Value of Experience

1 Year Transformation

Throughout high school and up until I was about 20, I didn't get laid very often. The rare times I did, it was practically handed to me on a silver social circle platter. From having very few women available to me, I became dependent on them. Since there wasn't a lot available to me, I would enter into one relationship after another with every girl who was half decent looking and willing to fuck me. It was brutal, but this is how A LOT of guys live their life – and they do it until one of these girls agrees to marry them..

When Things Started To Change

Back in 2009, I had a dry spell that lasted around a year. I ended up spending most of that time of the dry spell at the gym working out.

Putting on some muscle was and is a great idea to improve appearance -but it obviously didn't get me laid. Back then in my own mind, I assumed fucking new women meant a lot of time, energy, and money to invest first.

After being tired of not getting fucked much, I made the commit and my #1 priority to never again go so long without pussy. For me, this meant an easy way to get laid without putting in a lot of time, energy, and/or money.

BAM! Online Dating, I heard it was fairly easy to get laid so I thought I’d give it a shot..

It took me a few months to learn the basics (great pics, hit numbers hard) I was fairly clueless at first. It slowly went from a meet with a new girl once or twice a month, to twice a week, to at least 5 girls every week.

About 7 months in, I was fucking a lot. I didn't work (saved enough $ to get by) and lived at home. I was blitzing, dating, fucking and sleeping. My parents were disgusted at me for bringing home so many girls.

How Did I Manage to Fuck so Much? . . .


My Goal was Quantity over Quality

Now the girls weren't whales that beached themselves onto my bed. I’m reasonably good looking, I went down ‘1 point or 2’ on the looks scale and a whole world opened up. If you’re an 8/10 on looks go for girls that you think are 7s and 6s. If you’re a 7, go for 6s and 5s etc. Obviously good looks are a personal perspective but you get the idea..

The constant experience was invaluable

I improved my vibe, anxieties, experience in bed, confidence, neediness, game plan, (setting good logistics, where to meet, where to fuck, etc) and one of the most important things I learned was how to retain women.

Fortunately, I already had a basic idea of how to retain women from an older friend who has been doing it for years. Even though I followed some solid advice, I needed a lot of experience of trying to get good at it.

When I got good at it- it was a game changer

When I fuck a girl that’s my type and really hot (or in my case, I like smaller cuter ones) I like to keep fucking her. I wasn't always into one night stands – I’m lazy and would much rather have a 2 or 3 girl rotation - and that’s exactly what I did. After that, it was open relationships.

If I Had Only Went After The Hottest Girls...

If I had only gone after the very hottest girls, I would have delayed the progress I made. I actually might not have made any progress, as I could have just ended up clinging on to the one rare hot girl that comes into my life.
Now when the 8s, 9s, & 10s come into my life – I know what to do, how to fuck them, and how to retain them (if I want to)

It’s hard to gain a lot of solid experience if you don’t make consistent progress in a fairly short amount of time. Since I ended up meeting with 3-5  different woman a week, my mind was solely focused with everything related to the women side of my life. This way, I could build up the habits and experience fast of everything from when I first meet the girl until she’s fucked. It’s similar to the AA program – daily (or this case 2/3days) of exposure and progress. You’re not going to learn anything if you only go on a date or two a month.


I had put aside a year in my life to meet, fuck, and date (fuckbuddies/open relationships) as many girls as I could. I became a guy who gets fucked more than mostly anyone I know - while barley leaving the house (just to fuck or workout)

The Difference Of 1 Full Dedicated Year

End Of A Relationship

Often didn’t leave bad relationships, still felt neediness and emotional towards the girl.

If the connection and the relationship feels like it’s dying out, I’ll end it. Most women I see as a fuckbuddy or open relationship rarely 100% ends. It’s just we stop seeing each other for the time being and we continue to be on good terms.

Consequences Of Leaving

Didn't know when I would get laid next. Being in a relationship for months I felt I lost all of my “game” and will have difficulty by spending a lot energy and time to get laid/girlfriend again.

I’m usually fucking at least 2 different girls on rotation while having other contacts of old fuckbuddies I can call to come over whenever. If a good relationship were to end for whatever reason, having other girls to fuck at your disposal does help a lot.

Possibility Of Cheating

I took what I could get back then, regretfully. It was rare for a girl to make big advances on me, so I took advantage of it when I did.

I don’t promise monogamy to anyone, so it’s impossible to cheat. The girls I date know I fuck other women on the side if I want to, as they can fuck other guys if they want to.
This is actually quite rare, in my experience most girls just want to be fucking one guy at a time – even though I’ll even encourage them to go have fun with others.

General Happiness

Often entered relationships fast with nearly any hot chick who agrees. I wouldn't really know what these girls are truly like and I was already dating them.

Personally, my best relationships have been open ones. There has been no/very little drama and no rules (other than both of us always using protection with others.) If I were to just think about entering into any sort of relationship with a girl, it will be after at least 6 months of her as a fuckbuddy.
I’m not saying you have to have open relationships if they’re not for you, in my experience the things I learned from this transformation increased my general happiness a lot.

Social Pressure For Quality

I knew in my old social circle that if I were to be even seen with a girl that wasn’t an 8 or above, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. The funny thing is – since we all were like this, none of us got laid often. That made fucking/dating an 8 or above even more rare..

After fucking a lot of women and gaining experience in all areas, I slowly started to not care. My own life’s happiness and how I like to do things outweighed the opinion of others.
Funny enough – once I gained that social freedom with experience, I started getting the 8s and above much easier and often.

Sexual Confidence

Even within the social circle I sometimes had troubles. I had a bit of ED, I knew if I were to fuck a girl in my social circle but have trouble getting it up – everyone will find out. With much lower social freedom I cared a lot about what people think of me back then. On top of that –after having long dry spells I became a little “rusty” in bed.

After fucking a lot of women, I basically stopped caring much about what my friends’ think. My ED was sexual anxiety; the experience gave me the confidence to overcome it. Never going more than 10 days without sex for a couple years straight – also helps how well I fuck

Final Note:

Putting aside all other goals of mine for 1 year to focus on easily and efficiently getting laid drastically changed my life. I had made it my #1 priority over everything else. If I decided to do all of this while trying to get a promotion at work, cut 30lb, or anything else I likely wouldn’t have accomplished jack shit.

Choose your goals, and manage your time.