7 Subtle Signs She May Be a Virgin


Knowing a girl's history when you start talking to her can be important. If she hasn't been with many guys, she may want something more than a quick fling.

Knowing if she's a virgin will help prevent anyone from getting hurt.

It's an important thing to know (whether or not you want to date her). It may also provide context to why she wants to take things slower (or why she's closed off about sex).

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1. She's Clingy

If a girl is clingy, she probably doesn't have much experience with dating or sex.

Most promiscuous women won't be super needy towards you. They've had enough one-off encounters to detach emotional needs from physical ones.

Everyone knows the first cut is the deepest. Strong dependencies grow easily on the first person you date. If she's acting this way, she probably hasn't slept around.

If anything, these signs are more likely to indicate that you're dating a virgin.

2. She Doesn't Like to Talk About Sex

If she hasn't slept with anyone, she likely won't want to talk about sex.

It's already an awkward thing for some to discuss. If a girl hasn't done or thought about it much, she won't have much to say.

I've dated a handful of women who were virgins at the time. Each one was reluctant to share that information with me until later on.

Of course, it's understandable when they don't know me that well.

But, it still showed me the apprehension women can have with sharing intimate details like that. They were worried it could jeopardize things or impact what I thought of them.

I get it. After all, I did the same thing with the first woman I slept with. I'm sure many others have as well.

Either way, she'll be less comfortable discussing sex if she lacks experience under the sheets.

A picture of a girl who doesn't like to flirt.

3. She Doesn't Like to Flirt

A strong sign that she's a virgin is if flirting is uncomfortable for her. It's especially noticeable if you're flirting heavily with her (directly referencing appearance/attractiveness).

If you do try it, she may shut it down completely or just act closed off.

So, she's likely a bit more reserved towards sex still.

A girl who can confidently flirt with anyone will likely have experience hooking up. It just takes time to get good at.

It's true for foreplay as well. Without ever being sexually active, she'll lack the confidence to reciprocate what you're doing.

4. She Turns Down All Advances

The significance of sex lowers for anyone the more they do it. After a while, it's no longer a big deal.

It can be intimidating at first, but that's usually from the pressure we put on ourselves.

Hooking up may be a huge thing for someone not sexually active. She may want to first wait until you're in an actual relationship. So, any advances you make may be turned down until then.

A photo of a shy, timid girl.

5. She's Shy and Timid

A girl acting shy and timid isn't uncommon by itself. A lot of young women will act this way around you (especially if you're older than them).

However, it further reflects a lack of sexual activity when paired with the other signs.

Unless she's just naturally shy, the main cause would be from nervousness. She's likely hasn't dated much and everything is new to her.

It can be intimidating when you start dating. This can cause anyone to seem a bit reserved.

6. She's Very Religious

Anyone who's very religious may be abstaining from sex.

This is most relevant for those who are Muslim or Hindu, with the former reporting just 60% probability of premarital sex. It's even illegal to have sex (before marriage) in some Muslim countries. So, that number isn't all that surprising.

For the record, this report had Christians at over 80% probability.

You should be able to tell if this applies to a girl you're seeing. It's hard to avoid when some make religion a part of their personality.

Yet at times, these rules can have the opposite effect. When a girl wants to do something that's "forbidden," she better have a strong connection to God to be stopped.

It's much hotter when you know it's "bad".

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7. She Hasn't Dated Much

A woman who hasn't dated much isn't likely to be sexually active. It's doubtful that she went straight to one-night stands.

This is likely to be true whether she's acting needy or not.

While it may be obvious, it's still worth taking note of when/if she discusses her history with you.

Remember that age is an important factor as well. The younger she is the more likely that she's a virgin. What is even considered as a high body count also depends on her age.

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