How to Text Like a Player | Tips & Rules to Follow

April 4, 2023

Knowing how (and how not to) text is a huge deal when you start dating. Most of your interaction with girls you meet will be through your phone, so it's essential to know the basics of what to do. There is one crucial fact you need to know however...

How to text like a player? Don't be dependent on it working out for any one girl. Players aren't needy or obsessive and can easily move onto other girls at anytime. Therefore, the best way to text like a player is to be one, or at least understand why it works and how you can act like one.

Being a Player

This is kind of one of those "fake it till you make it" things.

There are no unique or special ways that players text. Sure, there are wrong ways to text and things you should ideally be doing/saying (we'll get to that in a minute), but it's important not to overthink it.

Before we get into this- I wouldn't recommend being an actual "player." Should you hook up with a ton of girls? Hell ya. But do so with those that want that. There are plenty of them.

No point in dating girls who want something more, but you're just dragging them along to keep getting laid. I regret doing it when I was young and dumb, but that's up to you...

Most reading this likely lack experience and would be glad to have a girlfriend anyway, so it may not be relevant. But keep it in mind either way.

Guidelines for How to Text Like a Player

In reality, most people overthink texting and have at least some strategy for it. Women play games messaging just as much as guys do. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  • There's no unique or special way to text. Ultimately, she likes you (the person saying the words on the screen), not the words themselves.
  • Control your emotions. Don't give in to needy or jealous feelings and obsessively text her. Recognize the feelings, but don't act on them. They'll happen less frequently over time.
  • Be lighthearted. Be confident yet chill, flirty, and fun. Don't try to find a perfect balance between how many times she texted you first vs. how many you did.
  • Don't overthink it. If you find yourself continually staring at the screen or thinking up the perfect response to every reply- recognize it, send a reply, and move on. Distract yourself if need be.

Don't Be Someone You're Not

The worse thing a guy can do is try to be someone or something he's not. This will backfire. Sure, make sure you hold yourself better and show the best version of you- but still be you

If you try to act differently, it won't work. You'll end up overthinking and analyzing everything she does or say and never really be comfortable around her- especially in person.

Yes, it's cliché to say "be yourself,"- but it's the only way.

If she genuinely likes you- then she likes your personality. Your personality better comes out when you're comfortable. You'll become more comfortable with more experience.

Priorities: Appearance & Experience

It can be easy to get lost in what should be your focus when on the market and dating. However, nothing else matters when it comes to success.


Make sure always to look your best (especially if you plan to send a girl pics of yourself)

Buy and wear clothes that fit. Even something as simple as jeans, a T-shirt, and a nice watch can go a long way.

Get frequent haircuts, keeping the sides short if you're unsure. Get a tan or even use bronzer if you're very pale. Hit the gym and lose weight if you need to.


Recognize it's a process. View success as making that cold approach or going on that date. Everything you need to know will come over time. Don't obsess or analyze- focus on getting your feet wet.

The Bottom Line

Just like when texting a girl to come over, keep it simple.

You can text like a player when you understand what makes them that way.

Control your emotions from controlling you.

Staring at your phone wondering why she hasn't texted you back isn't going to keep you cool-headed. Recognize these negative feelings, but don't act on them. Be light and flirty when you text them- and more importantly, have fun with it (and her).

Finally- use online dating or cold approaching to get as much experience as possible.

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