How to Get Laid in Your 30s (simple guide)

April 21, 2023

Dating in your 30s can be a unique time.

On the one hand, many women won't be looking "for fun" as they're likely around your age and want something more serious.

On the other, sex becomes less of a big deal.

For women in their early 20s, the amount of people they've been with is often an important to them. But as they get older, that begins to not matter nearly as much.

We'll get into the dating scene in your 30s (for both men and women), how to take advantage of it for hooking up, and how to easily move things to the bedroom.

What You Need to Know

How to get laid in your 30s? You can get laid through a variety of options like bars, clubs, and online dating. Expanding social or work circles helps a lot too. You can then invite her out for drinks or a fun dates such as bowling. Then around the 3rd or 4th date you move things to the bedroom.

If you're a guy in your 30s looking to hook up, you'll have to spend your effort more wisely (and potentially screen a bit to avoid friendzones). 

There are many women looking for the same thing in their 30s, but you may have to spend more time isolating where they are.

1. Bars & Clubs

While bars/clubs may not be everyone's scene, it does have some opportunities when you're older.

Despite generally being filled with people in their early/mid-20s, there is still some potential with the late 20s/early 30s crowd.

If you see women in their 30s at a bar they frequently visit, there's a reasonably high chance they're available.

I know some women who frequently do exactly this- hit up bars to hook up.

There's nothing is wrong with that; and it can be a fun night if you're into it.

cartoon image of a man and woman talking at a club

2. Online Dating

Using online dating or dating apps may be the best and most efficient option for getting laid in your 30s.

The only way this isn't true- is if you can't get good pictures (and, to a lesser extent, if you don't play the numbers game).

Don't bother even trying if you can't get some.

One advantage to using dating apps in your 30s is that you can lean on any success you've had regarding your career or wealth.

When you're in your 20s (especially early 20s), your profile is likely full of mirror selfies taken in the washroom of your parent's house.

But assuming you have your own place, you can show it in your pics or profile (along with mentioning what you do for a living). Depending on your situation, this may or may not give a huge advantage, but it can help you stand out from the competition.

In addition- if you're a guy primarily interested in younger women, this is probably the best route to take.

3. Everywhere Else

By everywhere else- I mean:

Your Social Circle

Straightforward, but it's worth considering. If someone in your social circle is single around your age, there's a good chance the thought at least crossed their mind, too (assuming they find you attractive).

Your Work Circle

Not exactly ideal, as things can get messy, but worth keeping in mind (especially if you have social 'work events' to get to know others better).

At Social Clubs

These are fitness classes, hobby groups, places you may volunteer, etc. Overall this may not be an optimal investment of time unless you're already attending them.

At Music Festivals

This is similar to bars and clubs with having a lot of potential. It obviously has to be something you're into, but if you're one to camp at music festivals and like to party, there's a decent chance of meeting someone there.

Like using dating apps, there are a lot of younger women there if that's what you're after.

After You Get Her Number

Hopefully, you have a place of your own to take things to.

It's not that uncommon for someone in their 30s to still be living at home, but it can make things difficult when you're dating.

If you're newly single after a long breakup and need some guidance with someone who's mainly interested in having fun, then just invite her over to chill.

If you're instead unsure or just want to take it slower, here's a typical timeline to follow for each date:

  1. Go out for drinks (or maybe coffee)
  2. Do it again or do something fun (bowling, go-carts, gun range, etc.)
  3. Invite her over to hang out (she'll get the hint)

You should keep it simple, but check out How to Get a Girl to Come Over Through Text if you need more help.

30 year old cartoon guy on his phone

Getting Laid in Your 30s as a Woman

This can be easy to do, but that doesn't seem to always be the case with the women I know.

They want to hook up, but still with someone they like and trust. 

If that's the case, your social circle is likely what's most ideal.

Again, hooking up with people through work can get messy, as often at least one person wants "something more". Social clubs can work, but it may be better for looking for a relationship.

Beyond your group of friends, Tinder and online dating are likely your best bet.

It's Not Too Difficult...

If you know how to look your best and where to meet other singles interested in having fun, getting laid in your 30s can be relatively easy.

It's nice that when you hit your 30s, everything just seems streamlined too. 

You have much more life experience, and your confidence should help reflect that.

We may have more on our plates than in our 20s, but things like getting nervous on dates or stressing about when to "make a move" are much less of an issue. 

It will be the same for them as well.

It's nice being able to skip the pleasantries and get to what you're both after. Fortunately, we all seem to waste less time on these sort of things as we age.

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