Happy Hippo Herbals

Strain Reviews

Happy Hippo has a large variety of strains. While they're pretty much all great, I tend to stick to certain types which have become a staple in my kratom rotation.

When choosing strains on just about any site, it can be difficult to know exactly what type you're getting. Location and strain color doesn't prove to be correct 100% of the time. I'm going to go over some of their best strains in detail to help guide you to the type you're looking for. If you're looking for another vendor, CoastlineKratom is great too (full review coming soon).

Kratom is amazing, but there's several reasons why it may not be on your first try (which can cause people to write it off). There's things like proper dosage, a full stomach, or hydration which can affect it. But the main reason , is there's way too much low quality garbage out there. That's why it's never a bad idea to try different vendors to get a better feel of what's good and bad.


  • Consistency - Some places have strains which are great one month, weak the next. Hippo is (at least my experience) much more consistent with quality. Other than one time with a bali strain; which they ended up giving away for free to anyone anyway.
  • Samples - Getting free samples with each order has been a great way to try new strains that I may not have ever tried.
  • Labelled Types - This is a big one, and hopefully more vendors will do the same. Some people only want to use kratom for the the energy, to relax, the productivity or whatever other use. If they don't know the types, they could easily get the wrong stuff.
  • You Don't Need Much - Their kratom is stronger than most other places, so you don't need as many grams per dose. Although some of their prices are a bit above average, this helps keeps the price down. With some of the lower quality vendors, you'll need take up to 2 or 3 times as much.
  • Solid Customer Service- Always friendly with quick replies for emails (at least in my experience). Although to be fair, I find that (most) kratom vendors in general to be above average in the customer service department.


  • Overwhelmed - There's a lot of selection. If you're brand new to kratom, it may seem a bit overwhelming on where to start. Organized strains types and 'Start Packs available certainly does help though.
  • Location - This depends on where you live, but Hippo is located in the United States. If you live on a different continent, shipping will be a fair bit more. Some will try Hippo (or other legit vendors) so they have a reference on what quality kratom is like, then order from more local sources. If you live in the UK or elsewhere and know a reputable vendor to recommend for you guys, let me know!
  •  Silly Names - I really don't mind the cute names (as well as the hippo stickers/magnets they give you for free), but some people don't like it. Fair enough. Fortunately , they do have all the technical information about each strain (like location and leaf type) in the description of each one.

After trying almost all they have to offer, listed below is my favorite Hippo strains along with the description of speed, rating, effects and any notes I have:


Speed: Fast
Rating: 10/10
Effects: Energy - Sociable - Productivity - Motivation
Notes: Clean and calm energy. It's a solid uplifting boost to your day
and can be used for just about anything.

Speed: Fast
Rating: 9/10
Effects: Energy - Sociable - Productivity - Motivation
Notes: The fastest strain available- the Maeng Da. Not only does this
give you energy, but the actual drive and 'want' to get stuff done.

Speed: Moderate
Rating: 9/10
Effects: Energy - Sociable - Productivity - Motivation
Notes: Most balanced strain you'll find. Great introductory strain, as it
shows both sides of what kratom has to offer

Speed: Moderate
Rating: 9/10
Effects: Energy - Sociable - Sense Of Well-Being - Relaxing
Notes: Strong enough without being a slow strain. Sense of calmness
yet still has energy to be productive

Speed: Slow
Rating: 8/10
Effects: Relaxing - Sociable - Feeling of Contentment -
Notes: Most popular slow strain and a great way to unwind.
Recommended to combine with coffee for an energetic chill result

Speed: Slow
Rating: 8.5/10
Effects: Cheerfull - Warm - Positive Mood
Notes: A bit faster than most slow strains, but still calming. It'll
put a big smile on your face. Can actually be used well for motivation.

That's it!

I hope you guys found this useful. I'm in the process of other vendor reviews, so let me know if you have any recommendations. One of the best reason for trying hippo is they also have phenibut and kava, which are both amazing by themselves (although kratom is my favorite, phenibut is a close second).

Of course if you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at gllrooster@gmail.com - I'm always glad to help.