How to Get Rizz: 6 Tips for Improving Your Game

June 18th, 2023 

Getting rizz is not an easy thing to do, though it is rather simple. A large part of it is just maximizing your appearance and gaining sufficient dating experience.

In case you don't already know, "Rizz" is a noun and a verb (something you have and use). It refers to your game and ability to attract someone. It's your "char-rizz-ma." A "W Rizz" means success, and "L Rizz" is a failure.

If you want to get rizz, check out these 6 essential tips for optimizing how you can streamline the process.

1. Know That Great Rizz Only Comes From Practice

Getting good with hitting on someone isn't going to happen overnight. You need to practice and gain as much experience as you can. 

Despite what PUA theories may lead you to believe, most worthwhile dating advice can't be learned online. You can find ways to help with stuff like your appearance, but you must take action.

Exposure is the solution to any nervousness or anxiety you may have talking to them. You can't achieve that through reading forums online. Consistently putting yourself out there gradually proves to your brain that it isn't so scary. 

Once you actually start having success with your rizz, that's when things really start to snowball. However, you still need to take that first step.

2. Having Fun With It Means Rejections Hurt Less

You'll be less reactive to rejections if you approach rizzing as having fun, flirty banter with women.

This allows you to not become dependent on getting their number.

The outcome is then no longer either a success or failure. Instead, you can always come away having learned something and enjoyed doing so.

However, it's not always easy to make it fun and entertaining. If you rarely talk or flirt with anyone, there will be much more pressure for things to go right.

This is why practice and experience are so valuable. You'll have much more rizz and fun when the next opportunity is right around the corner. Don't keep your expectations sky-high.

Check out how to rizz a girl up for help with the actual conversation.

A man with Rizz.

3. Quick Appearance Updates Can Help Extensively

Half of getting the w rizz is looking great. You might think it's all genetics and luck, but that only refers to your ceiling.

While building a physique is one vital aspect, there are still some quick updates that can make a big difference:

    Get a tan

    Getting a tan results in anyone going up a point in the 10-point attractiveness scale. Being tanned can make a world of difference for getting rizz (for men and women). It's not healthy perpetually tanning yourself, but fortunately most don't spend their lives in the dating scene. Fake tans (bronzer in a lotion or powder) can work well, but be careful not to overdo it.

    Choose the right clothing style

    Most guys completely miss the point or look like they're trying too hard. There are a lot of different directions that you can take this, and ideally, you would just choose a style that fits you (and your age). Also, just because it looks good on someone else doesn't mean it will look good on you.

    Improve your style and look for inspiration online or Tiktok. You can always fall back on a more classic look of sleek fitted jeans, a white shirt, and a bomber jacket with a nice watch.

    Wear clothes that fit properly

    A basic style that fits great is better than a great style that fits poorly. This is especially true if you work out a lot and have a body worth showing off. 

    Make sure to always try the size above and below what you would expect when buying clothes. This is because it's easy to not realize your own weight fluctuations, and the fact that sizes can differ between stores (even the inches displayed for the waist).

    Ask for help from a woman friend or someone who knows their stuff if you're unsure. (note: the slim exception is how some baggy clothes are now "in." This is more suited for men in their early 20s, though).

    Pick a fitting hairstyle

    Picking the right hairstyle is vital for having great rizz. It's difficult to suggest a specific type since it varies greatly today depending on your age. In addition, your facial structure does play a part. However, it's usually a safe bet to keep the sides short, if not faded. If your hair is receding, buzz it off or hop on minox/fin.

    Grow a beard and maintain it properly

    If it's a bit patchy, minoxidil can also help. A well-maintained beard paired with faded hair looks great. Ideally, keep the parts on your cheeks and face trimmed shorter than the whiskers on your chin and neck. You can fade it this way too. Also, the right balance with length can work well to hide a weak chin.

    4. You Can Improve Your Rizz Using Online Dating

    Online dating can be crucial to getting rizz, as it's one of the best ways to gain a ton of experience.

    Anyone can set up a bunch of dates without having to leave their home. It helps removes the pressure of dates having to go well, and you'll become comfortable going on them.

    Using dating apps relies on unspoken rizz, which in essence is just being attractive enough. So, you must either work on your looks or drop your standards.  

    Remember, due to the competition, you usually should expect to drop them a little bit anyway (compared to cold approach).

    The main thing to keep in mind with online dating is that your pictures are everything. Do whatever you can to make sure your images put you in the best light (without catfishing).

    A photo of a girl using a dating app.

    5. Know That Getting Great Rizz Isn’t Complicated

    Getting rizz isn't complicated. Ignore the fluff.

    When you use your rizz/game, just talk to them genuinely. Approach an interaction with someone you like with the intent to get to know them. Have an actual conversation.

    They'll probably catch on if you're only trying to hook up. While some women do want that, you're probably not the type of guy (yet) that regularly attracts those types.

    Rizz lines don't work. Pickup lines don't work. 

    Just talk to them and make sure you look good doing it. Once you get that down, you can focus more on how you interact with them in regards to flirting and your confidence.

    6. A Great Physique Can Help Overcome Shortfalls

    Every man or woman looks better when they're fit.

    It's one critical aspect of your appearance that you control entirely. A great physique can help give you a ton of rizz.

    Of course, that won't help if you're fumbling your words talking to girls, but your looks will always improve your batting average.

    It is, however, a long-term commitment. Not everyone's capable or willing to adopt a lifestyle to develop their figure. At the very least, it should be your top priority if you're currently well over (or under) weight.

    A young man at the gym.

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