Why Kratom May Stop Working For You

And What To Do About It

Experiencing any sort of inconsistencies with kratom can happen at some point, and especially for those who are new to it or just have it more frequently than others. Fortunately- figuring out why it's happening, how to fix it or how to prevent it in the future can quickly be done.

Listed below are some of the biggest and most common reasons why it may be happening, along with some tips to help make sure the experience is what it should be. Odds are if kratom is no longer working the same for you, both the problem and the solution are written below.

Possible Reasons


Since kratom can cause some dehydration, this is a common reason (though an easy fix) why it may not be working as well. Even if you generally do drink enough water, having a bit extra throughout the day can still improve upon the overall effects. If you take kratom fairly regularly, keeping a water bottle with you around the house can help if you ever forget.

Low Quality Or Wrong Types

With a lot of low quality kratom out there, it can be easy to get some that doesn't work well or even at all. In addition, there's things like extracts which may work at first, but will soon after cause your tolerance to skyrocket. If you live a kratom lifestyle, it's crucial to stick with a reputable vendor like HappyHippoHerbals to keep your tolerance at the level it should be.

Too Much Or Too Often

The two main factors with kratom is that 'less is more' and the need to daily 'rotate' your strains. With the first point, the best result isn't gained by taking larger and larger amounts, but rather by finding your 'sweet spot'. Start using less and you should slowly begin to experience kratom again. As for rotating, only taking 1 strain every 24 hours helps maintain a low tolerance. Ideally, alternate between each type (Fast, Moderate & Slow) and have the optimal amount of 7 different strains/week (or less depending on usage).

Tolerance Is Too High

While significant tolerance is avoidable, there can still be some depending on the frequency of use. If you haven't been rotating or just find your tolerance is a bit too high, you can have a 'Wash Out' period to help bring it back to normal. This is done by stopping kratom for several days along with a washout tool like Stem & Vein (contains different alkaloids) . You get to take a break from it while still having a similar experience.

You Are Sick

Even the common cold can throw off your experience. Things like pneumonia or the flu WILL effect your aroma. While Kratom may provide some relief, your results still won't be as normal. Go to the doctor and get checked out if you are under the weather and not feeling well for a while. Until then, this can be a good time to take a break from it to help lower any tolerance you may have.

Current Medication Or Hormonal Fluctuations

Taking other medications that can affect your 'well-being' can be a big reason why kratom may no longer be working for you. This includes any prescription drugs like antidepressants, pain killers or anti-anxiety medication. In addition, any sort of hormonal fluctuations- including testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, PMS or steroid use can have a large impact as well.

If you enjoy Kratom aromatherapy, do not take any other medications or attempt to discontinue any medications without talking to your physician.

Other Reasons

Although the biggest and most common reasons are listed above, these points below can still alter your overall results.

- Eating Too Recently- Those who wait enough time after meals will notice it working better.
- Gradual Use- Some find taking it slowly as tea or a shake instead of all at once can make a difference.
- Nutrition & Exercise- The best results happen in those who are healthy, fit and not deficient in anything.
- Keeping Bags Airtight- Making sure kratom stays in an airtight bag and in a cool and dark place will help keep the effects consistent.

There's always some trial and error in the beginning, but you get better with it as you go.  Having kratom end up not working as well can happen, but it's often easy to detect why it is and how to fix it. The main thing for the future it to prevent it in the first place- whether that's using the right vendor, the right amounts, rotating strains or anything else. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. Cheers