I Find Almost Every Woman Attractive. How Come?


Finding almost every woman attractive is common if you're young or inexperienced. This will pass once you start dating as your standards will naturally increase.

At one point in high school, I would have agreed to date virtually half the girls there. If just one showed any interest, I would start thinking about them for weeks after.

Just the thought of having your first girlfriend can be super exciting/powerful. 

However, you need to know what these feelings represent

A lot of specific things will happen over the next several years that you need to be prepared for. We'll go over how to recognize it and how to fix being infatuated with everyone.

Why You're Attracted to Virtually All Women

First, the root of why you feel this way may be from a larger variety of causes.

Maybe there are deeper insecurities or self-esteem issues that make this worse. I'm not qualified to address that, but I will say one thing...

Nearly all my troubles with dating and managing emotions were fixed with experience

We'll get into how to correct these feelings in a moment. Just know that they should inevitably go away over time. It'll help when your hormones start to chill TF out, too.


Most guys in this position find themselves often fantasizing about having a girlfriend. They constantly think about how great it would be and picture everything they would do together.

When they do get a girlfriend, the emotions become way too powerful. They have this strong connection to the idea of a partner, which makes them overly infatuated with any girl they date.

This is called oneitisIt causes a ton of issues and almost always leads to a breakup. One indicator of this is how strongly a girl's past impacts you.


Another aspect is just the social pressure you get from others.

All your buddies are getting girlfriends and you don't want to miss out

Even if they're all single, the idea of being the one in your circle that has a gf is enticing.

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How to Stop Being Attracted to Every Girl

As mentioned earlier, experience is ultimately the solution.

Even though you may really want a girlfriend, you don't want to give off that vibe. The last thing you want to seem is desperate or needy.

It's okay if you feel this way sometimes. It's difficult to avoid entirely. What's important is that you don't act on these feelings.

It's otherwise a huge turnoff for women.

Now to gain experience, you'll want to fire on all cylinders. This means seeing if you like any girls in your social circle. It also means using dating apps if you're not already.

Before graduating high school, I made a small list of girls I wanted to date. I went through the previous year's yearbook and selected a few girls I liked that I could realistically "get."

I believe I had a total of 3, and they were all around 2 years younger.

On the very last day of school in grade 12, I finally approached one of them. I asked her to sign my new yearbook and she put her number in it (as everyone does). I started talking to her and we ended up dating for 6 months.

While you should have more initiative than I did, making a similar plan is not a bad idea. This can be at your high school, college, work, or anywhere else.

Identify a handful of women you like and plan how to date them. It doesn't need to be more complicated; you just need to follow through with it.

 | "Eighty percent of success is showing up" - Woody Allen

Once you have some practice, you can lead into using online dating/cold approach. The lose your virginity guide should be of help, too.

Lastly, aside from dating experience, having other focuses in life helps as well. Ideally this includes going to the gym. It's a great and healthy focus which obviously improves your appearance, too.

Having a strong passion or dedication to things like the gym won't likely come naturally. It takes time to build that momentum (like when you see your first gains). So, don't fret if it's taking longer than expected.

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What Happens With Even a Bit of Experience

It's amazing when you end up seeing what you're capable of. 

This means seeing firsthand that women are actually attracted to you (even the good-looking ones).

Assuming you do put effort into meeting women, your standards will greatly increase. It should naturally happen if you're on the younger side and still socialize enough.

Years from now, you'll look back and be proud of how far you've come. Those girls you would easily fall for now will end up being at the lower end of your standards in the future.

But to get to that point, you need to start talking to them.

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