So you see someone you think is cute and you want to say hello to them. However, you're too nervous or uncertain of what to say...

How to meet women at the park? Approach them casually and just say "hello," then ask them how their day is going

You can tell by their response if they don't want to be bothered. 

If receptive, ask open-ended questions about the park or dog (if they have one), and move towards asking for her number.

We'll dive into some examples of what specifically you can say, how exactly to ask for their number, and how to deal with your approach anxiety.

How to Approach Women in the Park

1. Know what's most fitting to say

The dynamic of what to do or say can depend on the situation. If they're with their dog, hanging out on a blanket, on their phone, or doing something specific- you can rely on a situational opener.

A situational opener is one where you can use the surroundings they're in as an ice-breaker.

For instance, you could comment on a book they're reading and ask how it is. Or maybe they're bird-watching and you ask what type she sees or hears.

2. Use an opener

After saying hello and asking them how they are or how their day is going, you'll want to continue the conversation beyond small talk (assuming she seems receptive enough) or just move towards getting her number.

Beyond just starting with small talk or situational openers, you can also just use a regular opener.

These openers may seem obvious that they're rehearsed, but they can still be effective (assuming they're simple and not resembling "pick-up lines").

These shouldn't ideally be your first choice, but it's nice to use as a crutch if you're having difficulty.

Regular openers at the park:

  • "Hey so I've been wanting to meet some new people lately and figured I'd just come by and say hi"
  • "I know this is random but I think you're kind of cute and wanted to know if you'd like to chat"
  • "Hi I'm Ross- it's a bit out of the blue but thought you seemed cool and wanted to swing by and say hello"

Situational openers at the park:

  • "hey- that book looks familiar, what is it?"
  • "Are you bird-watching? I always thought that was cool- what types are you hearing?" (+ "Do you mind if I join in?")
  • "Hi, I noticed you're sketching. Are you drawing landscapes or people?" (+ "Wait am I technically in it?")

How I would approach a girl at the park (non-situational):

Me: Hi. How you doing?
Her: Good
Me: Nice day out, eh? (*this isn't really situational since you can always bring up the weather good or bad)
Her: Ya it is
Me: Hey I'm always looking to meet new people or friends, and want to know if I can give you my number?

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3. Give them your number

After having a simple and short conversation, follow it up with a quick way to give your number or to get theirs. 

I often find giving them your number easier (in case they're not actually interested), and you could at least add to text you later on.

  • "Would you ever want to hang out sometime?", "Here's my number"
  • "You seem cool, we could chill if you're open to it some time- what's your number?
  • "If you ever want to keep chatting- here's my number"

Check out Best Cold Approach Openers for more opener examples and learning how to close them.

Two young people meeting at a park

Tips for Your Park Approaches

Your approaches in the park should follow the same idea and rules as doing approaches just about anywhere:

  • Keep it short: most won't be interested so there's no reason to waste time.
  • Flirting is okay, but only continue if she reciprocates.
  • Read body language: sometimes it's obvious it's not going well, so just end it.
  • Seem fun, casual, and natural: all approaches should be light and easy
  • Build rapport: you may just immediately tell you'll both get along. Build off of that.
  • Know approaching isn't wrong: it may feel awkward at times, but it's important to know it's nothing wrong as long as you're quick and genuinely polite about it.

Dealing With Approach Anxiety at the Park

Your approach anxiety is likely to be your biggest challenge with making the approach at the park.

It's essential to understand that you must frame success purely by whether or not you make the approach, and not by how it goes. 

Your goal is to talk to that cute girl. If you did, you've accomplished what you set out to do.

There will be infinite opportunities for other approaches in the future, so getting exposure and gaining experience is what's most valuable.

When you're actually proud and grateful that you took action, you'll have less to fear with future approaches. 

If approach anxiety is still too high to cause inaction, consider starting the AA Program.

Two young people talking at a dog park.

How to Pick Up Women at a Dog Park

If you're at a dog park, making approaches becomes so much easier.

You have a situational approach available in your arsenal at all times.

If the place is even moderately busy, people have probably already commented on her dog or asked questions about it, so saying hello is completely normal.

It's the one cold approach that isn't unexpected- at least regarding the opener.

Just open by commenting on her dog like everyone else:

  • "Your dog is awesome, what breed is that?"
  • "I like your dog. How old is it?"

She'll probably ask about yours too. Then, continue any small talk and suggest hanging out some time with offering her your number.

Even if you're not at a dog park, bringing your dog to any park (that allows them) is a good conversation starter as well. 

It's even easier if your dog is small, cute, and likes to go up to people: "My dog seems to like you"

She may even say something to you first.

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