Choosing between day and night game is crucial as they offer drastically different opportunities. You have to consider what you want and what your end goal is for getting good at either.

What's the main difference between both? Day Game has better long-term value but with a higher difficulty, while Night Game is generally easier but more costly

There is a lot more to it than that, and ultimately what is best for you is your circumstances and what exactly you're after.

We'll go into the pros and cons of both to help you better choose the option that's most relevant.

Night Game: Pros & Cons

First and foremost, Night Game isn't likely to be worth your time if you don't enjoy going out.

Unless you're already good enough where you can just hop on out and meet someone quickly- you won't likely find the environment worth spending time in (especially after a few failed attempts).

If you enjoy it, often go out already, and don't like the idea of day game, it is probably the better option for you.

Pros of Night Game

  • It's genuinely fun: It may not always be fun for everybody, but I know some who thoroughly enjoy going out with their mates even if they don't talk to a single person.
  • Quick turnaround: You can meet and hook up with someone that same night, usually much faster than online dating or cold approach.
  • Easier to convince friends to join you: While this depends on the type of friends you have, they'll likely be much more open to it than doing joint day game.
  • You can get several legitimate numbers in a night: assuming you're good at it, of course.

Cons of Night Game

  • Too loud to talk: You may not always need to talk much, but she probably won't go home with you if you haven't said a word to her.
  • It's expensive: The cost of drinks, cover, and food can add up pretty quickly.
  • Logistical issues: It can be a challenge to go back to your place if you live far away or have to deal with an added expense for a hotel.
  • Difficult to do a ton of approaches: Unless there are other clubs close by, you're limited by who's there that night.
  • You could upset the wrong person: It's not uncommon for couples to go out, and you may end up hitting on someone with a boyfriend. Since there's alcohol involved, they could get aggressive.
Two young people talking in a nightclub

You'll want to develop some sort of routine. Having a goal in mind with talking to enough women is essential.

Ideally, you'll want to be sober (or close to it).

It's better to seem anxious but sharp than "confident" but sloppy.

This is probably not easy for most guys to do, but it's essential. Otherwise, you'll depend on it anytime you want to go out and get some numbers.

Getting used to approaching and talking to women while sober also has other benefits. Besides the obvious cost part of it, you'll get better in general with women, whether that's cold approach, on dates, etc.

Exposure and experience doesn't work if you can't remember making it.

The best part is you're less likely to approach and hook up with someone you wish you hadn't.

Day Game: Pros & Cons

Going out during the day versus night follows the same idea. It's what I've come to prefer, but that's not to say it's best for everyone. 

I certainly still had success with clubs, and found it much more enjoyable when I was around 19/20 years old.

Pros of Day Game

  • You can do it anywhere at any time: This is the end game- where you stop going out to do approaches and end up doing them just whenever you see an opportunity.
  • Higher quality women: Not to say you can't meet your future wife (or even want to) through clubbing, but you have better odds meeting someone you genuinely like through day game.
  • Lower competition: Women you meet may be single and looking but are only exposed to their social circle.
  • You'll develop a universal skill: learning to persevere through something difficult and uncomfortable is an invaluable skill that can help you in all areas of life.
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Cons of Day Game

  • It's advanced and challenging: If you have little or no experience dating, any failures are more likely to discourage you and result in you quitting.
  • Higher odds of being turned down: The last thing they expect in that moment is being approached, which could certainly startle anyone.
  • It may seem less "acceptable": Even though cold approach is far from dead, many guys still worry if it's worth doing today.
  • Having good looks is essential: You can do a lot to improve your appearance quickly, but if you're well overweight, you will probably get rejected more than night game.
  • Lower chance they're single: Unlike clubs where the intent is for people to go there when they're single, you'll meet more people who aren't interested in you.

If you need a hand getting started, check out the approach anxiety program to help you break through the AA and meet new women.

A man cold approaching a woman

Choosing Between Day or Night Game

Ultimately, whether you prefer day or night game depends on your preferences and circumstances.

Day Game can be a more relaxed and organic way to meet people, especially in natural settings like malls or at universities. 

While Night Game offers a more high-energy and social atmosphere, with opportunities to dance, drink, and socialize in groups.

It's worth noting that both require some social skills and confidence to succeed. 

You'll need to be able to engage them in conversation, read their cues, and build a connection- all of this will take time to get good at.

Most importantly, as always, your appearance strongly impacts your success. 

Make sure to look your best through any quick updates like haircut or tan, or long-term investments like building habits with working out. 

If you're day game, check out Does Cold Approach Work? to get more of the basics covered before you start.

Related Questions

What are some common night Game mistakes?

Apart from not focusing on your appearance, the biggest one is approaching large groups. You can never tell who's dating who in these groups, and it's more likely to be a birthday or work gathering (so higher chance they're already in a relationship). 

Keep it to approaching someone who's arrived there with 2 or 3 other girls.

How to know if I should be doing day Game?

Whether you should or not comes down to your appearance and experience. You need to look good enough for women to want to give you their number, and you want to be able to endure through a lot of rejections when they don't. 

If you're still unsure- check out Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Be Cold Approaching.

Do situational approaches work for night Game?

Situational approaches don't work too well for night game. The reason is there are not many options for using unique openers. For the most part, your only options is to either talk about what they're doing, wearing, or drinking in the club.

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