Knowing how to best ask a girl for a picture comes down to four essential factors:

  1. If she's shy or inexperienced
  2. What she wants (to hook up or have a relationship).
  3. Where you got her number (dating app, school, etc.)
  4. The type of picture you want.

We'll go over each one so you'll know how to ask in any situation. In addition, we'll also touch on how to respond to her pictures, how to send her a pic, and how to ask for a full body shot.

Asking a Girl for a Picture

Is this girl a more quiet/shy type, or is she more outgoing? 

If she's rather shy, you should first make sure you've built enough of a connection with her. She likely doesn't share pics with just anyone, so don't go asking her right away.

You can build toward asking for a nude/topless pic, but don't start off with that.

Some girls just don't feel comfortable sending those types of pictures. You'll want it to seem like getting any regular or casual type pic is "enough" (while still keeping the door open for something more).

Be simple and direct when asking. You don't need to overcomplicate it.

"You should send me a pic :)"

Maybe joke saying you have a bad memory and need a reminder of what she looks like.

Since she's a bit shy, you should consider sending a picture of yourself first (more on that in a minute). This way, she'll know the type of picture you're expecting. 

Just send her a normal photo of yourself to start.

After you've chatted for some time and are confident about how things are going, send her another picture. This time though, send a mirror selfie without a shirt on (another option is to take a pic in your underwear or in a towel after a shower).

You don't have to be super ripped, just make sure you look good.

She should send something similar to you after that. If she doesn't, try it again in another week.

This will allow her to take a pic of herself if she doesn't already have one. She may be a little more self-conscious than others, so she might not send any on a whim.

Remember to not push too hard, as some girls just aren't comfortable with sending pics. With most women, you can expect a topless pic after a few weeks if you push for it.

A girl with a lot of swagger texts on her phone.

Girls Who Just Want to Hook Up

If she's more promiscuous or just wants to hook up, you can skip the "formalities" and get right to it. However, if you don't have a lot of experience with dating, you may not be able to see these signs right away.

Fortunately, the signs are easy to recognize once you know what they look like.

These girls will be more flirtatious than others and more receptive when you flirt with them. Just "test the waters" by teasing/flirting and seeing how she responds. If she flirts back, it's a green light to ask for a pic.

"trade pics?"

You can just flirt by doing so indirectly in regular conversation:

"when do I get to see that nice bum of yours again?"

I was oblivious to these signs before ramping up my dating life in my early 20s. I was fortunate that some would just send me unsolicited topless pics of themselves. So with some luck, you may not have to look too hard for these girls. 

If you're unsure, check out how to ask a girl to hook up.

As for sending pictures of your junk... only do it if you're confident she's down to sleep with you.

Sending those pics ramps things up to 100

It's great for screening time-wasters out, but it can scare away those who want to actually date you. For most guys, it's best to keep it to a shot in your tight briefs (unless she sends a fully nude shot).

Where You Got Her Number

If this is a girl you often see in person (like from school or work), then asking will have a different meaning. It's not like you need a reminder of what she looks like. 

Therefore, she'll assume you want something more revealing when asking.

In this case, ask for a picture and send her your own at the same time. The type of picture will again set the tone for what you expect her to send.

Remember that it shouldn't ever surprise a girl when you ask her. Your conversations should have just naturally led to that point. Check out How to Rizz a Girl Up for more info on flirting/game.

If you instead got her number from a dating app, it's fine to ask her for a pic right after.

In this scenario, it should be a casual type photo to start. It's also smart to ask for a couple extras to make sure you don't get catfished. Send her yours too. You can just say:

"got any more pics? ;)"

You can tell this is old by the Blackberry...

Sending a Picture of Yourself

When sending a picture of yourself, you should be able to match the type of image you want from her.

Here's an old picture I've sent off a dozen or so times in my early 20s. It's not a picture of my junk, but it's still sexual and sends the message I want.

A picture like that will be enough for most situations.

If you have a low bf% with a decent amount of muscle mass, it's even better.

If you're just starting to talk to a girl (or unsure if she'll be receptive to this), send it alongside some regular shots. Include one or two of your best photos from Instagram, then add this right after.

Also- make sure she's alone anytime you send an image of yourself (or expect to get one from her). She won't likely be in the mood if she's out with her friends or at school.

Texting her at night and a bit before bed is typically best. You should have her full attention.

How to Ask a Girl for a Full Body Picture

How you ask a girl for a full body picture depends on why you're doing it.

If you met her from a dating app and all her pictures are from the "waist up," then you certainly want to know if she's hiding her weight.

If you instead want a full-body pic because it's nicer to look at, you don't have to be as cautious.

If you think she may be catfishing you, just try to get more pics from her and see if there's a theme. A couple close-up shots could just be a coincidence... but a half dozen or so and it starts to get a bit sus.

You can always check out her social media to get a better idea.

Otherwise, send her one of yourself and then say:

"I know sending full body pictures are important so here's one of me"

She should then feel obligated from what you said to do the same. Asking directly is a bit of a slippery slope. She may think you're assuming she's hiding something (even if you're not).

What to Say When a Girl Sends You Her Picture

If a girl sends you a picture, you should definitely react positively to it. Here are some quick easy options for what to say:

  • smoke show💨
  • you look goood
  • wow 😍

If she sent a nude, do the same or escalate a bit:

  • why you gotta turn me on at work hah
  • damn.. if only you were here right now
  • "🪨🪨🪨" (if she asks what that means... "rock hard")

In most cases, you should also respond by sending her one of yourself.

You should eventually ask for more too (especially if this isn't the first time she's sent them).

Try not to overthink it, though. 

You're in a pretty good spot if a girl is sending you nudes of herself.

If you're struggling with what to say, just be genuine. Let her know how it made you feel, but make sure to read the room still. You don't want to ramp things up too much if you think she's never sent a nude pic before.

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