How to Become a Chad: Develop the Ultimate Mindset


While originally being a derogatory term, the word "Chad" has evolved significantly over the years.

Today, a "Chad mindset" has become less "alpha male" (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and more "confident man who excels at all aspects of life".

The modern Chad is the one to be desired; it's no longer a "bro." 

Regardless of what you think of the term or meme itself, it has become something worthwhile for any man to strive for.

How to Be a Chad

Becoming a Chad is ultimately a complete reflection of one's core values, beliefs, and ability to accomplish their goals. 

It's extended well beyond just being jacked and getting women, including having high morals and the best of intentions.

1. Have Strong Core Values

What is being a man about?

When you think of that, you may say it's being able to provide for your family, being responsible, having integrity, resilience, etc.

All of that is important, but those qualities primarily come from a man's core values.

This is his morals of right and wrong, and living by it through his actions. A Chad has faith in his decision making with the wisdom to support it as being correct.

It's this strong foundation where your attitude and beliefs propel everything you do (despite what others might think).

That's why in some ironic way, a gay guy coming out of the closet is one of the biggest Chad moves out there. They become public about who they are, despite any changes in how people perceive them.

Achieving this requires a lot of self-reflection. It's not something most men put much thought towards (at least not until they're older). Who you want to be in the world may change over time, but your purpose should most impact what drives you.

2. Gain Significant Life Experience

It's a balance between doing what you want and having enough experience and confidence to back it up (without hiding insecurities from yourself).

For instance- if you love video games, you shouldn't stop playing them because society tells you it's bad. 

A Chad wouldn't stop playing because it would make no difference if he did

He does what he wants and what brings him joy.

However, that's because he already has his shit together. You're probably not quite there (yet).

There's a strong chance that you'll outgrow gaming once you've built a more exciting life.

You need to realize that as you become the best version of yourself, you may end up having different interests. Your opinions, wants, and needs will change as you develop and grow over time.

Getting enough life experience isn't easy either- there's no single solution. A large part of it will happen as you age and mature.

However, there are certainly some things you can do now to get a jump-start:

  • Travel. See new places and meet new people. New cultures and perspectives can help better mold you into being a Chad.
  • Seek stability without stagnation.
  • Get out of the house. You can't be a Chad if you stay indoors and don't do anything. Don't spend all day watching videos online.
  • Push your comfort zone. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. This helps you build the right mindset of taking things head-on without worries or anxieties stopping you.
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3. Build a Great Physique

Building a truly great physique can take years of effort and focus.

It's the ultimate test of discipline. As you begin to develop this skill, it can be carried forward in other areas of life, too.

Everyone knows proper exercise and nutrition are worth it. The benefits outweigh the cost of time and effort put in.

A Chad works out and eats properly each day because it's the best thing for him

He does it to keep his energy high and himself healthy, rather than only exercising to attract the opposite sex.

Not doing this means you've let something get in the way.

4. Make All Appearance Improvements

As with building a great physique, this isn't purely for attracting women.

Everything becomes easier when you look good, including how people treat you and opportunities that may arise.

A Chad knows how to look good:

  • He isn't afraid of using a skincare routine if he needs one.
  • He recognizes the value of a strong posture.
  • He knows choosing properly fitting clothes is as essential as the style itself.
  • If he experiences hair loss- he isn't ashamed of taking things to help reverse it. At the same time, he's willing to shave his head if he recognizes it as the right call.

Improving your appearance is an ongoing thing. Keep yourself continually aware of any updates you can do (no matter how small) as it can grow into a substantial improvement over time.

You Don't Need the Rat Race

There's always been this idea that every man should perpetually spin the hamster wheel for career advancements or wealth accumulation.

A Chad wouldn't need to endlessly grind for his happiness. He may still have career goals or ambitions, but that's up to the individual.

Happiness comes from his state of mind, the lifestyle he's built, and continually holding gratitude for all of it.

Recognizing this is essential, as otherwise, you'll always be striving for "more" and never truly content with where you're at in life.

You Should Depend Most on Yourself

This doesn't mean others aren't important or that he's invulnerable to people hurting him. It's illogical to be closed off and not open to people becoming important and valuable parts of your life.

It means he's fully capable of being self-reliant and carefully chooses those he wants in his life.

A Chad counts on himself but still adds the value of having others in his life.

If something happens, he know he can still continue to build a stable and enjoyable life. He doesn't lean on a single person for everything.

You Can Get Laid Without Being a Player

The idea that "nice guys don't get laid" was never accurate. It's just that those guys are more likely pushovers.

Hooking up with women comes down to your appearance and experience most of all.

As you improve on both of these, women will be increasingly attracted to how you look and who you are as a person.

Chad's don't fake romantic interest in order for women to sleep with them. They can meet and hook up with women without misleading them about what he wants.

Why guys become players isn't necessary to getting laid.

Design illustration of a young, redheaded woman.

The "Sigma Male"

A sigma male dominates at life, finding happiness in himself rather than external achievements. 

He values self-reliance while still cherishing connections and relationships. 

His views are grounded by a solid belief system, and he doesn't deceive others for his own gain. He does what he wants, regardless of social implications.

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