How to Look Your Best Every Day | 10 Tips

March 18, 2023

Looking and feeling your best can have a positive impact on your confidence, mood, and overall well-being. Whether you're getting ready for a date or heading to work, there are several simple things you can do to improve your appearance to feel and look like a chad. Before we get into the 10 tips, two things that are important to note..

Dealing with Negatives

What you should be prioritizing doing first will depend on what is negatively affecting you the most. The reality is something like being overweight instead of average impacts your appearance more than going from average weight to being fit. 

Just like taking care of long greasy hair is more important than finding the absolute best haircut. Deal with what's holding you back the most to maximize your rizz.

Certainly, some things are more difficult to improve than others (like if you're unlucky and born with poor skin), but keep in mind what you can change.

Your Health

This may be an obvious one, but it's necessary to repeat. Focusing on the core pillars of your health (sleep, diet, exercise) will do a lot for your appearance and how you hold yourself. It can take some time to properly improve, but it's always worth the effort. In addition- sufficient hydration along with limiting alcohol and caffeine can work wonders as well.

10) Have 1 or 2 Pairs of Great Shoes

It's easy to overlook and easy to overdo it. A good pair of sneakers and dress shoes can be enough for any occasion.

9) Manage Hair loss Through Treatment or Shaving

It's brutal how badly a poor hairline can affect a man's appearance. Having a bit of a receding hairline is okay, especially if you're a bit older, but otherwise, you need to make a call on shaving it or fixing it. Bust out the razor or hop on rogaine/fin.

8) Be Willing To Give Skin Care Your Focus

Poor skin can be rather detrimental to your looks, and for a lot of guys, it can be an easy fix. Adding a routine for cleansing and moisturizing (+ sun protection) can make a big difference if you've never done it before.

7) Choose Clothes That Go Well Together

It can be easy to like or buy an article of clothing without realizing it won't go well with anything you have. Keep aware of this when buying clothes and try to keep it to a single but broad style. Something like a wardrobe with blue/black/grey jeans, white shirts, and muted colors goes great enough that you can mix and match anything.

6) Prioritize Improving Your Posture

This is one of the most difficult things to improve without spending a lot of effort on it. Exercise or physiotherapy is the best direct way to improve it, along with using proper chairs and just keeping yourself aware of it. Buying back braces that roll your shoulders back to "force" a good posture is okay, but they're often too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

5) Have Proper Beard Style and Maintenance

This is something that not enough people talk about yet it can make a drastic difference. The style and shape of your beard, along with making sure it's properly maintained is very easy to overlook. 

As the best beard depends on a person's facial structure (as well as how well they can grow one), I recommend finding a good beard-shaping guide to know the basics, as you'll likely learn a thing or two.

4) Get a Tan

Getting a tan is not exactly easily done, but bronzers work well enough as a quick fix. This would be the #1 tip if it was easier/safer. Immediately boosts any 7 to an 8.

3) Use Complete and Proper Grooming

These are easy things to do that anyone important to you would have otherwise noticed. Trimming your nails, shaving that unibrow, treating dandruff, or freshening up your bad breath can go a long way.

2) Have Frequent Haircuts with The Right Hair Style

As with beards, this can depend on your facial structure. There are however some easy options that can always look good. If you're unsure, keep the sides short and pick something along the lines of a high fade.

1) Wear Clothes That Fit You Correctly

This is easily one of the biggest mistakes a guy makes when buying clothes. You choose something you like, try it on, and figure it looks good enough to buy it. Instead, always try on the size below and above as some stores can have widely different sizes. In addition, how the clothes fit can vary between different stores and within them, depending on the style.

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