Is Cold Approaching Creepy? (for weirdos or winners)

April 9, 2023

If you're unaware, cold approaching is the means of approaching and talking to a random person with the hope of getting their number. It's generally brief, may use canned lines, and often requires doing a lot of them.

It can be incredibly difficult (hence the AA Program), but it has a lot of potential and can work. However, there are some essential things to know to ensure you come off the way you want.

Is Cold Approaching Creepy? Cold approaching is creepy if you don't understand the dynamics of it and how it can work. The hard truth is you have to be someone women want to be approached by. While that's easier said than done, it's not as difficult as most may think.

How Cold Approaching Can Be Creepy and Not Work

The thing about cold approaching is not that it's wrong or ineffective but that it's propagated by the PUA (pickup artist) community.

These large groups of guys online come together in forums with the sole intent of learning how to get good with women. While there's nothing wrong with that, these guys are young and inexperienced, resulting in the blind leading the blind.

Most guys who are good with women don't spend hours online analyzing their interactions with women or write "lay reports" (if they managed to achieve one).

The consequence is droves of guys going out making approaches without the faintest idea of how to be successful with them.

They don't take care of their appearance, talk way too long, say obvious/crummy canned lines, and are unable to read body language.

How to Cold Approach Without Being Creepy

Rules to keep in mind:

It's important to know that you may not always come off the way you want. However, there's nothing to worry about if you're quick and polite about it. You'll improve over time and eventually be able to tell the likelihood of success before even making the approach.

How to Make Sure You're Successful With it

You don't have to look like a Greek god, but be clean-cut and well-put together. Assuming you're approaching women around your attractiveness level (which you primarily should be doing), you should see some success.

It's crucial that you frame success in the right way. The experience of the approach is what you're after, not the outcome. Unless you've made tons of approaches in the past already, your main goal will be to get used to actually making the approaches.

Cold approaching is an incredibly powerful tool that can change dating forever for you. It's the ultimate test for overcoming mental blocks, and the reward is a game changer.

Is Cold Approach Worth It (For You)

Your looks are the top priority.

For many guys, this may mean putting aside approaches, for now, to focus solely on their appearance.

While there are quick changes like the right haircut, getting a tan, or choosing well-fitted clothes to wear, some changes may need more time. If you're well over (or under) weight, you should focus on that first and foremost.

You need to be able to achieve a reasonable amount of success with your approaches, and not looking your best will likely result in causing this all to be a waste of time. Cold approaches only have a 5- 10& success rate, at least in the beginning. Therefore, don't go into it expecting the first one or two dozen approaches to work out.

It's something you should do regardless of cold approaching, as it will affect all aspects of dating.

The Bottom Line

There's no reason why you won't have success with it, assuming you've done what's above. Cold approach works, though it's not for everyone. Avoid creepy or weird approaches by looking great and making the encounters brief but genuine.

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