Kratom for Pain

Worlds Best Natural Painkiller

Out of all the different uses for kratom, its ability to treat pain is why people need to know about this plant (and why it should stay legal).  What other painkiller has such a low potential for addiction/dependence, improves sex, is inexpensive, euphoric, energetic and more.

Chronic pain can really control your life. Having had back pain for the last 7 years, starting every single day with piercing pain in the morning really sucks.  If I had never found kratom, I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up getting a prescription for pain meds. These days, I barely think about it. Other than the brief period in the morning before taking kratom, my day is completely pain free. I still bounce around to doctors or chiropractors trying to find a way to actually fix my back problems, but it's no longer a damper on my life.

Below I have listed the dosages, strain type and what you need to know to reduce and eliminate pain.  If you don't currently know how to tell the difference between the types of kratom (fast, moderate, or slow) or want to know what kratom exactly is, check out my Beginner's Guide to Kratom


The dosage needing to help treat your pain really depends on how severe it is. If it's something like a bad headache, take a large dose since it's serious pain but (usually) isn't continuous. If it's instead chronic that lasts throughout the day like arthritis or back pain, take lower more frequent doses. You'll likely just have to play around with it a bit to see what works best for you.

Even though the euphoric, energizing, and most other effects from kratom lasts a few hours, the painkilling effects can linger for much longer. When these effects do wear off, it will be slow and gradual.  I can get 6- 8+ hours from what is a little over $1 worth of kratom.

Strain Type

The slower the kratom is, the better it will eliminate pain. That being said, the moderate and fast strains still do a very good job.  If you think you may use kratom on at least a semi-regular basis, I highly encourage you to consider taking it for other uses. For instance when you're about to start work and take kratom, use the faster strains to boost focus/energy as well as to reduce pain. Either that or you can take different types to help you relax, boost your mood, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, and more. If after trying kratom you decide to regularly use it, look into rotating strains as described in my Beginner's Kratom Guide. Rotating helps minimize tolerance to make sure it stays consistently potent. If you just plan to use kratom only for pain, just try to match the type of kratom with the severity of your pain. Even though slower types are strongest, I'd stick to using the moderate types most often. Slow types can be pretty euphoric which can then potentially relax you or make you drowsy. Moderate types instead retain energy while still easing pain.


Kratom isn't quite as powerful as regular painkillers, but it still does a damn good job. Kratom is an opioid that hits on the delta receptors, so it trades some of it's potency to be a much safer alternative. When I had a few knee surgeries (I've torn my LCL, ACL & MCL in football) I was able to switch off from Oxycontin to kratom after a couple days.  It's nice to know I didn't have to continually rely on that stuff for much longer with worrying about addiction.

If you're living with any sort of pain, look into trying kratom. It's given many people their lives back. You won't be disappointed.

If you're interested in using kratom for other things, I have a growing list of these posts located here.  If you have any questions or comments about kratom at all (or anything for that matter) give me a shout on YouTube or my email address

If you're looking for a vendor, I highly recommend  Quality out there with kratom varies so much.  Most of it is just 'okay' with little effects and even some can actually produce anxiety. You can learn more about choosing vendors & strains at the bottom of Part 2 on my kratom guide. Although every strain works great for pain, the best are slower types like Bali Hippo or Pleasant Hippo. If you instead want something with a bit more energy & motivation, check out Happy Hippo II or White Hippo. For the Canadians out there, check out the Borneo strains at KratomSensation.