Do Women Suck Today (or is it just you)?


The truth is women do suck, but so do men. Dating can be very hostile, which invokes extreme "takes" and mentalities on both sides. You should recognize these hard truths without having them consume you.

Dating today is less natural and more difficult than it's ever been:

If Women Suck, What Should You Do?

Some say women are at fault, while others blame men. There is valid criticism against both genders, but it's entirely pointless to debate. 

Recognize reality for the sake of navigating through it.

It's easy to get upset and be hateful, but it's not the least bit constructive. 

  1. How does the world work?
  2. How can we use it to our advantage?

Those two questions are the core of what the Redpill community should have been (or maybe what it was at the beginning). It inevitably attracted the wrong types and spewed a lot of BS/negativity.

So, what do you need to do or know?

Have sincerity and benevolence

The number of first-date stories I hear about men acting emotional, clueless, and immature is wild. This is from younger women I know personally who are using dating apps. It seems to be getting worse as well.

You don't realize how normalcy gives you a large advantage. You can even be a "nice guy" that gets laid. If I had to define an ideal image to portray, it would be this:

You're a fun, laid-back guy with good intentions but can turn her on. You seem like who always has options. You're like equal parts "boyfriend material" and "bad boy."

The best part is how this image will cast the widest net possible. You'll attract more women who want different things (whether it's a relationship or a fling).

Really nailing this means you'll need to back it up, which takes time/experience. Until then, rise above pettiness and aim to be more mature (than both the other guys and girls you talk to).

A photo of a woman holdinga sign that asks if she sucks.

Understand screening and compatibility

When you need to play the numbers game, it's easy to be in "chase mode." 

You don't want that

Your mindset/belief and how you interact will need to change. You don't "hope that she likes you." Instead, your intent is to find out if you both click well together (and if she wants the same things).

You need to frequently remind yourself of this to truly "get it." 

You should still be objective with ways to improve yourself and how you engage with women. Just know that a rejection doesn't mean you did anything wrong

Accepting this will help make your interactions with girls much easier. You believe you are desirable, so you don't need to overthink everything you say/do.

Develop a thicker skin

The brutality of dating can suck for everyone. Whether it's cold approach or dating apps, you will get rejected a ton.

Even things like ghosting are normalized.

Literally the most common way to tell someone you moved on is by pretending they no longer exist. Without warning, you find out you're cut off by getting blatantly ignored. Harsh.

Therefore, you'll have to learn to roll with the punches. Understanding screening helps with this too. 

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Become a guy that girls would chase

Attraction is everything. Put as much attention to your own appearance as women do.

Gain every competitive edge possible. This means short and long-term improvements to your appearance, depending on your standards. 

Use online dating heavily, but have realistic expectations. If you're a 7, your options will mostly be 6's. Take advantage of how valuable any and all experience is.

Get a full system down

Have a baseline repeatable plan for going on dates and hooking up. Even if they're not dimes, the routine and success will massively help boost your swagger and momentum.

You Don't Need to Give Up on Women

Dating can suck.

Aim to achieve success despite the circumstances. 

Remember, it's challenging for your competition as well. Even very good-looking guys can be entirely clueless with women. 

Most guys don't know what they're capable of.

I have a buddy who's honestly a "6" and he slays. He has a vibe where he just lightly flirts with virtually every woman he interacts with. The time from "hello" to the hookup is often just a few hours.

It amazes me what he's capable of. It also shows what's technically possible with enough confidence and follow-through. 

I don't talk about this much, though. It's very challenging to pull off. Most guys will have a better return on their efforts by focusing on their appearance.

Still, it's good to know what's possible

I haven't talked to him in years, but I hope to reach out soon and even record him doing working magic (assuming he's single).

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