Rooster's Weight Loss Program

There’s a lot of weight loss content out there.  There’s claims of secrets and easy ways to lose the weight.  Although some diets/workout programs are certainly better than others, most all of them are capable to get the pounds off your belly

#1 Reason Why Diets Fail....You Quit.

I'm not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but I know it's not the diets that fail, it's the people. Some get lazy, unable to create consistent habits, become overwhelmed, etc. Several years ago I committed 100% to losing excess body fat, resulting in losing just under 50 lb in 3 months.  I didn't use any out of the ordinary diets, workout routines, or supplements.

When I first lost that weight, I was still pretty new in the gym.  Within a couple years after I had built up at least some muscle.  I wasn't huge or anything,  but I looked a lot better.  You don't need to be super ripped to meet new and attractive women.  A "good" body along with solid style, haircut, and tan can really push your potential.  Once you have a decent body, you may want to shift your focus into meeting women (instead of only working out).

Commit 100%

The first step is to commit 100%.  Make losing weight the highest priority.  Near the end of this guide, I'm including the exact workout and diet program I used to burn fat so you can hit your target weight.

Create a plan. List the steps you'll take. Write it down.

You'll need to give yourself as much time as possible.  This program will have you go very hard, and lose a lot of weight fast.  Any other goals will likely end up being a distraction until you hit your goal weight.

- Do not go out every night with friends
- Do not start online dating
- Do not take extra shifts at work
- Do not take breaks from the gym
- Do not start any new hobbies 

You'll need every edge. The more you put on your plate, the likelier you will be to drop it. Each day's goal will be to go to the gym. If you go, it's a successful day.  Continue doing that each day, and you'll accomplish a significant achievement in a few months that most struggle with for years (or their whole lives).

When you're hard at one goal, you'll gain progress much quicker.  This quick noticeable progress is a big motivation booster, which can help you work even harder

The Diet

-1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight
-1- 1.5 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight
-Eat 3 meals per day, with 2 snacks in between
-Follow the rule of thirds with what you eat

Rule of thirds mean a third of complex carbohydrates, a third of vegetables, and a third of protein. Keep the protein with lean meats. Ideally you should stick mainly with chicken and fish, that's basically all I ate.  Turkey and once in awhile a red meat lean cuts are fine. Complex carbs can be oats, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta. Sweet potatoes are also fine.For vegetables, you can have just about be any. It's also important to get some good fats. Some solid options are avocado and nuts.  Also, olive oil is a good source (as a salad dressing with balsamic vinegar)

Prepare, Prepare & Prepare

When you're hungry, it can be very difficult to start creating a full meal with chicken, rice and vegetables every time you eat.  What I did is I bought a big box of chicken breasts from Costco. I then precooked (steamed) a large container full of assorted vegetables at the beginning of the week (and I did the same with brown rice too).  Whenever I wanted a meal, I just put all three on a plate and put it in the microwave. I then put a balsamic glaze over it for some flavor.  Having a few of these meals on rotation can get repetitive, but buy some sauces/dressing can really help (stay away from the unhealthy dressings & butter though)

The Workout

The workout program is based on Lee Labrada's program here.

The program has you go to the gym everyday.  Every third day you just do 25 minutes of High Intensity Cardio.  This made my metabolism crazy fast.  Professional athletes like swimmers can have over 8000 calories per day, but they burn it and stay fit from working out hard. The carbohydrates, instead of adding to your fat, gets turned into energy.  You keep fueling the metabolism fire  and you'll be losing weight in no time.

After I lost the near 50 pounds, I had to take a break from working out due to a knee surgery.  My metabolism was still a machine months after (even when I wasn't eating the healthiest stuff).  After the three months, it'll be easier to maintain it without having to follow a super strict diet or workout program.

High Intensity Training

It's important that you make sure you go hard with this.  You can do this on a treadmill, but I preferred it with a stationary bike. What you do is have 3 intervals of intensity.  The intensity is the incline, so you always know you're consistent with it. For the bike, the first interval was #5 difficulty (there's settings on all cardio equipment). For the second interval, I had difficulty at #11 & the third I had it at #16. Be aware the difficulty/incline may be different depending on the bike or treadmill you're using.

0- 2 minutes: interval one
2-5 minutes: interval two
5- 9 minutes: interval three
9-11 minutes: interval two
11- 15 minutes: interval three
15- 17 minutes: interval two
17- 21 minutes: interval three
21- 24 minutes: interval two
24- 26 minutes: interval one

What To Train

For your workouts, the day will either be: pushing, pulling, or legs. Cardio is on your off day as well

1. Pushing- Back, Biceps + Cardio
2. Pulling-  Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
3. Legs + Abbs

You'll rotate the 3 workout days in order with every third day being Cardio only. Each workout should be 45 minutes to 1 hour (except for the cardio only days).

What To Know

- With each exercise, have a total of 3 sets
- First two sets have 10- 12 reps
- Third set is to failure

I find using a mix between free weights and machines to work well.  I highly recommend you write down your sets, reps, and weight for each exercise.  This way you're always consistent with your workout and can be motivated when you see yourself progress overtime. Remember to stretch before workouts.


It's important to know supplements aren't necessary, but it certainly can help. If you use Kratom, it can help reduce the strain and pain of both cardio and lifting and it just helps make the gym more enjoyable.  Since it's difficult to consistently consume a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight from food alone, I recommend getting some protein powder (this is my favorite). If you do ever have trouble eating enough vegetables in a day, greens are always a nice option to rely on when needed. Other than that, try to get as much of your nutrients from food instead.  If you do want a stimulant type supplement to help burn fat at the gym, look for ephedrine (which you can find anywhere like a GNC)

Don't Quit

I’m not an expert, but I've had success.  Although it’s very important to have an attractive body, this will probably be as far as I’ll go into the weight loss/gym topic on the site.  This weight loss program is only for the serious. It’s actually pretty difficult, and will likely screen some of you out sooner than later.  If your plate is already full with things you can't change (like school along with work) then you may want to try something different.

Choose a weight loss goal, take progress pics, listen to motivating music at the gym, and always push through to go to the gym daily.  If you ever have any questions about the diet or the workout program, feel free to shoot me a message.