If you're already interested in starting a new hobby and would just like to know which ones may be best for meeting women- this post is for you.

If you're looking to get out of the house (or your comfort zone), the hobbies included here were picked by their potential to meeting women, and overall value

However, I don't recommend picking one solely based on meeting someone due to the likelihood of it not working out.

Pick a hobby by how interesting it is to you.

You'll want to primarily be looking to join a group of like-minded people that happen to have similar interests. You'll want to know you'll be happy you attended whether you met anybody or not.

The Best Hobbies to Meet Women

Wine Tasting

While going to wine tastings may be a little more costly than the other options, it does have some unique benefits.

For one, it helps loosen people up which makes everyone happier and more talkative. Secondly, it's something more convincing for a friend to come along with, which can make it more enjoyable.

Unlike the other options, it's less likely to have the same group of people each time. The age group can be a bit on the older side, but that depends on the location or winery.


Yoga is an excellent option. You know it's not just likely to have more women attending than other hobbies, but they're probably fit and attractive too. 

There's a good chance you'll see the same people in each consecutive class as well.

Running or Cycling Club

Joining running or cycling groups probably won't apply to you unless it's something you already do.

It's certainly not easy if you're not already fit, so you may want to find a beginners club to get started. This is another hobby with a good chance of seeing the same group of people each session.

a group of people playing volleyball at the beach

Team Sports

This is probably your best option if you are already interested in playing sports and looking to join a team.

It doesn't have to be a typical "team" either where you play other groups in some beer league. For example, it could be a local Facebook group that meets weekly for a few beach volleyball games.

Overall, there's a good chance of seeing the same people, but it can depend on the sport and frequency.

Book Club

Joining book clubs is a bit more of a niche hobby. Still, it's worth mentioning due to the much higher chance of seeing the same group each week (and how mostly women who attend them).

You may have to dig around to find a group that reads books you're interested in.

Cooking Class

While cooking classes can be one-offs, it's at least primarily women attending. Like exercising, improving cooking skills is practically always worth the effort, too. 

It also doesn't have to be a cooking class specifically, as it could be art or for just about anything.

Tabletop or Board Games

I can understand some reluctance towards believing any sort of tabletop/board games as an effective means to meet women (and to a large extent, I agree). 

However, it could be your best bet if you're heavily into that scene and fit in with that crowd.

This hobby could open the door to a new social circle of people you've never met. Through that new group of friends, it can indirectly lead you to meet a lot of new women that may end up being more than friends. 

This can apply to just about any hobby (niche or otherwise), but is especially effective if you already engage in it.

Using Hobby-Centric Events to Meet Women

Using sites like Meetup.com can be a great way to find events about your specific interest (especially if your hobbies don't usually work well for meeting people). 

They also have groups specifically for singles too, though I can't say for sure the type of crowd it attracts.

While these are generally one-off events, many people go there to meet others (not only for engaging their interests). There are events available for technology, social issues, business, religion, etc.

What Makes a Hobby Great For Meeting Women?

1. If you enjoy it

You can't fake interest for anything, especially a hobby. She's likely there because she enjoys or wants to learn about what you're all doing. Sharing a mutual interest can help break the ice, too.

2. If it has enough women

Starting a male-dominated hobby won't likely provide you with many options.

3. It has you engaging with a lot of people

You may think learning a language is great for meeting women, but in reality, there are low chances it would lead to that. 

How often are you going to another country to use it? How many people will you use it on? A hobby that requires you to leave the house and meet up with a group is essential.

4. The group of people is consistent

Unless you're super smooth and can move quickly, you probably want to get to know her gradually and have it progress more naturally. 

They may genuinely like you, but they probably won't find that out just by spending your first hour together. This means spending a fair amount of time attending these groups or classes. 

So, picking one that you actually want to learn will be your best bet.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Choose what works best based on your interests.
  • Don't prioritize by "trying to impress" or choosing some hobby that helps you show off your intellect or physical ability. Her seeing someone passionate about doing something they love is more impactful.
  • Remember, this is about meeting women. Being a good gardener or woodworker is a great skill to have, but you're not likely to meet many women through it (even if you're an expert).
  • These are accessible hobbies and activities. Cost is relatively low, and there should be options in just about any city.
  • Any activities that require a significant time investment are excluded. Same with any that don't include a lot of people.

Are Dancing Lessons a Good Hobby to Meet Women?

This is one thing that's recommended way too often, usually by misguided "PUA" types.

Apparently, it's got to the point where a large amount of dance lessons will have at least one guy there whose only real purpose is to meet women. You're not likely to fool anybody.

That's not to say it can't work, though. If you genuinely want to learn to dance and attend one, you'll (of course) want to look good and freshen up as you'll be getting close to others.

two young people dancing

Why Learning Guitar Won’t Help You With the Ladies

When you think of hobbies that help you pick up women, learning to play the guitar is probably the first one you think of.

The reality is they're not that interested or impressed by you playing the guitar.

Panties aren't going to just fly off like you may have been led to believe. I don't think I've ever been to a party where someone busted out a guitar and started singing, and I feel like some eyes would roll if they did.

It's such a small use case too. In addition, getting good enough to play at any public level isn't easy (especially if you want to learn to sing).

Putting aside the intent to meet women through it, learning to play the guitar is pretty fun. You can learn the basics relatively quick too. It's been nearly 20 years since I first bought and learned to play one after buying Guitar Hero as a teenager.

a guy playing guitar on a couch at a party

How to Get Their Number After

Step 1: get to know them well. Have it be a natural progression where you've hit it off, and she's basically waiting for you to ask.

Step 2: if you find asking for someone's number challenging, you could rely on an "excuse." This could mean offering to carpool together (though you may want to ask others, too).

Remember, by this point you're already well-acquainted or even friends, so it shouldn't be as difficult as a cold approach. 

In terms of asking her out, this can be done several ways. However, simple and direct is generally ideal.

You can suggest doing something at least loosely related to your hobby:

"Do you want to grab a drink sometime and plan how we'll improve at x?"

If she's single, finds you attractive, and enjoyed the time spent with you so far, there's a reasonably strong chance she'll say yes.

Finding Connection Through Shared Interests

At least on the surface level, there are many reasons to go out and meet women through hobbies. You can choose the ones you are interested in, are enjoyable, and have enough women attending. In addition, it's a great way to get out of your comfort zone.

But it's a waste of time if your primary reason is to meet someone special.

Think about it:

  1. You go the first time and spend 1- 2 hours, but there's no one you find attractive.
  2. The second time there is someone you like, but she has a ring on her finger.
  3. The third time there is someone single that you like, and you maybe spend the following weeks getting to know her, but you find out she has no interest in you.

This would be frustrating. You're much better off using online dating first, then after choosing a hobby based purely on interest.

Summary of the best hobbies to meet women:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Yoga
  • Running or Cycling
  • Team sports
  • Book club
  • Cooking classes
  • Tabletop or Board games

Related Questions

What if I'm having trouble choosing a hobby?

If you are interested in the options included but unsure what to pick- go for the fitness-related options. Nobody has ever regretted time spent exercising.

Are there any other hobbies or activities that may be worthwhile?

There are a lot of different clubs you can join, and some may be useful specifically to you if it's about a niche you have a lot of interest in.

This could be like joining a rock climbing or astronomy/telescope group. As they both can be expensive to engage in, it's best to have meeting others play no relevance in your decision to pursue the hobby.

What about volunteering?

If you are interested in this, I recently wrote about volunteering to meet women. In essence, it follows the same idea that it's not worth the time unless you're already planning to volunteer.

If you are interested in it- I go over the best places to help out and the exact steps to follow to get their number.

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