How to Have Swagger (5 Factors to Really Stand Out)


To have swagger, you need an irrefutable level of success.

You need results that provide complete confidence that you're better than the competition.

You embrace and flaunt what you've achieved in life.

So if you're not already in the top 1%, you're close to it.

It's about building an essence that makes you stand out.


Swagger won't be attainable for most of you. Some don't have the personality for it, while others don't want it bad enough.

It's not supposed to be easy to have.

Yet... you can still integrate some swagger (even if you don't reach a high level).

This will push you in the direction to get what you want. Let's get to it.

1. Have an X-Factor

Swagger isn't just about the conviction in your abilities. Other advantages can provide it too:

  • Having some level of fame
  • Having a reputation of banging dimes
  • Being financially well-off
  • Holding some level of power
  • Having a high social status
  • Having BDE (or actually having a big D)

These are just extra things that make it easier to get swagger. It's not a deal-breaker if they seem too difficult to pull off.

With that said, holding some level of power is rather attainable. You don't need to be some big CEO at a firm, either.

You could just be a manager at a restaurant.

Think about it. You're the one running the show. The waitresses or cooks report directly to you, giving you "power."

If you look decent and are reasonably confident, it's hard not to have some swagger. It's even better if you've hooked up with some of the staff.

Embed from Getty Images

For women, here's a good example of an edgy look that has swagger.

2: Have a Vibe That Everyone Notices

This is about your attitude and demeanor.

You need to own who you are

Despite what others may think, you dress and act however you choose.

Even if you have some shortcomings you worry about, you don't let it hold you back. You're dialed in and go after what you want. Although others may think you're conceited with a big ego, it doesn't mean it's true.

You need to be highly confident

Which is a byproduct of success and experience... which we'll get to in a minute.

You need to turn everything up to 11

While you don't have to be extroverted, you can't be afraid of putting yourself out there. After all, you're intentionally putting attention on yourself.

What this looks like exactly will depend on the individual.

For most, you'll want to be bold and outcome independent.

  • You flirt even for the fun of it.
  • You slay hard and everyone knows it.
  • You're successful with women because you screen them.
An image of a man that dresses with swagger.

A solid look overall (but don't go overboard with it).

3: Make Sure Your Drip is On-Point

What you wear contributes massively to your swagger. It puts you on the HNL.

Here's what you should know:

  • Your style can compensate for your looks.
  • Make sure you avoid overdressing.
  • Ask a female friend to help you out.
  • Pick a style that reflects you (but is still attractive).
  • Having some edge helps massively.
  • Tattoos, piercings, and jewlery adds to this edge.

For those with below-average looks, you'll want to have edge. Tattoos can basically get you halfway.

On the more extreme end of "edge," you have the rapper or rock star look.

That's essentially peak swagger.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to replicate (as it's propped up by their fame/status).

You can take this many directions, though. You may have to try different things to see what works. Just remember that it's not only about looking good...

You'll want to stand out.

Whichever you choose to wear, it should look effortless

Overdressing is a big mistake I see guys make. Unless you know what you're doing, avoid going hard on the GQ style look you see in magazines.

An edgy look for young men.

A bit heavy on the "edge" but can still work great (for some).

You won't need edginess as much if you're reasonably attractive with a good body.

Something sleek, fitted, and accessorized can work great.

Check out David de las Morenas' about page for an example. He has swagger without overly flaunting it.

Great choice for a male hairstyle.

Keeping the sides short is typically best.

4: Max Out Your Appearance

You will need to physically look great (unless you have an x-factor to compensate).

  • Build up your muscle mass (at least to where people can tell you workout).
  • Prioritize getting low body fat (~11%).
  • Choose the right hairstyle.
  • Don't go so long without haircuts.
  • Get a tan (underrated).
  • Deal with negatives (stained teeth, hairloss, poor posture).

Your ideal hairstyle will depend on your age and overall style.

I went hard on the edge/swagger years ago when I was around 22.

I literally bleached my hair blonde. It went well with my diamond stud earring and muscle shirts.

Despite looking like a Dbag, it was actually what I was after. I wanted to look like a guy that gets laid.

I hit on a lot of women. Looking the way I did, I knew any receptiveness meant it was GO TIME.

This only works if you can play the numbers game. Fortunately by that age, I could.

That leads us to the next point...

5: Get Experience to Back it All Up

When you get really good at something, it becomes difficult to hide it.

When you embrace that skill, it becomes swagger

It's also situational.

For instance, even a guy who dominates at chess club could have some swagger. He's a big deal within that inner circle. If he leans into it (and looks good), he could have all the nerdy girls could fall for him.

Still, this chess master needs to know how to make a move. Being highly confident in one unique thing isn't that useful.

Experience -> Success -> Swagger

Think about someone you know with swagger. Maybe it's a popular kid back in school.

What would you say the chance is that they're faking it?

It's probably zero...

True confidence can't be turned on like a light switch. You need the results to back it up.

For most of you, this means going out on as many dates as possible.

In a little over a year, I went out on 40 first dates.

I struggled for a bit at first, but it soon caused a mind shift.

Learning I could easily pull new attractive women changed everything. If things aren't going great with a girl, I know there's another around the corner.

Dry spells became a thing of the past...

However, you can't control this area of your life without experience, rejection and failure. Embrace these stumbles because they're progress.

Start putting yourself out there

Dating apps are one of the best ways (assuming you can get good pics). If you're really serious about getting swagger, then start cold approaching.

A photo of a young man that has swagger.

Swagger and Rizz

You may think it's hopeless to actually develop swagger.

The truth is... it's not even needed.

You can still be great at anything without it.

You don't even need to be smooth with women. For most of my life I've had very little rizz or game. I've done well because I grew the balls to talk to girls.

If you do the same (while continually improving your appearance), you'll naturally build it anyway. You just can't skip ahead to achieve it.

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