Kratom for the Gym

Reduce the Pain & Strain

When using kratom properly for the gym, cardio and lifting becomes much easier.  Just as kratom helps to treat pain, it also reduces the uncomfortable strain you put on your body. This helps me push a bit farther to get an extra rep or two, or last an extra 5-10 minutes on the treadmill.  Although this isn't a massive improvement, it adds up in the long run

The best part is you still have the super positive mood. This effects mixed with the natural endorphins released from working out is an amazing feeling.

Below I have listed the dosages, strain type and what you need to know to produce these desired effects.  If you don't currently know how to tell the difference between the types of kratom (fast, moderate, or slow) or are new to kratom in general, check out my Beginner's Guide to Kratom


The best amount of kratom to take prior to the gym is either a small or medium dose. If you don't know how much a small or medium dose is, a small is usually 2-3 grams and a medium is around 4-5 grams.  The size of dose varies a lot though, since kratom sensitivity and tolerance is different with everyone. You will more than likely take some experimenting, especially if you're new to kratom. Make sure to take your dose around 30 minutes before working out.

Strain Type

The strain type I use for the gym is usually a moderate type.  Preference varies for nearly everyone. Some like the faster strains since it gives them more energy, while others like the slower strain since it takes away more of the strain from exercising.  Best to try both.


The trickiest part is using the right strain with the right dosage.  Do this wrong, and you may become a little lightheaded or too euphoric/lazy to move. Also, since both exercising and kratom dehydrates you, it's crucial to drink plenty of water before working out. I try to have at least a liter.

If you're interested in using kratom for other things, I have a growing list of these posts located here.  If you have any questions or comments on other things you use kratom for, give me a shout on YouTube or my email address

If you're looking for a vendor, I highly recommend  Quality out there with kratom varies so much.  Most of it is just 'okay' with little effects while some others can actually produce anxiety. If you want to learn more, I have more information on vendors and choosing strains at the bottom of Part 2 on my kratom guide. If you are looking for the best strains to workout with, I recommend Elite Elephant or White Hippo. For something with a bit more energy, check out Hyper Hippo. For Canadians, check out the different Green and White strains at KratomSensation.