Kratom for Productivity

Become Motivated & Get Shit Done

My favorite and most frequent use for kratom is its ability to make me very productive. It's difficult to just create motivation out of thin air. I use to go in waves on and off in my life of getting a lot done, then become lazy and lethargic for several weeks, then back to productive.

Thankfully with kratom, I'm motivated whenever I want to be.
5 to 8+ hours fully in the zone anytime I want. I can go longer, but I usually accomplish enough in a shorter amount of time. My mind is clear from distractions and able to focus on what I'm doing. Best part it doesn't matter what you want to get done. You may need it to be creative, to complete a ton of work on your computer, or just power clean your house. Either way, you'll get shit done.

Below I have listed the dosages, strain type and what you need to know to produce these desired effects.  If you don't currently know how to tell the difference between the types of kratom (fast, moderate, or slow) or are new to kratom in general, check out my Beginner's Guide to Kratom


Medium to a large sized dose with an extra gram or two every 1- 2 hours. This way the effect will basically last as long as you want it to.  Since you won't be eating during this time (food reduces the effects) it's important you have a large meal preferably 2 to 3 hours before you plan to start working.

If you don't know how much a small or medium dose is, a small is usually 2-3 grams and a medium is around 4-5 grams.  The size of dose varies a lot though, since kratom sensitivity and tolerance is different with everyone. It's best to experiment at first with kratom to find the appropriate dose sizes.

Strain Type

The type of strain you should use depends on what you're planning to use it for. If you'll be at a desk and need to focus on something- stick with the moderate types. If instead you need to get a lot of physical work done, go for the faster types.


If you've been working hard and need an extra push, a bit of coffee can help. Since both kratom and coffee dehydrate you, make sure to drink plenty of water prior to taking both. I find slowly drinking a cup throughout the time I'm working to produce the best effect. If you plan to use this method for school, it's important to know that kratom can affect short-term memory a bit. Not hing massive, but you may not want to risk it. On the other hand, some guys say it's still worth taking it since they get an extra few hours extra of focused studying per day.

Using kratom productivity/motivation can be tricky to get down, but well worth it when mastered. It's allowed me to more easily create this site which now more than pays for my kratom.  I hope others can take advantage of what this plant can offer.

If you're interested in using kratom for other things, I have a growing list of these posts located here.  If you have any questions or comments on other things you use kratom for, give me a shout on YouTube or my email address

If you're looking for a vendor, I highly recommend  Quality out there with kratom varies so much.  Most of it is just 'okay' with little effects while some others can actually produce anxiety. If you want to learn more, I have more information on vendors and choosing strains at the bottom of Part 2 on my kratom guide. If you're looking for the best strains for motivation, I recommend White Hippo or Hippo 1. If you need motivation for physical work, go for something a bit faster like Red Hot Hippo. For the Canadians out there, check out the Maeng Da strains at Kratom Sensation.