How to Get Laid When Broke (beginners guide)

April 24, 2023

It's a shame the time in your life when you're supposed to be hooking up with a lot of women is also a time when you're most likely to be broke.

Fortunately, there are many options to get laid when you're broke. Some of them include using online dating, cold approach, or finding suitable cheap bars to meet them. You can invite them over with a cheap bottle of wine, hit up the beach, or check out a local cheap comedy club.

This guide will cover more examples and all the steps to take from setting up the dates to moving things to the bedroom. If for when you do have more spending money in the future, I have an easy guide for getting laid that provides more opportunuties overall.

Perhaps most importantly, we'll also be going over some easy ways to get extra spending money online to make things a bit easier on you.

How to Get Laid When Broke

How to Meet Women Without Spending Money

Dating Apps & Online Dating

This would likely be your best option, assuming you have great pictures of yourself to use. You can set it all up and plan dates without wasting time or spending gas money getting anywhere.

The best part is the endless amount of women, so it's not a big deal if one date doesn't work out. Also, although most guys aren't willing to do it, dropping your standards a bit on dating apps can practically guarantee you'll have success.

Finally, if you have solid pictures and can screen women a bit, you can skip those who aren't interested only in sex. This way, you don't have to worry about multiple date ideas.

Cold Approach

Not exactly the best way since it's pretty challenging. However, if you have experience cold approaching, it can be a fantastic option for meeting women without spending any money.

Check out my cold approach tips if you're interested in trying.


Finding a good party right when you're wanting to get laid may not be easy unless you're a college student. If you do find one, meeting someone you hit it off with isn't guaranteed. 

I know not everyone is confident enough to make a move and hook up with someone the same night they meet them. Still, you could get a number or find a new social circle that will have other opportunities in the future.

Bars and Clubs

While likely requiring at least some money to be spent, bars/clubs can be a decent option for getting laid when you're broke.

All bars and clubs will have some presence online, offering different discounts or promotions. Some of the less popular spots may have favorable deals for drinks or cover to keep the price down.

You can keep it relatively cheap if you pre-drink (or don't drink much). The downside is there's not a high chance you'll always meet someone, and traveling to or from your/her place may be costly.

Work Circle

This can certainly be a good choice as you likely already know each other well and may be able to skip spending money going out. Work events are also decent options for getting to know someone you like better.

You'll need to be able to tread the waters carefully, though. It may not be worth having a one-night fling with someone you'll continue seeing everyday.

If you do like someone you work with, check out How to Ask a Coworker Out Casually for gauging interest and asking without making things awkward.

Social Circle

I generally avoid social circles for hookups, as it can be awkward when someone wants something more.

However, that's not always going to be the case. If you already spend a lot of time around her, she may be making it clear she just wants to fool around anyway.

Date Ideas That Cost No Money

It's important to note that most of these options below better fit someone interested in something more than having a one-night stand. While it can be fine to use them either way, having at least some cash to spend on dates is ideal. We'll get to that in the following sections.

First- if it's someone you know well and you've been chatting with for a while, you could just text her to come over.

However, since you probably just met her or got her number, we'll go over some date ideas that don't cost any money.

Doing something fun at your place

For some, it will be too early to go to your place on the first or second date. However, having a more typical date at your place may help the idea seem more inviting.

Something like a board game or making a pizza together. At the very least, this may be worth trying on the second date.

Walks or Hikes

Super easy option. Good if you're inexperienced on dates and intimidated by the thought of staring down each other; not always knowing what to say.

Another option is hitting up a local beach or lake.

Community Events

Your city's website or social media pages likely have information about these. It could be anything like a sporting event, concert, or stargazing gathering. 

cartoon style image of a couple going for a hike

Low-Cost Date Ideas

Taking advantage of low-cost date ideas is likely your best bet. Everything included shouldn't cost more than $40 for the both of you.

In most cases, it's good to at least offer to pay for her if you're able.

  • Coffee (or cat café if you're into that)
  • Mini-golf
  • Bowling
  • Local theater or comedy show
  • Street fairs or carnivals
  • Drinks (go during happy hour)
cartoon style image of a couple on a date at a cat cafe

Second And Third Date Ideas

My go-to routine is always inviting her over to "hangout" on the third (or sometimes fourth) date.

However, you can try this on the second date if money is tight. Otherwise, have the second be more low-key. So if you did something more eventful like a show/bowling the first time, go with either drinks or coffee next.

Inviting her over should be simple; just ask if she wants to hang out or watch a movie later.

Grab a cheap pizza or a bottle of wine to share too if you have any money to spare.

Of course, you will still have to buy condoms...

Getting Extra Spending Money to Get Laid

There are a few options to get some extra cash online without too much effort.

I've personally used all of them some time ago. They may or may not all be worth the effort, but are at least worth checking out.

Swagbucks is the OG option, and probably your best bet for at least a handful of the really good deals. If you click on the link, it shows my old profile and how I earned a couple grand through it.

I don't recommend doing the surveys, as it's a slog and you'll get disqualified for most. A handful of games can be reasonably fun and net you around $100 after several days of playing (depending on how often you play them).

The best rewards were from casino offers. Most have you deposit and wager ~$25, and you get $100+ back (plus any winnings)

They pay you in "Swagbucks" (100 = $1), which you can redeem for Paypal transfers (among other things). Unfortunately, around a third of the time the deals just don't track; but their customer support always came through for me.

Search the Swagbucks subreddit for the best deals or which ones to avoid.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Essentially, it's a list of tasks people want somebody to do with the amount they are willing to pay for them to be completed.

There are a ton of different tasks available. I'm not really an expert on how it still operates today, but the MTurk subreddit wiki can help you get started.

Churning Cards

Basically, it's just signing up for credit cards with lucrative bonuses, then canceling after several months or so.

I did it twice in the past when I was in a tight spot, and it helped a lot. Both times it netted me around $500, requiring me to use the card to spend a couple grand on it during the first few months (which can just be spent on grocery or gas gift cards).

A "hard check" will happen on your credit score and may drop it down a few points, but it should bounce back after a couple months. There are many online communities to find the best offers, including Reddit or RedFlagDeals if you're Canadian.

Check out /r/beermoney for other options.

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