The Top 10 Best Clubs to Join in Your 20s

March 31, 2023

Transitioning from high school to adulthood can be challenging for many people in their 20s. The ease of seeing friends daily in high school quickly gives way to the demands of adult life, making it crucial to find new ways to socialize and expand your horizons.

Finding clubs for anyone in their 20s can be difficult, as not everyone is interested in events like toastmasters. In no particular order, the list below is split into five general club ideas and five examples of clubs based on hobbies. 

Joining a club based around something you enjoy is will make it easier, so keep that in mind going forward.

In terms of finding these events, several great sites are at your disposal. Reddit offers a wealth of hobby-related subreddits, and city-specific subreddits often feature event pages or subreddit offshoots that can help you discover local happenings.

Platforms such as and Facebook Events make it easy to find local events and those catering to something you enjoy. Additionally, you can search for terms like 'Gen Z' or 'Millennial' to see events more exclusively aimed at a younger crowd.

Here's the 10 best clubs to join in your 20s:

1 - Gym or Fitness Classes

Staying active and healthy is crucial in your 20s. Joining workout or gym clubs like yoga classes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), running, or spinning/cycling can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

These clubs often have a consistent group of the same people, which can keep you accountable and motivated to keep up your healthy habits.

2 - Volunteering Communities

While not technically a club, volunteering is a fantastic way to meet people with similar values and interests. You can volunteer at local non-profit organizations, participate in community service projects, or join a cause you're passionate about. 

Resources like can help connect you to a cause that's important to you.

3 - Outdoor & Adventure Groups

Adventure-type clubs can be a perfect fit for those who love the outdoors and staying active. These clubs often involve hiking, kayaking, skiing, and more. They can also offer a blend of fitness and social interaction, making them an excellent option for meeting new people.

4 - Recreational Sports Teams

Joining a recreational sports league can be a fun and low-pressure way to stay active and meet people. Drop-in hockey, beer league soccer, or other casual sports leagues often attract a younger demographic and provide a regular opportunity to see the same group of people.

5 - Environmental and Sustainability Groups

If you're passionate about the environment and sustainability, joining a club focused on these issues can be rewarding and educational. You'll meet like-minded individuals, participate in awareness campaigns, and contribute to positive community change.

6 - Tabletop Games Gatherings

Whether you're into chess, tabletop RPGs, Magic: The Gathering, or other games, there's likely a club out there for you. Gaming clubs are a great way to meet others who share your interests and engage in friendly competition.

7 - Fishing Clubs

Fishing can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, and joining a fishing club can help you connect with others who share your passion. You'll learn new techniques, discover new fishing spots, and maybe even catch the big one!

8 - Entrepreneurship and Startups Groups

If you're interested in business, startups, or entrepreneurship, joining a club in this field can be an excellent way to learn more and network with like-minded individuals. You can also take classes or workshops to develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

9 - Social Astronomy Clubs

For those with a love for the stars and the cosmos, joining an astronomy club can be a deeply rewarding experience. You'll meet fellow astronomy enthusiasts, attend star parties, look through telescopes, and learn more about our universe.

#10 - Gaming Clubs

If you enjoy video games, connecting with a gaming community can provide social interaction and a shared hobby. There are online forums, social media groups, and even local meetups where you can connect with others who share your gaming interests. 

Almost every game has a subreddit dedicated to it, so you should find a community around whichever game is your favorite. Furthermore, it's often (though not always) a younger person's hobby, which makes it more likely to find others in your age group.

Anything Else?

If you're still uncertain about which clubs or activities to join, consider visiting your local university's website for events and clubs. Often, you don't have to be a student to participate, and many attendees will be around your age. This can also be an excellent way to discover less common or "unique" interests, like those that makeup UBC's Quidditch team.

Countless communities are available to suit your interests, whether music, reading, professional sports teams, or religious organizations. Explore these diverse groups to find the one that resonates most with you.

Lastly, websites like Nextdoor and Couchsurfing can help connect you with local events and groups in your area. These platforms can help you discover new activities and meet people who share your interests.

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