The Cube Routine: Another Misleading PUA Technique?


I always enjoy picking apart all these misleading and useless pickup artist routines and techniques; the cube routine is no exception.

Fortunately, it's not quite as harmful as others. Still, there are some key reasons to know why it's not worth doing and what alternatives to do instead.

What is the Cube Routine & is it Useful?

Essentially, The Cube Routine has you first tell a girl to imagine a cube in her mind. Then, you ask her to describe the different aspects of it such as its size, color, location, what it's made of, etc.

You then take her answers and make up some BS for how it symbolizes different things (e.g., her saying the cube is blue must mean she values family or whatever).

That's basically it. It's supposed to "build rapport" and "give the impression that you understand her deeply."

It's not as nefarious as other routines like the scrambler technique, but it still holds little use.

Even though it's essentially just a conversation topic, it shifts away the focus from what actually matters: improving your appearance and getting as much experience as you can.

I'm pretty sure if I ever tried that on some girl, they would give me a blank stare and wonder what the hell I'm doing (especially if they knew me at all).

At best, you use it on some girl who is into astrology and kind of digs it. At worst, she'll be confused or start to believe there's some weird intent behind you doing this (or that you're a bit of a quack).

Like well done you filled the last couple minutes with conversation... cool, I guess? Is that the whole point? There's nothing wrong with having some default conversation topics in mind (as it can be easy to blank), but is this really it?

If it won't impact whether a guy gets laid or not, what's the point of doing it?

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The Bigger Problem with The Cube Routine

Along with holding little use and being a distraction towards knowing what you should focus on, there's another problem...

It's about needing to "be yourself." It's cliché as hell, but holds a deeper relevance.

When I started going on my first half-dozen dates or so, I felt super uncomfortable and didn't know how to act:

  • Part of it was from nerves.
  • Part of it is trying to only do or say things that she wanted to hear.
  • Part of it was just being young and already not socially outgoing in the first place.

I felt like I didn't have much voice or personality to shine through with people I didn't know. This was largely an extension of just being some anxious young introvert who hasn't had much means of character development.

Fortunately, it was something I recognized and naturally overcame quickly from just going on dates. It's why I always promote getting as much experience as you can as being essential.

But for a moment- imagine if I was instead waist deep in pickup routines, lines, and techniques?

What if I had absorbed all that useless information where I had some premeditated action plan for any possible scenario, depending on what a girl does or says to me?

That would be horrible because:

  • I would have wasted a lot of time getting nowhere or learned things that end up being detrimental.
  • I would have never gained any confidence with women or felt comfortable being around them.

I wouldn't worry about your first date with trying to break through any small talk or awkwardness. It's largely expected. However, by the second or third date, they should know you pretty well.

You want them to be able to get a read on who you are. 

It's how they become comfortable around you.

When a girl says something to you, it should never have to run through an internal PUA filter in your brain for some calculated response back.

Also- what's the endgame anyway? Let's say she hooks up with you (because she likes you, irrelevant of the techniques used) and you decide you want to start dating her. 

You'll still have to know how to talk and interact with her normally.

I'm not the smoothest guy, and I'm certainly leaning on the introverted side. However, I'm the same person and act the same way wherever I go or with whomever I meet. 

Having any sort of fake persona won't help you build character.

I see people do this in work environments too. It's certainly smart to act professional- but it's in your best interest for others to get a gauge of who you are so they'll feel comfortable around you.

Avoid always engaging like you're some corporation making a statement.

Conversation Topics to Use Instead

What adds to the confusion towards guys getting dating advice online is that there are some things to know that can be of legitimate value to you.

That's essentially what this site is about. It's the small percentage of things you could learn by reading online, with the hope of correcting whatever path you're on now.

It's why I sound like a broken record when I say to focus on appearance and experience most of all, as that's 90% of what will ultimately result in you "getting good" with women. The remaining 10% could be learnt online.

For instance, if you're someone looking for conversation topics for a date, you're already well on your way. This is because you're taking action and going on a date (experience) and how she's there because she finds you attractive (appearance).

Here are some basic conversation tips and topics:

  • You don't want to rapid-fire questions like an interview. Just have a handful of things in the back of your mind that you could bring up.
  • Take from things you've already talked about. If she mentioned where she's going to school next semester, ask her what courses she's taking.
  • Go through her profile for topic ideas (if it's a date set up through dating apps).
  • Bring up and ask about things you have an interest in. You should be talking as much as her, and bringing up stuff you're passionate about may lead you to discover a mutual interest. 

    If you were on a date in a bar and happen to love football, talk about whatever sports are on TV and lead into it. See if it has any relevance to her at all.
A cartoon image of a women and a cube.

Results from these Regressive Routines

The Cube Routine makes dating seem more like a Rubik's Cube. This "routine" and others like it add unnecessary complexity or fluff by suggesting you should do anything other than having normal conversations with women.

You should just want to build a connection with her (with some flirting, too).

There are threads on certain forums online where guys spend a ton of effort breaking down this routine. They give answers to every possible color or location that she may bring up, with how each one symbolizes something that could be "meaningful" to her.

It's one thing to have a "game" to play. It's not inherently bad if it's kept light and fun (and if she seems into it). The problem is, it's a distraction for how you should be spending your time. It's only going to further mislead many young men who are already clueless.

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