How to Make Her Regret Losing You (5 ways)


It can genuinely suck getting rejected (especially if it's your first time). The good news is it shouldn't take too long to get over it.

But... if you'd rather just have her regret turning you down, there are some ways to do it.

Before we get into them, remember that some reasons for rejection are out of your control.

Perhaps you're not her type or she's not available at all. She could have started seeing someone else or just isn't interested in dating anyone right now. 

So, using even all these methods won't guarantee success.

Lastly, don't try to convince her to go out with you (after a rejection). This will never work, and you'll just come across as desperate.

1. Soft Ghost Her to Send an Ultimatum

Some girls may legitimately like you but (for whatever reason) prefer that you stay in their friendzone.

When you soft ghost someone, you reduce contact to a minimum.

It's similar to dry texting. You essentially force her hand to make a decision. It shows you're serious and not interested in just being friends.

She may not want to lose you. So, she may rethink about going out with you. Then if you're so focused on having her experience regret, you can then turn her down.

You don't want to do any regular ghosting, as cutting off all contact is pretty harsh. She won't regret rejecting you if she thinks you're a dick.

Similarly, the "stop texting her tactic" works well for sending the message that you're not a pushover.

A guy at a party talking to a pretty girl.

2. Start Seeing Someone Prettier than Her

Dating a girl prettier than her is a powerful means of making her regret rejecting you.

It's likely the most effective method for getting her to question if she made the right decision. It's even better if the new girl has a higher social status.

This is certainly challenging, though. If you were always capable of getting hotter girls, I doubt you would even be here.

If you are motivated to find better-looking women, your best bet will be to cold approach. It provides a virtually unlimited pool of new attractive girls to meet.

It's not for the faint of heart, however. Pulling girls from cold approach requires a lot of guts and determination. It's as rewarding as it is difficult.

Check out the AA program if you're interested in starting.

A photo of a man working out.

3. Increase Your Attractiveness

Looks are a huge factor when choosing someone you want to date (for men and women). It raises the ceiling for the quality of women that you can pull.

Fortunately, there are many quick changes you can make for immediate improvements.

Some of these are getting an updated haircut, buying clothes that properly fit, and choosing a style that women actually like. For more examples for where to start, check out Glow up tips.

It's best to focus on your weight first if you've packed on a few extra pounds lately. If you have the time to commit, you may only need a few months to drop enough lb's.

She'll come to see you in a new light once you've upgraded your appearance enough.

A photo of a man working out.

4. Show Her You're Unphased

It's petty if you're improving your life primarily to make her remorseful (about turning you down).

Your motivation won't otherwise last.

The worst part is it can easily backfire. She will likely notice if you end up looking like a tryhard. 

So, you shouldn't fake it.

Instead, develop yourself for the sake of self-improvement. Be nice and continually honest with her as if the rejection never happened. Rise above the pettiness.

A lot of guys react harshly and negatively toward women who reject them. It will be a breath of fresh air to help you stand out.

Just continue living your (hopefully) fun, active life as if she's just a distant memory.

This means having an active social life, hobbies, goals, a career, etc. It may not be easy to show that off, but it can be done through social media (if that's your thing).

A young man at a house party talking to people.

5. Increase Your Status and Worth

Be someone everyone wants to be around. Looks aren't everything since your social status can be a big deal (for some girls than others).

She may think twice about rejecting you once she finds out you're the "it" guy (the one who's fun and gets invited to lots of parties).

After looks (and aside from general compatibility), your social status can contribute a lot to her decisions about you. If you're young (< 25), your status plays a bigger role than ever.

It's not always easy to tell where someone ranks socially. So if you increase yours, she may believe she has misjudged you.

You don't have to be the most popular kid in school overnight. 

However, you still have to be well-liked by enough people.

If this girl is from your work, try talking more to people you don't know as well (and go to work events if you have them). Getting to know everyone shouldn't be too hard if your job is with a closed group of the same people.

It's also just good to push yourself into new groups and meet new people.

The 8 Signs That She Regrets Rejecting You

If you think she may regret turning you down, she'll likely give off multiple of these signs (assuming you're still single):

  1. Often initiates contact over text.
  2. Frequently engages with you through social media.
  3. Asks about your availability (if you're single).
  4. Flirts with you in person and over the phone.
  5. Gets jealous when she sees you talking to other girls.
  6. Touches you when she's talking to you.
  7. Let's you know that she's single.
  8. She suggests hanging out (even if it's indirect).

With the last point, she may say something like how "x would be cool to go do" or "we should totally check that place out."

In a perfect world, she would be direct. Unfortunately, it won't typically happen as she'll want to avoid rejection as well. So, she'll likely just drop hints that she wants to go out with you.

At some point all her interactions may considerably ramp up.

This means she's way more invested and engaged with you. She knows you'll be reluctant to ask her out again, so she'll want to double down on her efforts.

Never Chase a Woman that Rejected You

While rejection hurts, you should always try to move on right away. I guarantee those feelings will subside soon. I've been turned down hundreds of times, yet I barely remember it happening. 

The wins always stick out most in your mind.

There are many factors for her rejection that aren't in your control. So, try not to take personally when you get denied (as it can eat at you). You should celebrate putting yourself out there, even if it means failure.

The goal should ultimately be to improve yourself, with the side "benefit" of her regret.

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