Why Some Guys Can't Get a Girlfriend

February 10, 2023

It's always been tough for at least some guys to learn how to meet women if they're not the most confident ones out there. In addition, the direction of where places like Japan are heading and the overall decline in sexual activity for the newer generation doesn't help. 

However, while there's always been those (including girls) who aren't exactly smooth with dating- there's a newer trend that's often causing young guys more harm than good...

The Reason Why Some Guys Can't Get A Girlfriend

When most people have a question or need help with things, they look to the internet for advice or guidance. Unfortunately, finding legitimate and valuable information online about women/dating isn't exactly easy, and most guys are too susceptible to tell the difference.

If you visit these sites, you can see everything being broken down endlessly into some systematic formula that builds this concept of "game".  They rely is misleading tactics such as cold reading, fractionation, or scrambler techniques.

Perhaps it exists this way because it's appealing to the demographic that reads it, but it almost gives the notion that hooking up with someone is more like clicking on the right button combinations than anything else. 

The fact of the matter is, most cool and attractive guys who know how to meet women aren't usually the ones who go and write "lay reports" about it. 

It's rather more often the blind leading the blind.

The Bigger Picture

While some may say these sites aren't always bad or full of misguided info (which is true for some), it's how they complicate things that can cause the most harm. 

Trying to learn "lines" to say at the club (which is already silly) or "best ways to text a girl" is pointless when you have greasy clothes or haven't had a haircut in months. 

Fortunately though, there's really just 2 main things to know and understand for making sure you're heading in the right direction...

1) Appearance

Just like how you judge girls on their attractiveness, they do it to you as well. You don't have to be the best looking guy out there, but you have to actually put effort into your appearance and take care of it. 

The good thing is a few quick updates like some new clothes (that properly fit), a haircut (short sides like an undercut often look best) or even a tan can go a long way.

Secondly, always make sure you're eating properly and regularly exercising. If you're considerably over (or under) weight, I recommend holding off everything else for now and just focus on getting in shape. 

That way, prioritizing just your fitness helps solidify these healthy habits instead of trying to do too many things at once.

2) Experience

The fact of the matter is, everything these sites try to teach you can be learned much quicker by just getting yourself out there. Instead of trying some "techniques" to win some girl over, go on some dates and have fun with it. 

The comfort and confidence will build overtime, as well as most stuff that you should know.

As far as how to best gain experience, there's not many options better than online dating/tinder. 

If you update your appearance, get a decent picture of yourself and play the numbers game- there's no reason why you can't set up a date fairly quick. Don't hold standards that are above yourself or spend all your time on one conversation (most don't lead anywhere), and just chat like a normal human being.

I hope that helps give you guys a clearer view of things, and that it certainly still applies to those looking for committed relationships. If you keep all this in mind, places like GLL can absolutely be of help, but avoid the silly "pickup artist" sites who act as if getting good with women is like learning how to code.

Though they may not believe it, most guys can do rather well. The reality is getting good with women isn't just for the jerks/douchebags, it's just that they are experienced, know what they're doing and look good doing it. There's really nothing stopping nice guys from doing the same.

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