Should You Ask a Girl If She Likes You? (what to consider)

July 28th, 2023 

If you're young and a girl likes you, it's probably not super clear to you. The signals she gives can be mixed, and knowing what to look for can be difficult. If you're unsure if she likes you, wouldn't it make sense to just as her?

The truth is, you shouldn't ask a girl if she likes you as it can create an awkward situation.  Your best option is to casually suggest spending time together. If she agrees, you'll know that she likes you since she's willing to go on a date

We'll go over how you can casually ask her out, how to give a hint that you like her, and more.

Whether or Not to Ask if She Likes You

Asking a girl if she likes you is difficult and awkward. Instead, mention how you both should hang out sometime. If she agrees, you'll know she likes you. If she doesn't, it will come across much less as a rejection.

If you already know the girl well, you may be able to avoid any hint of rejection. Just frame hanging out like doing something "as friends" (despite it technically being a date).  You can do this in many ways, like suggesting something fun to do, using "excuses," and more.

For some examples, check out How to Ask Someone Out (without actually saying it).

There's no point in directly asking a girl if she likes you.

It puts them on the spot when they may not yet have a confident "yes" or "no" answer. She might be interested in you but wants to approach things slowly and see how it goes. Confronting her can make things uncomfortable. It's typically ideal to let things naturally develop instead.

If you don't know the girl well, add her through social media and send her a DM. Build a connection for a few weeks, and then say how you both should chill soon. 

If you know some of her friends, you can always ask them if she likes you. Just mention how you heard it from someone and wondered if it's true. If instead you don't know this girl at all, then you should just cold approach her. It's not easy, but she'll give you her number if she likes you.

Fortunately if a girl likes you, there's not much you can do to screw it up. You'll receive a positive response from her whether or not you directly ask.

How Can I Hint to a Girl That I Like Her?

The best way to hint to girls that you like them is to just give them your attention.

Women pick up on signs that guys are interested much easier than men. She'll get the hint if you're talking or texting her often.

If you want to make sure she clues in, try rizzing her up.

It will be obvious that you're interested in her the moment you start to flirt. If you don't want to "lay it on thick," you can subtly tease and joke around. 

Of course, you can always just suggest hanging out.

A young man texting a girl trying to give a hint that he likes her.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

You can tell if a girl likes you by her level of interest and engagement with you. If she's liked you for a while, she's probably done it increasingly over time.

Signs she likes you:

  • Focuses heavily on everything you say.
  • Touches you in conversation.
  • Often initiates contact through text.
  • You catch her staring at you.
  • She flirts with you OR is very coy/shy.

You should be able to recognize it immediately, but it can take time if you haven't dated much.

How to test a girl if she likes you

If you're still unsure, you can test if a girl likes you by suggesting that you two "should" do something sometime.

For example, you can do this anytime a topic comes up about a place or something fun to do. Maybe a specific restaurant comes up in conversation or a new go-carts track that just opened.

All you have to do is say: "We should do that sometime."

You're not directly asking her out, yet you'll still find out if she likes you.

It's not too difficult to bring up in conversation, either. Next time she texts you, say how you're looking into x. Maybe you mention how you don't have anyone to go with. If she likes you, she'll say she's open to it.

For example:

  • Her: what doing
  • You: looking at reviews of that laser bowling place nearby lol. It seems cool.

There is a strong chance she'll say you both should go. If she doesn't, you can still suggest going after another exchange of messages or two.

Two young people talking at a house party.

How to Ask a Girl if She is Interested in a Relationship

First, it's essential to not ask her too early. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is having "the talk" too quickly. It comes off as needy and desperate.

You should already be seeing her for several months before asking.

You shouldn't even think about it unless months have passed without her bringing it up (she usually will). Your main focus should just be on naturally developing what you have.

Of course, you don't want to wait forever, as she might think you're not serious. However, remember that a label is just a label. If you both like each other and spend a lot of time together, she won't bail on you.

Waiting at least a few months also makes it more meaningful when you do make it official.

When you're ready, the best option is to be direct. There's no reason to beat around the bush since you should be comfortable talking to her by now.

If you do struggle to bring it up, just say: "my friends are bugging us whether we're officially dating or not.

She might give you a straight answer, but she'll probably throw it right back to you (which is a good sign). You can then confirm that you are, adding how it seems like it from how often you text and see each other.

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