The Real Reason Why No One Has a Crush on You


Before we get into the main reason, there are some caveats and exceptions to go over:

  • You're overly negative.
  • You don't put yourself out there.
  • Your grooming or hygiene is bad.
  • You have very low confidence.

These are typically unlikely but are still worth reflecting on.


People with a crush don't generally publicize it (at least not to the person they're crushing on). 

If you're in school, it's very likely there are some open to dating you. Your standards may just be too high.

And finally, the signs that someone likes you can be easy to miss.  Men especially can be oblivious to a girl dropping a hint.

So, it's not necessarily all doom and gloom. Yet, there is still one huge factor for whether someone will have a crush on you...

Why No One Crushes on You

The real reason why no one has a crush on you is because of your appearance.

It almost always comes down to your looks (for men and women).

It doesn't matter if you have the best personality in the world. People aren't going to open a book if they're turned off by the cover.

You don't have to look amazing, but you should look well put together

Seem like you actually put effort into it.

It's about the best ROI for your effort.

Even if you look "good enough," you'll still be in a better position long-term if you build a decent muscle base (or first get down to a fitting weight).

For men: If you think you're a 7, you're probably a 6. It's backed up by how men think they're more attractive than what they are. Women are the opposite. 

So, unless you're 100% okay dating girls uglier than you, you'll need to make some changes.

This means holding off dating for now.

"But what if I'm legitimately ugly?"

There's a lot you can do to improve what you have. It's worth the time and effort.

Even consider the long-term and looking into plastic surgery. 

I know the immediate reaction from most men would be to scoff at it...

But why?

What if it will confidently improve your appearance? Is it really vain? Life is easier the better you look..

"But money's tight and the economy sucks"

Sure. But then I see guys who say that and then go buy a $30k car. Why not just get something cheap and reliable instead?

How about a $20k car and a full head of hair?

In the end, it comes down to what you value and what you're willing to sacrifice.

My main point here is that there are options on the table

Illustration of guys with good looks.

Getting crushes by looking good

Regardless of how you currently look, there are always means of improving.

Even if you're a 3/10 and could only get up to a 6...

That's still huge.

It would make a real difference in the quality of new people you could date.

Can you ever say that you gave improving your looks a fair shot?

If I could only get one message across on my entire site, it's that your ceiling is higher than you think.

If you need help, I don't mind providing some direction. Send me a message with some pics.

To start, your focus should be dealing with any negatives in your control.

This will certainly be about your weight for a lot of you.

Other things could be dealing with greasy long hair, putting effort into skincare, new wardrobe, etc.

Getting a tan is huge if you're a pasty white guy.

There are likely quick updates and long-term changes you can make that can significantly improve your appearance.

If you want someone to have a crush on you, then start making those upgrades.

Attracting Their Attraction

Certainly, don't allow others to measure your value.

Looks aren't everything, but they're the biggest piece of the pie to attract others and get crushes.

Like when you see a couple who have a clear disparity in attractiveness, the first thought most people have is:

"He could do better"


"He must be rich"

It's brutal, but it's reality. 


In the world we live in: what steps are you taking to be worthy of a crush?


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