Bathmate Hydro7 Review | My Results After 10 Years

July 12th, 2023 

Over 10 years ago, I bought my first Bathmate as it was initially gaining popularity. I figured it was a scam like everything else in that industry.

Thank god it wasn't.

Most of my results with the Hydro7 (or 'Hercules' as it was called back then) was within the first year. I grew over half an inch in both length and girth after 12 months of consistent use. It was actually more, but some growth subsided once I stopped regular use. Since then, the results have stayed permanently with me.

These devices work, but they require time and effort. If you don't want to take my word for it, check out the /r/bathmate community (that subreddit is full of dicks though). They recommend jelqing alongside it, though I didn't personally do it.

In terms of increasing length, it works similarly to extender devices (which you wear underneath your clothes). They both pull and stretch but have different mechanisms of action. Typically though, Bathmate is best for growth in girth. 

More studies have been done on extender devices if you want to take a look. Here is one from 2008, as well as 2011, and 2015.

Before I get into my review, it's been my experience that going for the more expensive pumps is not worth it.

Unless you're impatient and want results asap, the Hydro7 is ideal. Despite the higher-end versions offering more "power," it doesn't seem worthwhile since you fully control the pressure level anyway.

We'll review my experience with

  • How the pump has held up after 10+ years.
  • What has and hasn't worked for me.
  • What you can expect in terms of gains.
  • Downsides or risks.
  • Differences between Hydro7 and Hydromax7.

I'm not an expert on this, though. I'm just sharing my results with the device. For more community advice, check out  /r/gettingbigger and the bathmate forums.

Here's a link to Bathmate's website. I make a few dollars if you buy through that link, which helps support the site.

Design and Build Quality

Here's my rundown regarding the design and build quality over the last 10 years:

  • The "comfort ring" came off after 6 months: Fortunately, once positioned properly the suction still holds it in place. I assume they fixed this defect after all these years.
  • It probably has ~3 years of actual use spread over the past decade.
  • There's a legitimate risk of injury if you overdo it. However, it's simple and straightforward to use.
  • The pump is still fully functional today.

  • The sticker has stayed on perfectly. I figured that would be the first to go. 
A photo of the bahtmate hydro7 on a counter.

It was actually called Hercules back then.

How Does Bathmate Work?

Bathmate forces the penis to enlarge due to a vacuum created inside the plastic tube. As it's filling and safely allowing more blood to flow to the penis, it helps it stretch and increase in size when regularly used. Your ability to have and maintain an erection is also improved.

Hydro7 Usage Steps:

  1. Sit in the bath.
  2. Fill the pump fully with water.
  3. Put your flaccid penis in.
  4. Start pumping the bathmate, which creates pressure as the water drains from the top.
  5. Follow pressure and duration recommendations.
  6. Use it 3-4 times per week.

There are a ton of different routines out there. Some include stretching or even using other devices in addition to the pump. I use it for 7 minutes with whatever pressure felt strong enough while still being comfortable.

Cushion ring for the hydro7 on a counter.

The glue didn't hold so well.

3 Types of Gains

The amount of growth you should expect will depend on how consistent you are with using the pump. While beginner gains will happen, I didn't notice any difference until over a month of consistent use.

  • Immediate Gains: A quick increase in size after use. I never see much for length (some report - 0.5"), but the circumference increases by nearly an inch (can vary a bit each time). It looks waterlogged but returns to normal within a few hours. Fun to use before having sex.
  • Maintenance Gains: These increases appear within a month or so and are maintained with at least moderate usage. Growth can depend on your current size, PE experience, and frequency of use.
  • Permanent Gains: Growth from longer-term use. Accurate permanent results are seen after entirely ceasing usage for a few months (once maintenance gains disappear).

Do Penis Pumps Have Any Downsides or Side Effects?

There is a lot of misinformation out there, misleading people to believe it can achieve more than it's capable of.

Does it work? Absolutely- but know what is and isn't attainable within a given time frame. The main drawbacks are the consistency it requires and the necessity of investing your time into it.

While these pumps are considered safe and easy to use, going overboard with it can cause you to overstrain and injure yourself. This isn't something to fear, but it needs to be said since some people will take anything too far.

Obtaining over an inch in growth in a year is realistic if you commit to a complete routine (ideally including jelqing).

Some claim to measure 2" increases in length alone, but I don't know if that's  even possible (in a year). Regardless, you can achieve visible growth with a bit of work.

Results are even more noticeable if you need to shed some pounds in the gym. This is because the fat in the pubic area essentially buries your penis, as the surrounding fat deposits make it appear smaller. It's reported that men can gain 1 inch of penis length for every 30-50 pounds they lose.

Bathmate Hydro7 vs Hydromax7

These two bathmate pumps are pretty similar. The Hydro7 is the original pump they released over 15 years ago. It doesn't have the improved 'Super-flow Latch Valve,' which allows the water to dissipate easier. 

The Hydromax claims to be about 35% stronger, and the design is a bit more updated. The pump size is the same, meant for those who are currently 5 to 7" in erect length. They're both pretty comfortable to use too.

In my experience, Hydro7 does everything you need it to

The main difference is the price. Hydro7 is $120, while Hydromax7 is $170.

What's the Verdict on my Results?

I recommend the Hydro7 as a practical but effective entry point into PE.

Whether you want to take advantage of quick and easy maintenance gains, lasting permanent results, or just want something fun to use in the bedroom- the bathmate is worth considering.

Their refund period lasts 60 days too, which is enough time to notice growth.

The results I had when I first tried it in 2013 should be achievable for most, especially if you stay on track. If you want even more growth- look into those communities I linked. You should be able to find a beginners bathmate routine to get you started too.

Even a small increase in growth can visually make a big difference.

Give me a shout in the comments section if you have questions about my experience with it. If you have used it, let me know what you've been able to achieve.

A photo of the box the bathmate shipped in.

The package was discreet when it arrived.


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