Kratom Washouts

How To Combat Tolerance

Kratom can be a very useful tool in your life. Some rely on it for big reasons like pain, anxiety, depression or freeing themselves from their addictive opioid medication. While others may just use it sporadically for something to just enjoy or for motivation.

The best part is it's much safer than actual opioids, and any significant dependence shouldn't relate in comparison. However, there are those who greatly count on kratom, and taking several doses or so per day could result in dependence.

Some say the withdrawals can be minimal (similar to caffeine) while others say there can be some anxiety and agitation. Fortunately, there are 'Wash Outs'  which helps to greatly reduce or eliminate any negative effects. If you're just looking to lower tolerance, sometimes switching to a new set of strains from a different vendor can help make a difference. In case you are currently looking for a new vendor, HappyHippo is one of my favorites and has some of the extra tools listed below.

The reasons for washouts are to:

- Lower your tolerance (if you're taking it daily, you may find overtime you need more and more for the same effect)
- Take a break- Recently I had to take a break for a surgery I had to undergo, so I used a washout period to go without kratom for two months
- Stop altogether- May no longer need it for pain, getting off of opioid, or just in general


If you find kratom doesn't have the same effect as it use to, it's likely your tolerance has built up from a number of different reasons. The most common reasons are failing to properly use kratom, taking too much, or using extracts. To refresh your memory from my kratom guide, here's the basics for proper use:

- Alternate different types of kratom each day
- Keeping it to only 1 strain a day
- Have a fairly empty stomach when burning
- Staying hydrated


A washout is a method to make taking breaks from kratom (or stopping altogether) easier. Below are 2 options for the type of washout:

Option 1: Taper

+ Reduces withdrawals to basically none
+ If you need kratom for back pain, taking the small amount should still help
- You can go at your own pace but it can take longer

Option 2: Stop all at once

+ this can be good as it speeds up the process
- bad since any possible withdrawals will be more significant

Washout Tools


Phenibut is the best washout tool of all, and should greatly help eliminate any possible anxiety or agitation. The downside however, is that you should only stick to using it 2-3 times per week as large daily amounts can create dependence.  Other than for washouts, phenibut is great fo things improving mood, libido, helping general nervousness and more. Phenibut is sold as a legal nutritional supplement and is more commonly sold online. If you're interested to learn more, I have a phenibut guide here.  If you're looking for a source, HappyHippo has some as well.

Stem & Vein

Stem & Vein is still kratom, but it's actually just the stems and veins of the plant.  This means the alkaloids in it are a bit different than the normal regular leaf. Although there is some cross tolerance, the usual receptors kratom reacts on takes a bit of a break. Aftering just taking it for a week straight (effects aren't as good, but still decent), you should notice a difference. The biggest obstacle with S&V is that a quality version is hard to find (some even produce anxiety).  The vendor in my kratom guide has a great version, but it's not always stocked.

Kava Kava

The Kava plant (a member of the pepper family) is a tropical shrub found mainly in the South Pacific (not far off from where kratom grows- the land of magical plants). The effects are relaxing, mood boosting and just great to unwind with. Although it only lasts around an hour, there's virtually no side effects and it's surprisingly powerful.  Most will use this in replace of kratom during a washout. I have some more info in my kava guide if you're wanting to learn more.


Imodium (loperamide hydrochloride) is the only washout tool I haven't tried, but I've been told many times it can be a big help.  If you don't know what it is, Imodium is used to treat diarrhea and can be bought over the counter. Although there is some cross-tolerance, it doesn't affect you in the expected way since it doesn't get you high.  In order for imodium to reduce any withdrawals symptoms, you'll need to take a large dose and the best way is to do it when you start to feel agitated. Since this is a large amount, you may need to get a couple bottles worth, but I don't recommend you do this for more than a week.  I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice, all I know is it has been successfully used in the past for withdrawal so I figured I'd include it.  If you've had any experience with it good or bad, it would be awesome if you could let me know how it went.


If all you want to do is lower tolerance- tapering along with taking phenibut is one of the best routes. If you just want is to take a break from kratom (permanent or not) you may want to look into using a couple of the tools above. The easiest option is always a gradual and slow taper, but that depends on how soon you plan to start and finish.

After taking kratom for 6+ years, I never experienced any significantly negative withdrawals, just felt a bit "off" with slight anxiety. Although it wasn't a big issue for me, I know there's a fair amount of people who say the withdrawals can really suck. Whetherthey're painless or tough, always remember to prepare before you start.

I hope everyone can enjoy kratom as much as I have.  Personally, the positives have completely outweighed any negatives it brings in my life.  The relief from back/knee pain, increased motivation when I need it, and a compelling mood booster have all been a huge help. If this plant isn't for you, I wish you the best for a smooth painless washout.  If anyone has questions or needs help with the process, feel free to contact me at anytime. Cheers!