How to Get Laid in College | The Campus Hookup Guide

September 18th, 2023 

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Knowing how to get laid in college is relatively easy.

There are more opportunities to hook up at this point in your life than ever before. This is the highest concentration of attractive single women you will ever see.

However, girls aren't going to fall at your feet. You still need to put effort in and understand the basics of what to do. Otherwise, you'll go through every semester without getting any action.

You may not need to try as hard, but you still need to try.

Each section below breaks down every step of the process to keep this as simple as possible.

We'll get into:

  1. Putting yourself in a position to meet a lot of women.
  2. Being able to hit on them and get their number.
  3. How to get laid once you get her number.
  4. Tips for making it all easier.

Getting Laid in College

To get laid in college, you should do everything to minimize the effort required.

This means to first put yourself in a position to meet a lot of people. If you actively try to connect with others, you'll have more "prospects" than you know what to do with.

Work at a Campus Bar to Meet Girls

Working at a campus bar or nightclub is my number one recommendation.

Assuming you work front of house (or even as a bouncer), you'll get more numbers than you know what to do with. Even a club not on campus (but in a popular spot nearby) can work great.

Just a shift or two on the weekends can make all the difference.

I did a lot of promotional work in my early 20s which included university bars and clubs. It's another decent option for part-time work that can help get you laid. It's pretty fun as well.

Sometimes they have you cold approach others to hand out flyers/newsletters. While that specific job wasn't the most fun, it was great for reducing approach anxiety.

A college promo job for coors.

A promo gig I did at UVIC.

Expand Your Social Circle

The more friends you have, the more people you'll meet. 

More people means more girls who like you and want to get laid.

Be open to making new friends from anywhere (both guys and girls). This means hitting up as many parties as possible and not limiting your social circle.

You should also talk to others in your class. Reach out and get their number. Say how you can help each other with school work or whatever. Asking shouldn't be as challenging since it's a normal thing to do. 

Join School Events or Clubs

There should be many types of clubs you can join at your college. Some are larger groups, while others can get niche or weird (like a quidditch match I witnessed at UBC). You should be able to find one you like.

As for events, they can be pretty fun to go to (depending on the school). Apart from attending, you can also volunteer or work at them. 

Fraternities are also a great option to meet others (though we don't have many in my country).

College hosted event.

A college-hosted concert I helped out at (UBC). I got laid a few times at that school despite never going there.

Use Dating Apps

Even at college, dating apps like tinder are still one of the best ways to get laid.

You'll get better matched with others attending the same school since the algorithm heavily weighs location. So, you won't have to travel around as much for any dates.

Just remember that your pictures are the most important element to success. Don't bother if you can't get a good handful of pics (that aren't all mirror shots/selfies).

A photo of a guy asking a girl for her number inside a college.

Asking a College Girl for Her Number

While getting a girl's number in class can be easy, it will typically require more effort.

You can still use some "excuses" if you have trouble asking. This could mean getting a girl's number to carpool to a club you joined. Or, letting a girl know about a party that's coming up (you can always say it fell through if one doesn't exist).

Otherwise, be more direct when you ask.

Just say "hey what's your number by the way?" after chatting for a bit. Hand them your phone with the number pad open. Simple and easy.

In terms of cold approaching, it's risky to do it at your own school. Word can get around that you're the guy going up and hitting on lots of random women.

However, you can and should still do some situational approaches.

This means using the situation you're in as the reason why you're talking.

So, let's say some cute girl strolling by. You notice the book she's carrying is for a certain class. You approach her and ask some questions about it. Maybe you mention how you're considering taking it next semester. 

After chatting, you ask if you can hit her up if you have any other questions. It's a pretty innocent way to get in the door if you're struggling. At a minimum, it's a good way to practice approaching women.

Another example is chatting a cashier up at the store, and asking for her number if she's receptive.

While you shouldn't massively cold approach (at your school), you can still do it to some degree. If you have your eye on a certain girl around campus, just go talk to her. She won't wait around forever.

Making Any Approach Easier

Learning how to approach any girl at any time changed my life. The opportunities become limitless. You won't ever go long without getting laid.

If you struggle with this, think about the rule of tens.

When you do something 10 times, you go up a level. You become noticeably better. It also becomes noticeably easier.

This works for everything- approaching, closing for their number, texting, hooking up, etc. 

This is why experience and just trying is so important. 

Most of what you learn in your dating life can't be taught through your phone screen.

Go out, get some numbers AND get rejected. You progress from both success and failure.

There is no way to skip ahead. 

You still have to learn from mistakes and look for ways to improve, but you'll do it naturally over time. Truly understanding this pushes you towards the 1% (that get laid a ton).

A photo of a girl in college.

Going from Text to the Bedroom

If you don't have any "game" or idea how to escalate, read on.

A great thing about hooking up in college is that most women know what you're after. You don't need to worry as much about coming across as boyfriend material. She probably just wants some quick fun, too.

Still, you should engage with girls at college the same way as always. This means knowing how to flirt and rizz her up. You shouldn't talk to her like some colleague you barely know.

How long you should text her before a hook-up will depend on the girl.

Some will want to hang out a few times or wait weeks before having sex. 

I screen out girls like this if I'm only looking for a fling. If you don't have much experience, it's fine to roll with it. Just make sure you flirt enough to set the right tone. This shows her what you're after, and how you're not one of her orbiters.

When the time comes, make the arrangement so you're alone. If you're in a dorm, ensure it's free for a few hours or so.

If she invites you over and her room is free, it's a good sign that she wants to hook up.

This shouldn't be difficult to set up. You can literally message "we should chill" and invite her over. 

If you need an excuse, ask her about any shows/movies she likes sometime beforehand. Maybe say you're looking for something to watch the next time she asks what you're doing. Follow that with asking what she likes.

Then, mention how you should watch one of those shows together. 

Suggest a day to do it and you're good to go.

When she comes over- grab a blanket, snuggle up, and offer her a drink.

Making a Move to Get Laid

If you have the balls to make a move, go for it.

If you're super nervous, here's a "move" I've inadvertently done:

I have some unfortunate neck issues that cause me to often lean out to the sides and back to stretch. Girls always notice and ask about it. This results in me mentioning how a massage would be amazing right now.

I say I'll make it fair and give them one first (or afterwards to "return the favor").

This really helps get them in the mood.

Tell her to come in between your legs and give her a legit massage. This is foreplay. After a bit, start kissing her neck and behind the ears. Turn her around, make out, and keep ramping it up.

A young guy chatting with a girl.

Tips for Hooking Up at College or University

  • Don't be afraid to lower your standards a bit. You're looking to get laid, not find your future wife.
  • Don't worry about the competition. It is higher at college, but more than enough women are available to go around.
  • Make sure you look your best. This means a fitting hairstyle, fresh haircuts, fitted clothes, and maximized appearance.
  • Remember, many women just want sex. You don't always need a date (especially in college). Pay attention and gauge what she wants.
  • Screen out girls who aren't interested. You should always screen women and avoid wasting time in any friendzone.

Make Dating & Hookups the Best Part of School

College has the highest percentage of sexually available women than anywhere else. Getting laid is more accessible than ever.

It's a shame to let this time pass by. A lot of women will find some other guy is you don't seize the opportunity.

Even if you're more interested in dating, the entire guide still applies. Getting a number from women and hooking up should still be done fairly quickly. You still don't want to seem like a guy who's willing to chase her.

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