Girl Asked For My Number But Never Texted: How Come?


You meet a new girl and things seem to go well. She then takes the initiative and asks for your number. 


Yet, days go by and she hasn't reached out to you. You get confused, frusterated, and start to wonder if you did something wrong.

Why would she ghost you when she's the one who asked for your number?

We'll get into what likely happened, what you can do about it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Why She Didn't Reach Out

The first step is to recognize the different reasons for what caused this:

  • She's too shy or nervous (or very inexperienced)
  • Her schedule has been too busy lately
  • Something you said turned her off
  • She's waiting to not seem super interested
  • She doesn't remember you (if you met at a party)
  • You accidentally gave her the wrong number
  • She's just unsure if she likes you

What to do about her not texting back

The first thing to do is to recognize how you may not have done anything "wrong."

If you lose a girl's interest, it shouldn't reflect poorly upon you. Incompatibilities exist. Some amazing women can like you for the exact reasons why this girl doesn't. 

This isn't some game where you pressed the wrong buttons (like the PUA types assume it is).

It will make you go crazy believing every rejection was your own fault.

What's important is to try to view yourself objectively. This means to always look for ways to improve your appearance and experience. 

It also means to always be yourself around women. You won't be comfortable acting like someone else.

The second thing to do is to try and move on.

If it's only been a couple days, there's still a reasonable chance she'll message you. 

However, perpetually waiting for a response isn't fun. If she texts back, great. Otherwise, obsessively staring at your phone all day won't change a thing.

If it's been more than 7-10 days, the odds drop significantly that she'll text you. After that it becomes pointless to keep thinking about her.

The third thing to do is have her text you on the spot (the next time a girl asks for your number).

Getting her number typically won't result in her changing her mind about you. But, it can work if she's on the fence about you. She may just need to chat a bit before opening up to you.

Also, having her text you right away will ensure the number you gave is accurate. You could have easily pressed the wrong digit if you were nervous around them.

Lastly (and most importantly), you should always put yourself out there.

This means actively putting effort into meeting new women. Over time you can be virtually impenetrable to rejections. So, you won't care if a girl ghosts you since:

  • You always have other girls on your radar
  • You can meet new women without much effort

Dating apps are a great way to accomplish this. Prioritize getting the best pictures you possibly can and playing the numbers game. If you can do that, it's only a matter of time before meeting someone new/better.

If you're committed enough, cold approach works great for meeting women too.

Giving a girl your number is also ideal when cold approaching. This is because it's unsolicited and potentially uncomfortable (for some). This way they don't have to give their number to some random.

It's an incredible skill to have, but it is challenging. You may need a few weeks of practice before getting good.

An young man and woman talking outside a campus.

What Does it Mean When a Girl Asks for Your Number Instead?

Having a girl ask for your number is typically rare.

Usually, it's a strong sign she's bolder than most girls.

Unless she has the "liquid confidence" at some party, you can assume she's more assertive than others

It can happen often for those younger and maybe still in school. 

A girl wants to go after some boy, but he's too oblivious to the signals she's giving him. Eventually, she's forced to just approach and give him her number.

From what I recall, it has only happened to me once. I used to work at liquor stores giving out samples many years ago. Once in a while, I'd end up chatting with some girl and get their number.

I remember a girl came in who honestly wasn't easy on the eyes (but not ugly). I admired her guts for coming directly to my table and chatting me up. She mentioned how she's drinking with a friend later and how I should join them after work.

I gave her my number, but (for whatever reason) I never got a text.

While I assume I wouldn't have gone through with it, there is a reason why I'm including this story:

A girl's boldness in asking for your number often means she's more promiscuous than others.

Whether I said something that changed her mind or her friend thought it was a bad idea, she gave off enough signs of a high body count.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Depending on what you're looking for, it can be great. It comes down to the situation you're in and the type of girl she seems to be. 

Regardless, a girl asking for your number is a good sign. It usually means she likes you and wants to go out with you soon.

What to Keep in Mind

There are always many factors at play. Always wondering why things don't work isn't healthy. Try to see if there's anything to learn from while still being able to move on quickly.

Over time with experience, you'll develop some faith in your system.

This means becoming confident with your image and how you interact with women. When things don't work out, it's because they were not meant to be (and not from an error on your part). 

This decreases any emotional vulnerability as it further increases your confidence.

If you have any question, submit them below. Check out What it Means When a Girl Approaches First to know what to do in future approaches.

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