Then I stumbled on Chris GLL guide on POF , but his way was too aggressive for me and I know I couldn't pull it off at that point in life where I was trying to beat AA and improve myself . Then I saw Rooster's guide for online dating and this was perfect , I had everything I wanted , step by step instructions . Everything from what to put in my profile , examples of the pictures I should use , what to msg women and many tips and tricks that I could of never figures out on my own . I see many guys struggling with online dating and I feel lucky to have a guide for free right under my nose to help me out with online dating . My profile improved way beyond on my imagination after reading Rooster's guide . Thanks again for all the help"
- Michael

Ross's advice helped me get laid time and time again. It's simple and effective. The knowledge in this book landed me 13 dates in 1 week.

"Rooster's guide to online dating definitely helped me out. He advised me to maximize my sex appeal and improve my physical appearance so that I could be more successful with the ladies. His techniques also utilized the numbers game by mass blitzing women (sending out quick messages to lots of women), which ultimately landed me a couple dates a week. I definitely recommend his online dating book to anyone who wants to become more successful with women in general."

"Rooster has helped me get laid with over 17 girls from online. His guide has shown me how easy it is to set up dates from the comfort of my home and that being aggressive and not giving up will eventually get you laid."

"Rooster you are genuine and helped me when I honestly thought I could never succeed. You consistently critiqued my progress as I tried to build a POF profile that shows my full potential and I was absolutely gobsmacked at the results! "
- Idan

In October 2012 I was just some gym rat who had never hit on a girl in his life. I had a weak track record in my opinion with women and in high school I didn't get what I felt entitled to. Everything took a 180 when I met Ross (now Rooster). He took me under his wing and we went out and did approaches nearly everyday and he picked apart my pof account for me on a regular basis. After just a few months, I had a solid rotation of 3 hot fuck buddies, and I was still getting consistent new dates with new girls all the time. Taking everything I learned from GLL and Ross I was able to achieve in just a few months what I hadn't done in my whole life previously.
- dc7

  • Gain Confidence
  • Dominate Tinder & POF
  • Destroy Anxiety
  • Turn Dates Into Lays
  • Retain Women
  • Dominate In Bed

What's Included

  • 1


    When you look good, you feel good. Learn to re-invent your look so you can re-invent your life

  • 2


    Updated & improved version of the original. Get great pictures, play the numbers game, and set up dates every week. Learn to meet girls with POF, OkCupid & Tinder

  • 3


    Learn where and when to take girls on dates. Know how to get them to your place and what to do if things don’t go as planned. Best of all- Learn how to help take control of your anxiety

  • 4


    Learn to confidently escalate to sex even if you’re extremely nervous or completely clueless

  • 5


    Be able to have girls become addicted to you. Be the one who gets chased instead of being the chaser

Take Control Of Your Dating Life

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    Track Your Progress

    Preset weekly goals and tasks to make sure you stay on track.

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    Become Motivated

    Become motivated as you watch yourself progress week by week through the program.

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This is it. This is not a phase where you get excited about changing your life, yet ditching everything a month later to stay comfortable in your life. Believe it. Visualize it. Cheers to taking your very first step to success.  If you have any questions at all, give me a shout on my website or at the online dating boards on

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Who this book is for?

    A.This book is for the average guy who doesn’t get laid and any guy that finds women and dating overwhelming. If you find you lack what you need to reach your goals with women, this book is for you.

  • Q.Who is this book not for?

    A.This book is not for guys who are significantly overweight. If this is you, most all attractive girls wont want to meet you. I highly recommend you to first put a lot of effort and focus into the gym. Then, once you’ve trimmed up, you can consider downloading this book

  • Q.Is it guaranteed I'll get laid in 5 weeks?

    A.How quickly you’ll get laid depends on your current amount of experience women, your standards, and commitment to improve. Some guys may take a couple months to get laid, others may only take a week. Regardless, I can guarantee you will progress quickly if you dedicate this as your number one goal

  • Q.What if I have questions or need help with anything?

    A.Head over to the forums at GLL and ask any questions that you might have.  There’s a solid community of guys like yourself dedicated to improving their life through online dating, working out, kratom, and more. Go to the ”Rooster’s Online Dating’ board and give me a shout! You could also visit my site and shoot me a message there!

  • Q.Do I need to use online dating to meet new women?

    A.I suggest for most guys to use online dating (or Tinder) because in my opinion, its the best and easiest option to meet new women (even with no experience & anxiety levels through the roof). If you can already meet women through other ways, the rest of the information on style, dates, escalation, sex, and retention in the book applies just as much to max out your potential

  • Q.Is there an age limit?

    A.There is no age limit to succeeding with online dating. I initially learnt a lot about online dating from a good friend of mine who is 40 years old. He consistently meets and hooks up with girls in their early 20’s. Since then I’ve been able to help guys of all ages get control of their dating life. In the book we talk specifically on how to frame your profile relating to your age and exactly what you’re looking for.