What to Say to a Girl that Already Likes You (6 options)


What actually matters is the fact that she already likes you. Therefore, it's unlikely you'll end up doing this in any "wrong" way.

However, there can still be a lot of pressure (that you mostly put on yourself). If you're not experienced with dating, pick one of these 6 best ways to start talking to her and get things moving.

The point is to just get the conversation started, which then leads to getting her number.

Whichever of the 6 options below you choose will mainly come down to preference

Consider each one and picture how you can see yourself doing it. Whatever is easiest and quickest (for you) is best. 

There is no need to overthink this at all.

If you're instead doing this through text, scroll down to the bottom for the steps to take.

1. Go Direct and Ask For Her Number

Being direct is the best way in terms of being most efficient. It may be the most difficult for most guys, but it's often impressive for them to see someone able to take the initiative like that.

I prefer to be direct, especially with any cold approach. The difference here is that you know she already likes you, so there's no real fear of rejection.

Go up to her and suggest hanging out:

  • "hey x, we should chill this weekend."
  • "hey x, what are you up to on Saturday?"
  • "hey x, whats going on? I don't think I have your number yet, right?"
  • "hey some of us are heading to x this weekend, you should tag along."

There is no need to overcomplicate this. You don't need to "win her over." Be straightforward and genuine. Ideally, you'll want to seem confident, but it won't impact the result.

A man using an indirect approach to talk to a girl at school.

2. Go Indirect: Build Rapport

This indirect way essentially means to let things naturally develop.

Don't be ashamed if you're nervous and afraid to talk to girls. 

What matters is what you do about it.

Being indirect relies on frequently seeing her. So, it may be someone you see often at school or work.

You just want to start having any sort of conversation. If you're apprehensive about starting the chat, just try saying "hi" (like when you pass her in the hallway).

Remember: she wants you to talk to her (and ask for her number).

Unless she's very shy, she'll be receptive and glad you started talking to her. This can be hugely motivating, which helps eliminate any nerves you might have. It's really all just about taking that first step.

The idea with this indirect method is to build rapport until things naturally escalate

This means you've (both) become comfortable enough around each other where talking feels normal.

Depending on your experience level and initiative, this could happen over several days or weeks.

3. Go Through a Friend Method

Since you already know that she likes you, there is a good chance you heard it from one of her friends.

If you're also friends with that person, they can act as an intermediary between you. In addition, you could set up a double date or just spend time getting to know her through a group hangout.

Of course, it's still best to be direct. You don't want to drag this out, having her friend go back and forth talking between you both.

Just tell that friend that you're interested in talking to her, and would like their number.

You may also want to confirm that she's actually interested in you (through that friend). Maybe you've only loosely heard a rumor that a certain girl likes you and want to ensure it's true. 

It can certainly save you any potential future awkwardness if you had heard wrong.

A man approaching a girl who likes him.

4. Use a Shared Activity Approach

The following two options, shared activity and shared history, are extensions of the indirect type.

You're still focused on building rapport but through different means relating to your specific situation. 

It's similar to situational openers, which rely on using your environment to spark a conversation.

This could mean asking her how her class was, how a project at work is going, etc. If you know a mutual interest of hers, bring that up. 

This could be a specific hobby or any activity that you (ideally) both share.

5. Use a Shared History Method

Shared history is using any means to bring up past interactions to spark a conversation.

This method relies on having some history with her already. As she's let it known to others that she likes you, I assume there's a good chance you've interacted before. 

At the very least, there's likely something relevant in the past for the both of you.

This could mean mentioning something funny that happened when you last hung out with your group of friends.

It could mean talking about a mutual friend or just anything relevant about your past together.

Remember, these options are purely for ways to start a conversation (which is often the most challenging part).

6. Online Method: Chat through Social Media

This is likely the easiest way (sometimes, even the best). It may be your only option if she's not someone you see in person often.

Slide into her DMs and start talking

You can use the shared activity or history mthod for conversation topics, but it doesn't matter much. Fortunately, chatting through social media is so much the "norm" now that it doesn't seem wrong to anyone.

There is a strong chance she prefers it this way too. It's like how calling versus texting used to be; no one ever talks over the phone anymore.

After several exchanges (or so) of messages, suggest hanging out

Any way or means of asking is fine, including the examples in the direct option.

A woman texting a man she likes.

How To Talk to a Girl That Likes You Over Text

  1. Take the lead: start with a simple "hey."
  2. Ask open-ended questions.
  3. Avoid one-word answers.
  4. Avoid small talk to not seem dull.
  5. Keep the conversation casual but fun.
  6. Suggest hanging out after a few days.

As she already likes you, there is no reason to keep texting forever. 

It's always good to move things along sooner than later. So often, things won't end up working out for any number of reasons. So, you don't want to invest so much time into any one girl (before you've even hung out with her).

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