Should You Text Her Everyday? (a crucial rule of dating)

April 5, 2023

If you're asking this question, you probably are on the younger side and have recently met someone. You really like her, and she seems to like you too. You start to have stronger feelings for her, think about her a lot, and want to know if it's okay to be texting her daily.

Should you text her everyday? There's nothing wrong with texting her everyday. Now you don't want to initiate all the messages or be the one keeping conversations going all the time, but texting her daily is fine. One caveat however is you don't want to do this if you just met her.

A strong sign to lay off texting her daily is if you're the only one initiating messages. Try to lay off always starting the conversations if you're the one doing most of the work.

Don't Overthink Every Text Message

It can be easy to overthink and analyze everything to find the correct answer. This is never the right thing to do, whether it's texting or relationships in general.

If you text like a player, this wouldn't be an issue because it's not something you think about. You know the odds of any one girl you're texting being "the one" is low, and you're not drastically affected if things don't work out (since meeting someone new isn't too difficult).

If you're really lost and just need some guidance, at least keep it to 1:1.

Keep The Big Picture in Mind

While having help and instructions for many different things in dating (such as texting) is important, know it's only really for the absolute beginners.

There's a point for many guys starting out where they go on some dates and start to learn some things- but then become super analytical with it. They join the often toxic or misleading PUA forums and completely miss the point of what they should be doing.

After that point- almost any question you may have can be answered by:

1. Keeping it simple

2. Get more experience

If you're wondering how to get a girl to come over through text- just literally ask her. If you're wondering how to be more comfortable around women- just spend more time with them. 

Keep this in mind going forward. Dating can be intimidating and overwhelming. You can learn some things online (which is why I made this site), but don't lose the big picture.

Texting Tip For Rookies

Keep the texting casual, flirty, and fun. Don't be a boring texter. Also, don't feel obligated to text her every day or be upset if she doesn't either.

Make sure to be moving towards spending more time with her (in person) if you haven't done so much already.

Although it's less common these days, some women aren't huge texters. Don't read into it and worry something's wrong. If something is wrong, try to fix it but don't be so hooked to any one girl.

Call or facetime her sometimes too. Texting is convenient but can lack emotion and connection.

How You Should View Texting

Ultimately, when you have a lot of experience with women and don't let your emotions run wild, you should always do what you want.

This is the "endgame." Every guy should get to this point because it's when all "rules" go out the window.

If you want then to text her every day- go for it. You likely know what you're doing and can manage any outcome. Furthermore, you probably can recognize how much she's into you, too, so you'll know it'll go over well.

Get the experience, then be a man. Don't follow 100 different rules for any one thing- go out and get what you want.

Going Forward...

Remember, whether or not she likes you has nothing to do with the exact amount of messages you send (unless it's way too high or low). 

If you just met someone new, check out this post on how long you should talk to a girl before asking them out.

As always, make sure to avoid oneitis by gaining enough experience through online dating, your social circle, or cold approaching.

Try to always keep it lighthearted and fun, and make sure to never waste time texting any girl who clearly doesn't respect your time. Good luck.

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