Kava Kava Guide

The Fun Plant

Kava is my 3rd and final awesome supplementation tool I'm going to share with you (others being Kratom and Phenibut). I don't think there's anything else out there that is capable of what these 3 things can do.

Kava is an amazing powdered root that relaxes you, creates euphoria, reduces anxiety, stress, and is surprisingly strong with it's 'Warm Kava Hug' that rushes in after 20 minutes of taking it. Kava is very safe, doesn't act opiate pathways, dehydrates or produce hangovers, and has a low potential for addiction or dependence. I find it surprising that something that's capable of producing these effects isn't very bad for you at all.

What Is Kava?

The Kava plant (a member of the pepper family) is a tropical shrub found mainly in the South Pacific (not too far off from where kratom grows- the land of magical plants). It's proper name Piper methysticum (meaning 'intoxicating pepper') has been used for cultural, social, medicinal and religious purposes for centuries. Even to this day Kava ceremonies will often accompany important political functions in Fiji as it's their national drink. Since Kava is legal to buy, sell, and use- it's becoming popular enough that 'Kava bars' have been opening across the United States


Kava has a warm rushing effect of contentment. Although it's used for many different things, I find it best as something to enjoy and relax. I wouldn't put Kava quite in the same league as kratom and phenibut (since they help treat anxiety, depression, & produces motivation), but it's still a lot of fun. Here's some of the effects:

  • Relaxed - with larger doses being able to help you sleep
  • Numbs Mouth - slightly numbs the mouth for a couple minutes after taking it
  • "Sober Drunk" - like a buzz from a couple drinks but staying mentally sharp
  • Euphoria - Not super euphoric, but definitely can be with the larger doses
  • Less Muscle Tension - with a sense of well being
  • More Sociable
  • Solid Mood - improved sense of well-being

How To Take Kava

Make sure to take Kava on an empty stomach. If you don't, it may or may not work. Start with a lower amount and go from there. You can always try again later in the day. The effects take about 20 minutes to start working and lasts 60 - 80 minutes. It's doesn't last super long but it's very strong while it lasts. It slowly dies down after too. Definitely don't drive immediately after taking it.

  1. Measure out 2 - 4 grams
    If you don't get extracted root powder, you probably need 10- 15+ grams to notice any effect.
    A level teaspoon of Kava is about 2.5 grams
  2. Mix it with a few ounces or so of water
    Some mix with protein powder or juice instead
    There's also a decent amount of Kava recipes online
  3. Drink it and chase with something strong
    I'm not a fan of the taste so I will often just use some pop/soda
    Plug your nose if you really don't like it

What You Need To Know

Quality Kava, just like kratom, is very difficult to find. Unlike kratom (where some of the lower quality can still be 'okay'), it's usually either junk or it blows your mind.  Fortunately at least phenibut has kick-ass versions with most places you can buy it from.

Unlike kratom, Kava extracts can definitely be a viable option. Although often more expensive, you may need up to 5 times less per dose. Best part of all, these extracts don't create a large dependence or skyrocket your tolerance like kratom extracts do. You get the same effect without having to drink as much of that nasty powder.

As for side effects, the most you should expect is drowsiness if you take too much. Due to this, start with a lower amount and take it at the end of the day or one that you have off. When you are taking Kava, you are ingesting the root. Other parts of the plant (not the root) contain an alkaloid which makes it hepatotoxic (like tylenol), this can potentially cause liver damage. This is where some claims come from online about Kava being dangerous to the liver. I've never heard of anyone having any side effect with Kava. That being said, if you have any preexisting conditions with the liver, it may be best to avoid it. Or even better, just talk to your doctor about it.

Recommended Vendor

I recommend Wakacon Fijian Kava

There's been a bit of a shortage as of late in terms of finding actual quality kava. I ended up trying a type of Fijian Kava which, despite not being an extract, pleasantly surprised me. The price is higher than I'd like, but with needing similar sized doses to extracts it should last most several weeks or so.

That's it!

Kava is a fantastic option or alternative to alcohol.  It actually gives off a very similar effect to booze except your mind is clear and without hangovers- there's no real repercussion. Now that's not saying it's perfect though, I find the popular claims for eliminating anxiety and depression a bit misleading (at least when comparing it to kratom or phenibut) and that it only lasts a little over an hour (although I guess you could keep taking smaller doses after to prolong the effects).If you guys ever have any questions about this magical plant- Shoot me a message- I'm glad to help.