How to Have Rizz as a Girl (in person or over text)


If he thinks you're attractive- you're honestly good to go. Just being direct is really all it takes. 

However, a girl with confidence is hot.

Like, the submissive quiet/shy angle is nice and all.. but you're relying on them to make a moveA lot of guys are clueless as hell when a girl hints that she likes him. 

To really get his attention, you'll want to work on having rizz.

This means nailing these three things below (we'll dig deeper into each one):

  • Knowing how to make a move
  • Being confident/capable enough to do it
  • Looking great : )

How a Girl Can Get Rizz

It's honestly mesmerizing seeing a girl who's super comfortable in her own skin. 

They seem to accept who they are and typically have a cool/chill vibe (not all are extroverted).

They're not afraid to laugh at themselves.

Obviously, confidence isn't something you can just "turn on." It comes from experience and success at doing something. So, you won't be some rizz god off the bat.

Fortunately, there are easy alternatives to hit on guys and ask them out.

This is about using Excuses.

Use excuses for anything from first talking to them to asking them on a date. 

They're great as they eliminate the usual awkward "rejections."

You can do this over text or in person...

Let's start with examples for the first chat:

  • Ask about homework or class info.
  • Comment about what they're doing.
  • Talking first to the friend they're with (who you know).
  • Ask for a recommendation (eg. of their phone/laptop they're using).

It gets your foot in the door, but you'll have to do more than a single question. Aim to have a few back-and-forths.

Next, you should build rapport and send some signals. Maybe you say "hi" to him in the hallway or slide into his DMs. 

If he likes you, it shouldn't be difficult to build toward chatting a few times per week. If you haven't already, drop your number to him online.

@sweetalksclips the girl rizz is way too easy fr if y’all don’t get it you’re lost #fyp ♬ original sound - sweetalks

Using Excuses to Ask Him Out

You don't even need to "ask" him. 

You could casually mention how the fair is in town and looks cool or how you always wanted to go rock climbing.

Most guys should pick up on it and suggest that you both go.

You could also just mention how you're bored and want to do something.

If he's really clueless, another option is challenging him. Work a topic into the conversation for something you can do. 

Next time he asks what you're doing, mention that some bowling show is on TV. Lead that into saying how you bet you can kick his ass at it.

A girl did this to me once. She bet she could beat me in Mario cart. She was right.

You now have enough rizz to ask a guy out. The "charisma" will come naturally as you become more comfortable talking and flirting with guys.

However, you still need to look good.

Yours truly with that toothbrush rizz...  /s

Unspoken Girl Rizz

I'm not in a position (as a guy) to advise women on their appearance. I certainly don't know anything about makeup or whatever.

But I do know what I like. I'm also confident that I know what other guys like (for the most part).

Things Guys Love:

  • Yoga pants
  • Ponytails (or buns)
  • Sundresses
  • Wearing an oversized hoodie with short shorts

Things They Don't Love:

  • Those unusually long nails
  • Duck lips
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Drawn eyebrows
  • Almost anything fake
A young woman in a sundress

Tips for Girl Rizz

  • Being direct is always better
  • Flirt heavily as he can be clueless
  • Let him hear you say his name
  • Tease & be playful when flirting
  • Get close & say he smells good

  • Ask for help to spend time together

  • Smile and laugh at his jokes

  • Direct eye contact is hot and underrated

  • +1 for a similar sense of humor

  • We remember any compliment given

Also, when you slide into our DMs, you can bring up something relevant that happened (or even talk about someone you know). You even ask a random question. 

Use any excuse to initiate contact and get the ball rolling.

As for teasing- it could be as simple as saying the sports team he follows sucks. 

Or mentioning something funny that happened (to him).

For instance, I used to spend some time with a girl that I had met at a bar. She would always tease me about a night when I had several old cougars come up and hit on me.

She never let it down. 

She had good rizz: every chat online started with her bringing up something funny from the past.

Going Next Level

Here's the thing: before you even talked to the guy...

He's already made up his mind about you.

It's why being direct just makes so much sense. You can cut to the chase and see where things lead.

Unless he's very experienced with a lot of options... he'll give most women a shot

Really, the main difference between men and women is the Maybe Zone.

Men base most strongly on appearance, whereas women allow more wiggle room. 1

If he's unsure about you, having rizz and confidence will help you reach that next level. If you're in his "maybe zone," you get bumped up.

I mean... you should vet and screen anyone who's not interested in you.

But sometimes, you have a crush that won't go away

With rizz, you can do something about it.

It's mainly about taking out the guesswork. Use the information here to find out if things will lead anywhere with that guy you like...

Good luck!


1. Gonzalez Avilés, T., Burriss, R. P., Weidmann, R., Bühler, J. L., Wünsche, J., & Grob, A. (2021). Committing to a romantic partner: Does attractiveness matter? A dyadic approach. Personality and Individual Differences, 176, 110765.

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