7 Easy Ways To Look Good

Let's face it, looking good is very important. Whether you're wanting help to meet new women, get treated better daily, or just have an improved sense of confidence wherever you go- investing into your appearance is always worth it. When you look good, you feel good.

One of the first best steps you can make is creating the habit to workout on a consistent basis. If you haven't done that yet, start as soon as you can- your future self will thank you. Although developing a more muscular body takes some time, there's quite a bit of things you can do to improve your appearance that don't take up much time at all. Listed below are some tools and products I regularly use which have the capability to largely boost your sex appeal.


Getting a tan (real or fake) is my #1 recommendation to boost your appearance quickly. Tanning beds are the best option, but bronzers can works without costing time, money, and being potentially dangerous.  If I’m about to head on a date, I’ll rub it in my skin and give it 5 minutes shirtless to dry. You don’t have to look super tanned, but to have a nice healthy glow and to not look pale. No one will know you have anything on yet you look way better. It can make someone whose a 7 into an 8 on the looks scale.

Hair Style

There's no universal hairstyle that looks good on everybody, but having short sides (a 1 or under) looks great for most. An example of this is the 'undercut'- although you don't need the top to be quite as long (like on my videos). Not a bad idea to show a picture to your barber of a hairstyle you may want (that's realistic). Best part it helps the look of those whose hairlines are receding.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is great for volume + style while still maintaining a mostly dry look. It’s great if your hair is a bit shorter like mine and you either go for the ‘messy’ style or if you part it. I’ve bought hair wax from 3 different brands and sadly they were all completely different textures and didn’t work the same. The one I use is available for a decent price on the Canadian Amazon, but for some reason costs a lot for the US.

Solid Style

How your clothes fit is just as important as how it looks. If you’re looking to buy clothes online, you could pick up a measuring tape (dollar store) to match up your measurements with what they have listed. Properly fitted jeans can be hard to find, so it's better to buy them at the store so you can try them on. Finally, buy with outfits in mind. It’s easy to buy a cool pair of shoes or jacket but realize you don’t really have anything to go along with it. 


This isn't super important and won't make as big as a difference as like being pale to tan, but it can help. Myself and a couple other girls got a hold of a dozen of the small free cologne samples (from where she worked). We came to an unanimous decision that Sauvage was the best cologne. Unfortunately, it's a little pricey so our next best bet was '1 Million'. Of course if a girl isn't attracted to you, it doesn't matter if you're the best smelling guy in the world- there's better investments (like a gym membership).

Teeth Whitening

Unless your teeth are actually yellow, this isn't too important either- but it does improve your look. I've used the strips (works well, doesn't last long, potentially harms enamel), whitening gel trays (works well, takes weeks, potential side effects), and professionally whitened. Having them professionally done was the best bang for my buck, and it seemed to last the longest. It comes down to whether you want to put up the money, but there can be some decent deals on Groupon.


Girls notice the details.  Trim your nails, wax that unibrow, clean your ears, and shave those unwanted hairs on your face and neck.  If you have sensitive skin like I do with shaving, make sure you switch your razors up every once in awhile. DollarShaveClub is a decent option that sends you new razors for $1/month. (I get a few free razors if you buying anything). This soap is also wicked (just check out the 500+ reviews). You can use it on your face as well. It moisturizes, exfoliates, and makes you smell dam good.

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It's surprising what a few quick updates like a new outfit, a tan, and a solid hairstyle can to do reinvent your look. Best part is you can create this new version of yourself without breaking the bank. If you reinvent your look, you reinvent your life.
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Talk to you soon