Can Short Guys Get Laid? Legit ways to compensate for height


Simply put, short guys can still get laid a lot. Yet, they'll have to fire on all cylinders to do it at a high level. We'll go over the options to equal the playing field and get ahead.

There is a lot of heightism in dating.

It's brutal to shame anyone for something not in their control like this.

Yet it never gets called out...

So, I decided to run a survey to get a baseline of what short guys have to deal with. I made an account on Prolific, chose the demographic (140 women with an average age of 24), and asked them this question:

"Would you ever consider dating a man shorter than you?"

Here are the answers tallied up below...

Answers Percentage Response
Yes (height is irrelevant) 22.86% 32
No 33.57% 47
Same height is as low as I'd go 33.57% 47
Yes, but no more than a few inches shorter 10% 14

No suprise that height is a big deal:

  • About a third of women would date you if you're a bit shorter than them
  • Over half of women would date you if you're around their height.
  • Less than a quarter of women would date you if you're much shorter than them.

Getting Laid When You're Short

So is it really all doom and gloom?

Of course not.

You do have a sizable disadvantage, depending on your exact height.

But like anything else, you'll have to compensate for it.

This is the hand you were dealt. The cards don't seem fair, but you can make them work. Either continue being upset or take steps forward. It's up to you.

There is hope for short guys

The average height for women in the US is 5 foot 4Assuming a "few" is 3, the average woman is willing to date a guy who is 5 foot 1 (per the responses).

That doesn't seem too bad. Most girls are willing to date you, even if you get rejected more often.

But for the sake of argument, let's assume it's much worse. 

Maybe the respondents didn't want to seem so shallow. What if only one in four women would date any man considered "short?"

You absolutely can still make that work. 

Working 4x as hard as others isn't difficult when most men barely put in any effort.

Average guys meet women who fall into their lap:

  • They don't play the numbers game or cold approach
  • They don't put effort into their appearance (or know how). 
  • They don't reach and maintain a low body fat percentage.
  • They don't lean on building swagger or a high social status.
  • They don't have killer instinct.

* Killer instinct is a term coined by GoodLookingLoser (which had an article that inspired this post). It's about having the balls and follow-through to make a move at any moment.

I have two buddies who aren't much over 5 feet and do super well with women. They don't even do everything above and are probably a "natural 7."

But they actually talk to women.

One of them I worked with years ago at a restaurant. I was really surprised when he told me all the waitresses he slept with. I never saw him even talk to most of them. He was like some stealth seducer.

This ability to make a move quickly is essential. If a short guy wants to hook up often, he can't act passive and let opportunities pass.

Being consistent with this is challenging, but it's something you'll improve at over time.

Another option, if you're not doing it already, is wearing the right shoes. You can easily add 2.5+ inches to your height.

Fortunately, sneakers with those massive soles are "in" right now.

Many styles of boots are "in" as well. The nice thing about them is that you can wear large height-boosting insoles without it looking weird.

Lastly, take advantage of the fact that short guys look more muscular

The smaller frame means a higher muscle-to-bone ratio than taller men. They are more muscular pound for pound. This means you can get that "ripped" look much more easily.

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