Semax Review: Dosages, Uses & Vendors

February 20, 2023

What is Semax?

Semax is a Russian produced peptide that takes a top spot as one of my favorite nootropics out there today. This synthetic ACTH(4-10) analogue has found itself on the Russian List of Vital & Essential Drugs. It's recognized as a potential treatment for ADHD and has releaved a high efficiency in acute ischemic stroke.

It's also one of the only nootropics prescribed for its neuroprotective/enhancement properties. 

Semax (or Selank) are not yet evaluated by the FDA; but its popularity and use has started to become more widespread.

Semax Dosage & Uses

While Semax can be used more than once per day, it has to be administered as nasal spray (or as drops) due to its poor bioavailability. As the 1.0% version is used medicinally for things like headaches, strokes or boosting the immune system, the nootropic version (0.1%) is what's more commonly used for things like:

- Memory retention & faster recall
- Communication skills
- Mental energy & clarity
- Multitasking
- Concentration
- Improved mood

Semax vs Selank

A common question is how does it compare to the closely related peptide Selank. 

The main difference is Selank has been claimed to have more more anxiolytic effects with less stimulation, along with not being a ACTH analogue. One study has shown Selank can improve functional acitivity in the brain in patients with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).

It isn't considerably strong in my experience, but it holds value for its ability to reduce anxiety without sedation or dependence. I'll be writing more about it in the near future.

Downsides or Side Effects?

Semax is backed up by decades of studies and clinical use as being a safe and reliable peptide, despite its mechanism of action not yet being fully understood. Along with a low toxicity profile, side effects do seem relatively minimal (though a stimulant sensitivity could increase anxiety).

Some people dislike that it has to be taken as a nasal spray. There's also the fact that Semax should ideally be stored in the fridge (after opening) due to its sensitivity to heat.

How Long Does it Take for Semax to Work?

Most people report noticing the effects around the half hour point after use. 

Clinically, intranasal administration in humans has shown increases in CSF levels by 10 min, with maximum levels reached by 30 minutes.

Recommended Vendor is a reputable vendor that exists in a rather limited market. They obtain their products in Russia directly through pharmaceutical companies, include official documents when shipping, and provide all useful information and links to research on each of their product pages.

The price is good, though it can take a few weeks to receive it. 

Fortunately, they've had no known reports of packages being seized into the US, as the law doesn't generally consider nootropics as any form of prescription drugs. (Update November 2022: they now have a US warehouse so long shipping times & risk of it being seized are no longer issues)

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