The Scrambler Technique: Releaving it's Horrible Truth


There's a lot of misinformation in the pickup artist or seduction community. 

This is because most guys who are actually cool and get laid a ton don't go on forums or sites to give advice.

The "Scrambler Technique" is the perfect example of this

It's why advice like this isn't just misleading but also reflects on larger issues of the community and how its existence does more harm than good.

So what exactly is it?

The Scrambler Technique is an attempt to manipulate women through playing games, giving mixed signals, and using emotional tactics

It misleadingly assumes this erratic behavior will increase attraction by confusing her and create mystery around you. 

The truth is this deceit causes more harm than good.

Let's break down exactly what it entails for you to do...

Why The Scrambler Technique is Bad

Think about it... You meet some girl, she's cute, and you have a lot in common. Great. You want to hang out some more and see where things go.

But then suddenly, out of the blue, she starts texting erratically.

Sometimes she seems interested, other times it's one-word answers. Then from there, her tone continues to change, bouncing all around inconsistently.

What would your honest reaction to that be?

I certainly wouldn't have some abrupt increase of attraction to her after that. At best, I would be annoyed or a bit confused by it. At worse, it would be a red flag and I'd think she's unstable or bipolar and needs help.

Why would you think women would have a different reaction if you did it?

I can promise you her reaction would be the same as yours.

The Scrambler Technique is so flawed because, at its core, it's going on the basis that women can be "gamed." These eccentric actions won't cause some subconscious change that rewires her brain on what she thinks of you.

As if she would actually think "wow he's confusing the crap out of me, that's so hot!"...

I sometimes see guys online say: "it works because it's a 'push-pull' that keeps her engaged in you, and that's what girls do to guys that causes our obsession towards them."

That couldn't be farther from the truth:

  1. The reason you would be obsessed and clingy to one girl is because of your lack of experience. You have oneitis and are fearful that things won't work out. It would happen to any girl you like that shows interest in you.
  2. Even if she were to be playing games and dragging you along- it's not like that's what caused you to want to date (or hookup with) her in the first place. It's the same deal with her.

If she has your number and is texting you, she already likes you.

There's no reason to overcomplicate things and do anything other than interacting with her like how a normal person would.

A man doing the scrambler technique over text to a woman

The Alternative to "Techniques"

The most misleading aspect is how it shifts the focus away from what matters most. 

You can get great with women as long as you always put at least 80% of your effort into these two things:

  1. Increasing your experience.
  2. Improving your appearance.

Always by working on improving your appearance and maintaining consistent workout habits. At the same time- always be setting up dates. Use online dating as your primary means of meeting new women, and prioritize playing the numbers game and having great photos.

  • If you're having trouble gaining experience- drop your standards.
  • If you don't want to drop your standards- improve your looks.

There's a lot you can do to improve your looks as well. The right quick changes can make a world of difference, even with simple updates like a better fitting hairstyle or even getting a tan (real or fake).

A young woman having the scrambler technique done on her.

Do Any Seduction Techniques Work?

If a girl is single (and interested in dating), the only prerequisites to keep in mind are her needs to:

  • Find you attractive.
  • Enjoy spending time with you.

Yes, there is a bit more to it than that, but everything else will just be noise for 95% of guys in this seduction-type community. If she just wants a quick hookup, these 2 points will likely be even less important.

Things like confidence, sex appeal, being able to turn her on, etc., will come over time. Trying to learn or emulate something when you're still a virgin (or have barely dated) will just be a distraction.

It's the same with any "strategy" or "techniques."

There are certainly some tips or things you can learn online, but it's of little relevance or use if your appearance needs a massive overhaul.

Some things that can eventually be helpful:

  • Learning how to deal with nervousness on dates.
  • Having ideas of things in mind to discuss on dates (for avoiding awkward silences).
  • Knowing how to move things to the bedroom if you're anxious or unsure.

There are no lines or special words that can suddenly make her attracted to you. No scrambler, "fractionation seduction" or "stealth attraction" will help.

Are there things that a guy can say that women find attractive? 


However, it's not the words that are doing it but rather a reflection of what the guy is saying.

So, she may like a guy when he talks about something he's really passionate about. Or, maybe it's how he holds himself and the confidence behind his words that she finds hot.

Regardless, seduction techniques are a waste of time since:

  • They're likely to be misleading.
  • They distract you from what you should focus on.
  • At best, they may only provide a small helpful tip or two.
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The Fallacious Seduction Communities

There can be a sliver of truth to some of this type of content, and that's what makes it most detrimental.

Maybe they'll recommend something like not acting overly interested when texting a girl. I would agree with that- you don't want to seem like they're the first new girl in your life in ages.

The issue is not being able to distinguish between helpful advice and advice that is useless (or even harmful).

It's important to note I'm talking about this community as a whole and not just specific sites spewing nonsense. It's like this way top-to-bottom, with only a few outliers that offer genuinely helpful and constructive information.

For many of these groups, it's not even their intent. It's just the blind leading the blind.

Men who get a ton of action and who are worth getting advice from aren't generally the ones to talk about it online and write "lay reports".

I was in the midst of these online communities over 10 years ago. 

Fortunately, I realized the poor information I received wouldn't help me much after much trial and error. I ended up on (now defunct), which was helpful- but by then, most of my time there was offering advice rather than taking it.

It's disappointing to me that this industry/community has hardly changed since. No wonder so many of these guys just think women suck.

There are arguments to be made it's even worse now with these large "Incel" groups existing online. It's seemingly a by-product or evolution of millions of young men following this bad dating advice. 

I don't even remember hearing about Incels 10 years ago...

Lets Unscramble this Scam

Even just the names and terminology alone seem sketchy. "Seduce" makes you think you can take a girl who is not interested in you and "win her over" by doing or saying the right things.

If some large, unattractive woman said certain words in a specific order to you, would that suddenly make you want to hook up with her? 

Of course not.

Then there's "pick up artists," which to me conjures up an image of some awkward skinny dude with long greasy hair and a creepy gaze.

I've been vocal about this since I created this site nearly 10 years ago. Many young men are still following this "guidance" every day, and it needs more attention and have it be called out more now than ever.

I don't know if relying on search engines to better detect poor advice is our best bet or if we just need to bring more awareness to it. 

Still, this whole scene (or rather a highly profitable industry) will only get worse before it gets better.

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