Jerrad "Rooster" Ross


By Tyler Stasiuk

RoosterDating was created by Jerrad Ross. 

It all started when Jerrad was 20 and started to take his dating life seriously. He noticed how limiting it is by only meeting women through work or social circles, and wanted to learn how to expand it.

Unfortunately, after turning to the internet for advice, it did more harm than good. 

He had to do it on his own. Overtime, failures and rejections became the path to success. 

Then in 2014, after noticing the continued lack of legitimate dating information online for young men, he created this site. 

Since then, he used the same principles of gaining and applying strategic experience to other aspects- like business, fitness and nootropics.

Rooster Ross

Unlike so many other male improvement blogs, he backs up his claims and only talks about things he considers himself an expert in.

He's ran six figure online businesses.

He's failed and then succeeded more in just a year of dating than several lifetimes.

He's a certified trainer knowing how to put on muscle and lose weight.

Enrolling in business courses getting credentials and certificates didn't help towards success, but rather taking action and always persevering.


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