How to Text a Girl to Come Over (easiest ways)

April 3, 2023

If you're inexperienced or not confident enough to know what to say through text- this guide is for you. However, you need to understand one crucial thing...

How to text a girl to come over? Just be direct and ask her to. There are no magic words to win her her. If she wants to come over, just saying, "want to hang out?" should be more than enough.

How to Text a Girl to Come Over

If things are new between you and her, and you only want to hang out, you can go about it differently.

Specifically, inviting her over to do something is likely your best bet. If you know her well enough, this may be easy, as you can suggest watching a specific movie or tv show. 

There are also more classic options like making food, playing board games, etc. There's no reason to make it more complicated than just, "want to watch the ringer later?".

Of course, if you don't know her that well (and it's during the day), you may have better options outside your home. Bowling has always been a fun option for me on dates, but there are many options based on what either of you like to do.

How to Text to Hook Up

Most women will be prepared and ready to hook up anytime you hang out if they're already willing. However, it's good to be clear enough about your intentions anyway. This can mean light flirting/teasing beforehand or even something more direct. If you're not good at that, don't sweat it. Just suggesting to hang out is still enough.

"We should chill later" or "do you want to hang out tomorrow night?"

You can also bring up things to do (the same things still apply, like watching a show or movie).

Also- if you're texting late at night, it's one of the best times to say she (or you) should come over. It's obvious to her the reason why, so don't be afraid to throw the idea out there.

How to Screen Through Text

If you're reading this, you're probably a bit on the inexperienced side of dating. However, if you're getting good with women and looking to keep having fun, you may want to start screening them.

I hold some animosity toward the whole PUA industry and its lingo, as it's essentially the blind leading the blind online. They complicate things, treat it as a "game," and then get angry when things don't go their way. That being said, "screening" is something that can apply and is useful to some people.

It's just making your intentions very clear that you want to sleep with her. If that's only what you're after, you don't want to waste her time or yours.

Usually- this will happen when you meet her through Tinder or cold approaching.

There's no single way to go about this, but it typically involves just heavy flirting. I don't personally take and send pictures of my junk, but that fits the same idea.

Missed Opportunities

When I was around 19, I had minimal experience with dating or women in general. I missed a ton of clear signs that some girls were screening me. It was surprising how often it happened until I clued in.

In my mind, I thought I always had to take a girl out for coffee or a drink. I was utterly oblivious that they just wanted to fool around. I remember working as a promoter on new years at a casino. I had to walk around with two lightly dressed women handing out beads and party horns.

Later on, around 2am after I went home, I noticed I had received an email from one of the girls. She managed to somehow find my email address. We exchanged a few emails, and she wasn't super direct, but it was still obvious in hindsight that she wasn't talking to me to set up a coffee date like I mentioned.

Other times were even less subtle, literally inviting me over to their place...

That being said, I did have a lot of performance anxiety back then. I lacked confidence in what I was doing to "make a move." Suggesting going on a date first was to become more comfortable around them in general. Fortunately, experience (and the blue pill) helped change things quickly.

Date Ideas to Text

Texting to meet up at a bar is always a reliable option. It's nice that it isn't too expensive, and having a drink or two can help loosen things up.

If you're nervous and worried about holding the conversation long enough, having things in mind to talk about before meeting up is fine. This can be from stuff on her dating profile or just what you've both talked about in the past. Everything becomes much easier once you get used to doing it.

You can also get there first and sit up at the bar so you're not staring down at each other if it's a bit intimidating. It's much more casual to sit beside her this way and talk about whatever game is on TV if she's into it (if it's a sports bar). After your first few dates, you should feel comfortable enough to sit or meet up anywhere.

The only date ideas I advise against are movies (in theaters, and to some extent at home). You'll want to actually talk to her and not just stare quietly at a screen (at least if it's your first date).

That's it!

There's no reason to complicate things. Texting should be easy. The best way to text a girl to come over is literally just doing precisely that. 

Refrain from overthinking or analyzing every text, trying to be perfect with everything you do. You'll get better over time and soon realize how simple it all can be.

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