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By Tyler Stasiuk

There's a reason why the whole "PUA" (pick-up artist) community has such a sleezy look to them.

It's filled with young inexperienced men trying to offer advice to others about something they know very little about.

It's the blind leading the blind.

After regrettably being in that scene in my early 20s, I ditched it and found my own repeatable successful routine and experiences.

This site is about the lessons I've learnt, and how to keep young men from making those same mistakes.

It's not a "game". "lay reports" are dumb. Sticking to the basics of maximizing appearance and experience is what it's all about.

I only talk about things that I know very well and things that are worth sharing.

No topic is talked about here without extensive experience or proof to back it up.

Whether it's the businesses I've run, the reputation I've gained (rip GLL) or the transformations I've made- nothing is talked about without extensive experience or proof to back it up.

I'm not one of those people who've always had some godly motivation either. I've battled issues with mental health, addiction and spent more time racking up gamerscore than I'd care to admit.

But I pulled myself away from that awful path which I had felt I was destined to be on.

If I can do it- you can to. 


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