Why Fractionation Seduction Doesn't Work...


Fractionation Seduction takes the cake as the worst PUA trend out there:

  • It distracts men with misinformation. They should be focusing on just gaining experience and improving their appearance.
  • It's entirely ineffective. No "mind tricks" will suddenly make a woman interested in you.
  • It promotes the idea of "mind control" to sleep with women. This is unethical at best and rape at worst.
  • It's based on nothing more than pseudoscience.

Most PUA trends and terms largely just waste guys' time or misleads them. Fractionation Seduction raises (or lowers) the bar by claiming there's scientific evidence to support it and by promoting this exploitative behavior.

What is Fractionation Seduction?

Fractionation Seduction involves invoking frequent emotional response changes (happy, sad, laughter, anger, etc.) through conversation with women to create an immediate and intense bond.

It claims this manipulation of a woman's mental state will increase her connection to you.

It allegedly comes from the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), despite no publications or studies to make this connection. 

Furthermore, NLP has existed for nearly four decades without concrete evidence supporting its validity.

Neuro-linguistic programming is clinically considered as pseudoscience.

Fractionation seduction arose (like most other PUA trends) by individuals viewing dating as a "game" and one that can be won with "techniques" and "methods."

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Why Fractionation Seduction is Useless

It's absurd to assume taking a woman on this "emotional rollercoaster ride" would have any impact on her interest in you.

If you were talking to a girl you had no attraction towards, do you honestly believe she could say anything that could change that? It's as absurd as believing that negging works.

The most popular sites about FS say that you can "short-circuit" a woman’s brain to make her fall in love with you in minutes.

Aside from being flat-out wrong, it propagates back to the idea you just need to say the right things or push the right buttons to win over women.

Examples of fractionation lines:

  • "I love how careless you are about everything."
  • "I like you despite how you're not very compassionate."
  • "I'm disgusted by how adventurous you are."

They suggest saying positive and negative things at the same time. So in the first example, "love" is positive, and "careless" is negative.

They also use "timeline" versions, cycling questions about her past, present, and future. Then there's a storytelling element which has you tell some elaborate story that makes all these jumps in it.

Scripted lines are bad enough, but scripted stories you retell from one girl to the next over and over is something else...

Let's say it somehow works- why would you still even use that? Even putting aside the obvious unethical reasons, it will still be easier to just talk to her normally.

Women aren't stupid. They can pick up you trying to use a bunch of lines you tried to memorize.

The danger in using these "methods"

How can any healthy mindset with women come from engaging in deception?

Here are some of the latest examples I've come across:

  • Scrambler Method: It's similar to fractionation, involving giving mixed signals and confusing her.
  • Stealth Attraction Texting: It encourages guys they can increase a woman's interest in you by secretly using some "stealth tactics."
  • The Cube Routine: It suggests having a woman describe elaborate details of an inanimate cube to build a connection.

A lot of men are clueless about dating. I get that, I've been there, and I can understand (to some degree) how this advice came to exist.

However, fractionation seduction is advertised as mind control and hypnosis.

That brings it to a whole other level. Despite its ineffectiveness, it's alarming to see this idea being promoted of how you can control women against their will to sleep with them.

A woman being fractionation seduced.

How You Should Talk To Women Instead

A real conversation with a woman with the intention to get to know her will build a much stronger bond between you than any manipulation tactics could.

Unless it's cold approach openers where you have limited options for how to say hello, you shouldn't ever use any scripted lines.

Increasing your experience talking to women is the only way to get better at it.

How you hold yourself, your confidence, and how to flirt can't be learned online. This is especially true for just being comfortable enough and not a nervous wreck.

Apart from some basic conversation topics to have in mind, there isn't any real strategy you could apply to this.

The Fabricated Fractionation

Those who advocate fractionation seduction make comparisons to what happens when a woman watches a movie. 

They say it's similar to her being engrossed in a film as it transfers her from one emotional state to the next, depending on the story.

This is complete utter nonsense

Any emotional connection can be achieved through a normal conversation alone. Talking erratically and attempting to conjure up a mix of extreme emotional responses won't work out. She'll probably end up questioning your mental health.

There's zero proof fractionation works (or even NLP as a whole).

Stop wasting your time with it and start working on yourself instead.

    1 Response to "Why Fractionation Seduction Doesn’t Work…"

    • Robbie

      You really should be field-testing all these techniques yourself before you say whether it works or not, otherwise, you sound like someone who doesn’t really understand the nuances and it’s hard to take this article seriously.

      A lot of those studies on NLP are focused more on eye-movements. Applying NLP to seduction is a different ballgame altogether. You can’t really measure it with a study but what you can do is field test it a thousand times yourself.

      The other thing is NLP or covert hypnosis-based techniques are not some magical spell that suddenly cause a girl to spread her legs. You need to be skilled in your application of them, apply them with surgical precision, and set up the right pre-conditions. Otherwise, it’s not going to do anything.

      Not sure where you’re reading about fractionation but the concept as a whole is a lot more harmless than you think. It’s basically the idea that when you get a little taste of something, it leaves you wanting more. If you tease a juicy conversation topic but then change topics to something boring for a second before going to the juicier topics later it keeps both topics fresh, and leaves them wanting more. It’s like when you’re eating a meal of burgers and fries and a shake and you periodically take little sips from your milkshake between bites of your burger and fries.

      If you were constantly eating ice cream nonstop, that sweetness from the ice cream would get boring after a while.

      And the cube routine…you should field test it yourself before making comments on it. I’ve tried it a couple times on dates and it’s just a fun personality game. I used it on a girl at the bus stop once and she said she found me to be a very engaging person and that she was stimulated by this conversation. I’ve used it other times and it didn’t do anything noticeable. BUT guess what… you could say that about literally any game related technique

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