9 Clear Signs That She Has a High Body Count


You can certainly argue that a high body count shouldn't matter. However, that doesn't reflect reality. The number of sexual encounters a woman has impacts how men view her.

It's up to you whether or not it's a bad thing. Remember, your number matters to her as well.

Regardless, it's a good thing to know. Detecting her body count number is important for piecing together what kind of person she is. 

We'll go over the following:

  • The 9 signs that she has slept with a lot of guys.
  • What is statistically deemed as a "high" body count.

  • What men consider as low, ideal, or high body counts.

It doesn't 100% mean a woman's body count is massive if she fits one or two of the signs below. But if she fits 3 or more, it's safe to assume she's slept around.

1. She is Heavily into the Nightlife Scene

If they live for the party and club life, they've probably slept with a lot of guys. To figure out if this applies to someone, consider this:

  • Is partying and drinking all she talks about on social media?
  • Are her friends a wild bunch, or is it a mixed bag?
  • If you go to clubs with her, does she know a lot of other guys there?
  • Is she super friendly with the staff or doormen at clubs?
  • Is this just a normal phase, having recently turned 21?

2. She is Very Good in Bed

A woman being very good in bed is certainly connected to the amount of experience she has. 

With that said, she could have just been in a long-term relationship. Perhaps over time, she got more comfortable with her body and having sex. So, her "skills" carried over to the next guy. 

It's certainly a plus either way. 

3. She Talks About Sex Very Openly

A lot of women aren't too comfortable talking about sex. Some may not open up until you've dated them for years. Here are some cues to look for:

  • They openly discusses fantasies or role-playing.
  • They easily express their wants and needs in bed.
  • They're enthusiastic about sex when the topic comes up.
  • They openly talk about past experiences in bed.
  • They want you to open up about your past sex life.
  • There's a lot of toys they like to use and talk about.
  • They send unsolicited pictures of themselves to you.
  • They say they like to experiment and try new things.

The only time this wasn't true (for me) was with my first girlfriend. She was extremely religious, which made sex more appealing since it's so "bad" (despite having limited experience with it).

A woman on a bed being open about sex with a guy.

4. She Frequently and Explicitly Flirts with You

A woman with a large body count may flirt often and directly with you.

It's likely they really enjoy sex and is often having one-night stands. They could be trying to put things in motion between you two. Here's what to look for:

  • They aren't playing some coy/shy card and batting eyelashes.
  • They're confident, direct, and intentional when flirting.
  • There is a heavy sexual connotation to what they say.
  • They flirt both over text and in person.
  • They hold direct eye contact, may touch you, etc.

You may notice that they do this to others as well. That being said, some women are just genuinely friendly. So, you may have to read into their intentions a bit. If you're wanting to know how to best flirt back, check out How to Rizz Up a Girl.

5. She has a lot of Guy Friends

This is similar to her knowing many of the guys' names at clubs, but on a greater level.

Why this happens isn't exactly known. Maybe they just don't have that many female friends. Then, they hook up more because guys are always around them (and trying to get in their pants).

Regardless, it's still a sign they've been with a lot of people.

6. She's Able to Make a Move

It's awesome when a woman is comfortable enough to make a move. It's sadly rare and should be encouraged more.

I know a lot of guys are clueless to signals from any woman who wants to hook up. It's even worse when she wants him to make a move when they're together.

If she's comfortable enough to make a move, it's likely from confidence gained through experience. You otherwise wouldn't expect a girl to do it if they're shy and introverted.

7. She Doesn't Turn Down Any Advances

If a woman has slept with tons of guys, she's less likely to view sex as some "big" thing. It's more of a casual fun thing for her to do. 

Therefore, she'll be open to having sex earlier than most women.

This can depend on what exactly she's after. A one-night stand could be a fun thing she wants to do on occasion, but it doesn't necessarily mean she's been with a ton of guys.

This applies most to a girl you're going on actual dates with. This is because of rules many women have for needing to first go on x amount of dates (before sex).

8. She's Interested in Being Friends with Benefits

A girl interested in being FWB clearly indicates a high body count.

She thoroughly enjoys sex and doesn't want to go without it. She's willing to get it without being in a committed relationship, which is abnormal for most people.

It's especially true if she's a bit older and it's not her first FWB dynamic. If she ever mentions having a threesome, you can practically guarantee she's experienced.

9. She has an "it" Factor

The "it" factor is typically something you can easily spot with women. Perhaps it's a culmination of all the points above. Or, it could be an image she wants to show off that reflects how fun she is.

If you can recognize it once, it should become much easier to spot in the future. You may just need more experience with dating if you're unsure.

However, this isn't about any obvious promiscuous or nymph women who like to get around. It's more a vibe you can detect that differentiates them.

What is a High Body Count for Women?

Drag to scroll over

0-1 Partners 2-4 Partners 5-9 Partners 10-39 Partners 40+ Partners
Ages 15-19 72% 17.2% 7.9% 2.9% 0%
Ages 20-24 34.7% 28.8% 23.4% 12.2% 0.9%
Ages 25-29 24.9% 30.6% 24% 18.6% 2%
Ages 30-34 22.2% 30.9% 24.7% 20.1% 2.1%
Ages 35-39 23.3% 30.3% 27.5% 17.5% 1.5%
Ages 40-44 21.5% 30.5% 29.5% 16.2% 2.3%

The data in this table came from a 2006-2010 study surveying 10,000+ women in the United States.

Looking at this table, you can gauge what is statistically high.

Most women have had 2-4 partners (or sexual encounters). 

  • The next most common range is 5-9 encounters (surprisingly, only slightly higher than those who've been with 1 or less). 
  • Women who've been with 10+ guys make up nearly 17% (if you don't include the 15-19 group). 
  • The final range of 40+ previous encounters tops at 2.3% for the 40-44 age group.

We can determine that a body count over 10 for a woman is on the higher end. This is particularly true if she's still in her 20s.

Age plays a pivotal role as well. Remember, these groups grew up in different time periods. Views on sex will continually change by the time the 15-19 year olds are in their 40s.

So, you now know what is actually high or not. But.. what about perception? People may deem a number high even if it's not technically accurate...

What body counts do men prefer?

The data below suggests men find that a body count around 3 is ideal.

That's interesting, as there is some social stigma that guys prefer women to have as few previous encounters as possible.

Of course, they could have just lied when surveyed...

Men in their 20s Men in their 30s Men in their 40s Men in their 50s Men in their 60s
Low 1 1 1 1 1
Ideal 3 4 3-5 3 4
High 7 10 10 8 6

The data in this table came from a 2018 study surveying over 1000 men in the United States and Europe.

Do men's preferences line up with reality?

Not exactly.

It first comes down to the number or percentage a person considers as "high." The data shows men consider between 6-10 previous sexual encounters for women as high, averaging at 8.2. 

We know that nearly 17% of women have been with 10 or more guys, which isn't exactly high. Furthermore, it included those who've slept with as many as 39 people.

So, a body count of 10 or more may be high for most men, but it's not statistically high.

In case you were wondering the same for women, the survey showed:

  • Sleeping with 1.4 women on average is considered low.
  • Sleeping with 4.3 women on average is considered ideal.
  • Sleeping with 8.8 women on average is considered high.

So women are a bit more lenient than men, but not by a significant margin.


Haderxhanaj, L. T., Leichliter, J. S., Aral, S. O., & Chesson, H. W. (2014). Sex in a Lifetime: Sexual Behaviors in the United States by Lifetime Number of Sex Partners, 2006–2010. Sexually transmitted diseases, 41(6), 345. https://doi.org/10.1097/OLQ.0000000000000132


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