Whether or not being a Nymph is bad comes down to the individual. Assuming it's controllable and not too severe, it can be fun for both of you.

If you don't know, a Nymph is a woman with an extremely high libido. It's short for nymphomaniac. The modern term however is Hypersexuality (which is not a clinical diagnosis, even though sex addiction is).

Here are the 11 signs for telling if a woman is a Nymph...

1. She Has a Lot of Sex Toys

It's normal to have sex toys.

But it's going a bit overboard when you have dozens of different types of all sizes/uses.

Maybe it's some weird hobby where she collects them like Pokemon cards.

In most cases though, it's from an excessive sexual desire that she's constantly trying to fulfill. She's likely a Nymph and is more comfortable with her body than others, which makes it all more enjoyable.

Photo of a free-spirited woman.

2. She is a "Free-Spirit" Type

You can usually spot this type of open-minded, free-spirited woman.

Sometimes it's rather subtle, where her appearance doesn't give any strong clues.

Other times, she makes it her whole personality.

So, she's probably an activist, a vegan, and permanently smells like that scent from health food stores.

Maybe it's just her nature to be more curious and less judgemental than others. She may just chase and desire new experiences. Hooking up with new guys can provide her this excitement.

Either way, she views sex differently than others and enjoys it more, too.

3. She Has a High Body Count

One of the biggest signs that a woman is a Nympth is from her body count. A woman's sex drive won't be low if she's had a lot of partners in her past.

Yet, this isn't some hard and fast rule. After all, fulfilling a Nympths needs through a relationship is much easier.

It can come down to the individual, too. Some will get off just as much from the excitement of hooking up with someone new (than just sex itself).

Still, it's ultimately about a Nymph having a high sex drive. She has different needs than most women, and her body count likely reflects that. There's little chance if she's a virgin.

4. She Sends a Lot of Dirty Messages

If a woman sends lots of dirty messages, she may be a Nympth. This is because she's always thinking about sex.

Since she's always in the mood, she wants to sext you and let you know it.

You can usually tell this if she's the one initiating it. This is especially true if you've only just started seeing her.

With most women, you have to know when and how to ask for a picture.

With a Nympth, she may send you unsolicited nudes shortly after meeting her.

5. She Has a Neurological Disorder

This might sound like some kind of dig.. as if something must be fundamentally wrong with her brain.

It's not.

Neurological disorders linked to hypersexuality include:

This can be from manic episodes, mood swings, or the compulsive behaviors associated with these disorders. The comorbidities don't guarantee a connection to nymphomania, but it's worth noting when paired with other signs.

A girl smiling on a bed.

6. She's a Woman Who's Great in Bed

A Nymph is going to be happiest when she's having sex.

Sex is also just better when you know your partner is enjoying themselves.

She's likely very experienced and open to trying new things.

She probably doesn't say no to sex very often either. Also, she's more capable of "making a move" on guys (without having him initiate it). At the same time, she may rarely turn down any advances.

This can be great.

Yet on the other side of things, she may view using protection as less important.

A Nymph girl will make having sex as a top priority. Therefore, what she should do may be less relevant than what she wants to do.

7. She Talks About Sex All the Time

Along with the dirty messages she sends, a Nymph will likely talk about sex (in person) when she's not having it. This can be about kinky things to try or thrilling new places to do it.

A Nymph is more likely to be open to a threesome, too.

Even if she's typically more conservative, the excitement of having a 3rd person in bed is too much to ignore.

A girl talking to her guy friend.

8. She's a Girl With Many Male Friends

There is certainly a link between a Nymph and her number of male friends.

Since she's likely hooked up with many guys, some of them would have certainly stayed around in her life (to some capacity).

In addition, Nymphs will be more friendly and flirtatious to men (than others).

Once guys hear what she's like, it attracts even more (male) attention towards her.

At the same time, some women may be put off by all the attention she gets. A Nymph may be viewed as a potential homewrecker by some. So, she gets pushed away from some social groups (which further pulls her back to her guy friends).

9. She's Not Serious About Commitment

A Nymph may prefer to avoid committing to anyone.

Again, this comes down to what it is about sex that she finds most exciting.

The thought of only having sex with one person (indefinitely) may be off-putting to her. At the same time, it's difficult for her to constantly get action from someone new.

Wanting a casual relationship (or friends with benefits) means a Nymph can fulfill her needs while still having the option for one-night stands.

A young attractive woman staring at the camera.

10. She Has a Reputation for It

Gaining a reputation for being a Nymph can happen rather quickly.

It's unfortunate when someone's sex life becomes the business of others.

Yet, it happens all the time. People love talking about this stuff. If a woman has a very high sex drive and is in your work or social circle, you'll probably find out about it at some point.

If you just started seeing a Nymph (and don't know it yet), her friends may be closed off about her dating/hook-up history. She could be as well. This can be a clear sign of her hypersexuality.

Of course, it's not something she should be ashamed of.

There's certainly a double standard that exists in how men and women are viewed differently.

I get why guys feel this way. If things get serious between you, it can suck thinking about your girlfriend being with other guys. 

But if a woman wants to frequently sleep around, why should anyone think less of her?

If women's sexual history was viewed the same as men, hooking up with women would be easier.

That's the best part. It would mean fewer incels in the world too- and I'm all for that.

11. She Won't See You Without Having Sex

A girl you're seeing could be a Nymph if she requires you to have sex each time you see her.

She has needs and doesn't want to go long without dealing with them. It could just be that she has a high libido, but the main difference will be how easily she can forgo it.

It's something smart to do anyway when starting to see someone.

It doesn't literally have to be every occasion, but it should be most of the time. The reason is it helps keep the fun and excitement high at the beginning of a relationship. 

This will help build a stronger emotional connection between you, too.


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